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Fantasy Friday ~ A Cat Lovin', Dog Lovin', Nature Lovin' and Simply Fun Lovin' Wedding

Allow me to introduce you to Monique and Aaron. Aren't they a beautiful couple? Seriously, both have amazingly bright blue eyes, gorgeous auburn hair, and incredible taste. Not only in their significant others, but in how they chose to incorporate eveything they loved into one day. Bridey, as you dive into these cool ass pics, I want you to think about everything that is important to you, and how you can build it into your wedding. I mean, your wedding is meant to be about you and your partner, and it's so easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of the planning that we forget what it's all about.

So, don't. Don't forget. Don't forget to make your wedding about what's important. The two of you! Alright, enough outta me! Time to enjoy the Monique and Aaron's lovely wedding.

Monique, that's one hell of a tattoo!! And your figure looks AWES!I mean... Awwww... Gotta have a little kitty love on your wedding day!!Ta-Da!!! I love the explosion of color! Such a FAB backdrop!Wow! What a babe!! Monique, you look beautiful!This is too cute. Look how happy Monique and Aaron are to see their pup!!!Either those flowers are super potent, or somebody must have said something mushy...

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Lovebirds... Truly, Madly, Deeply...

It's really refreshing to see a couple who love to have fun, rock a kickass sense of humor and aren't afraid to let it show... Even in their wedding pictures. Meet Cyndie and Mike. They met while swing dancing in Kansas. Yup! I said swing dancing! I know, right? How awesome is that? And since then, they laugh a lot, love a lot and play a lot. 

Brideys, I've mentioned how important it is to make sure that your wedding truly encapsulates who you are as a couple, and Cyndie and Mike nailed it! They both love the great outdoors, a factor which is clearly evident in the photographs, and they are both big goofs... Also a super obvious factor in the pics. I have no doubt that they will definitely look back on their wedding day and be proud at what they accomplished! Congratulations Cyndie and Mike!

I am completely melting over these blue shoes!! Yes! That's a black bridesmaid dress! I love it! The black dresses with the green sash? A MAZ ING! And I love all of the greenery!!Shut the front door. (I really couldn't help it... Get it?)

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