Art Gallery Wedding

A Beautiful Art Gallery Wedding with Some Serious Cake Porn

Bridey, imagine having your wedding at an art gallery with finger food, fun and a cake so fabulous, that you actually feel badly cutting it (I mean, I wouldn't feel bad cutting it, but... you know my love for cake!)? Welcome to Emily and Jason's wedding! This B+G really wanted a low key celebration in a cool venue; one with a modern elegance... One that would encourage guests to appreciate their surroundings, and have fun! To say that they they pretty much nailed it by selecting The Art Gallery of Alberta would be an understatement! Right? How cool would it be to explore an art gallery while celebrating a marriage all with a drink in your hand?!! 

Plus, I couldn't help it, bridey, I put several pics of the wedding cake in this post because it's just so fucking cool. Seriously, I've seen similar cakes, but this one is so rockin', and so spot on that I just had to show you every angle! So, enjoy this modernly FAB wedding with some serious cake porn! I know I did!! 

LOVE your dress, Emily! Looks amazing on you!

OMG! Look how cool this venue is!

I love how the B+G are together!


Love those paper flowers...

Such a FAB idea!! How cool is that??

Yummy!!! Looks delish, right? RIGHT! Now... Look down!!! 

It's fucking cake porn... C'mon! WOW!

Thank you Emily and Jason for sharing your cool wedding and amazing wedding cake with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Daphne Chen Photography
Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta
Tuxedos: Derks Tuxedo and Men's Attire
Dress: Melissa Sweet
DJ: Marc-Julien Objois