Bar Wedding

A Fabulous Yacht Entrance, a Spectacular Ceremony and a Super Cool Reception...

At the risk of sounding dramatic, and borderline insane, I really think this photograph spoke to me. I love the way one of the children is walking down the road, and the other has stopped to absorb the enormity of the moment. Seriously, look at him... He is simply gazing down at the sweet picture in his hands, and I image that he is overcome with joy and excitement. His father is getting married! Woot! Anyway, I felt that I needed to share this pic with you first to set the tone for this incredibly moving and super cool SF/San Rafael wedding.

The deets? Well, Brian, the groom, is a member of the Terrapin Family Band at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael (go read about it, bridey!!). This place is completely fabulous! The ceremony was at the pocket park beside the venue which totally rocked a "backyard" wedding feel (where Karen, the bride, arrived via boat) and some serious sunshine. I love how this wedding feels like it took place in several different venues, and yet, it was all part of the very cool Terrapin Crossroads.  So without further ado... Go enjoy! It's really awesome!

Such a FAB shot! I have such a soft spot for San Francisco... After college, I went to culinary school in this great city!

Karen, you're totally beautiful! I love your dress! 

Brian got ready with his two sons at Cavallo Point in Sausalito.

I love this pic...

OMG... See the bow tie? Brian's boys are adorable!

Let's go to the ceremony! 

Talk about a fucking entrance! WOW!

I mean...

That is a great group shot!!!

Via Terrapin Crossroads site: The Grateful Dead are known primarily as a San Francisco band, owing to their very short but very important time living in The City, and being the true embodiment and co-creators of “The San Francisco Sound.” But by 1970, the band had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, with San Rafael becoming the hub of all Grateful Dead activity from 1970 to 1995. So to be accurate, the Grateful Dead was essentially a San Rafael band.

See what I mean? Think about the ceremony + cocktail hour... This is a stark difference, and I LOVE it! I love the deep red lighting!

Passionate kissers...

Thank you Karen + Brian for sharing your super cool wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Two Irises
Floral Designer: April Flowers
Hair Stylist: The Style Bar 
Pre-Ceremony Location: Cavallo Point
Ceremony Location + Venue: Terrapin Crossroads Restaurant

A Garden and Brewery Wedding Rockin' Hula Hoops, Butterflies and More!

I just love a B+G with a great sense of humor and personality. And, as you know I share  (more like I preach) how important it is to have fun on your wedding day, and to incorporate who you are into the details (and to not be a bitch, and to treat your friends, family and vendors well, and to think about the future vs. one day, and and and...). Well, Kim and Craig? They totally did it! Bridey, look at the title of this post! Right? In a nutshell? Garden+Beer+Hula Hoops+Butterflies = Wedding. I mean... I cannot make this shit up! And just wait! It's SO fabulous!

Something awesome that struck me about Kim and Craig? Well, when their photographer submitted their wedding to Bitchless Bride she said that, "The rain came for a bit and added to the fun." Now, I don't know about you, bridey, but I'm pretty sure that a statement like that had been uttered by no bride ever! But, clearly it didn't bother them, and I LOVE it! So, go get inspired by all of the fun details and fun captured in this kickass wedding!

Such a FAB bouquet! Love all of the bright colors!

Seriously, I don't think you could get any more adorable, Kim!

Shut the front door... It's like the exact same expression! I LOVE this moment!

Their ceremony was held at the Muttart Conservatory in a butterfly themed Pyramid. I can't get over the upside down umbrellas!

The wedding officiant is too funny! His expressions are seriously priceless!

Oh yeah! (See Craig's polka dot socks? LOVE IT!)

I'm kinda obsessed with this pic. Very cool.

Not going to let a few rain drops get in the way!

HAHA! So cute!

Fuck yeah!!!! 

Such beautiful, yet simple décor...

That's a great cake! And, I love that the B+G served pie, too!


So, instead of clinking glasses to get the B+G to kiss, guests had the ultimate task of hula hooping! 

I imagine Kim saying, "Bring it"....

I don't think Bitchless Bride has ever ended a post with a mid-air flip! And, I fucking love it! Congratulations Kim and Craig! Thanks you for sharing your fun and fab wedding with BB!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Megan Kemshead Photography
Ceremony: Muttart Conservatory
Venue: Yellowhead Brewing Company

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Fabulous Chicago Wedding at Revolution Brewery

The theme for this week is Chicago. Kidding! Well, sort of... As you know, bridey, I don't do themes, but this week apparently I do; inadvertently!! Granted, I love Chicago (that's where I'm from), but to post two weddings this week from Chicago is purely a happy accident! Maybe I'm homesick. I guess I'll talk to my shrink about it...

Anyway, I do love it when a B+G decide to get married in a bar. No, I don't have a drinking problem, but celebrating your wedding outside of a ballroom is certainly a nice break from the norm. April and David's wedding day started at the Westin River North and ended at Chicago's Revolution Brewery. The intimate ceremony and reception were hosted at the brewery; a steep yet stunning contrast to the peach and ivory florals rocked by the bride and on the tables. Giant beer barrels offered spectacular décor, and tours of the brewery were just a few of the unique aspects of April and David's kickass Chicago wedding! Enjoy!

I love every.single.thing. captured in these pics! Seriously, I may have to break down and buy those Jimmy's, I'd absolutely wear those black bridesmaids dresses, and the rock? DAMN.
More diamonds. Stunning...
WOW. Just WOW.
April, you and your dad are SO cute together!! I bet you two have a lot of fun!
Ta-da!!! The B+G shared their first look along the upper level of the beautiful riverwalk just outside of the hotel. 
Okay... What the fuck is that? A balloon? Why is it there?
Love the passion behind this kiss.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Tim Burton Inspired, Super Glamorous Winter Wedding

As we gear up for Halloween, I thought a wedding chock-full of goodies was definitely the way to go. Although, instead of filling your bellies, this kickass wedding will absolutely fill your mind with a ton of eye candy! And, candy is candy, right? Well... this candy won't make your wedding dress tight! It will only make your brain swell with cool ideas and inspiration.

Bridey, if this post screams Tim Burton to you, it's because Lynzy and Ian are huge fans of his, and worked hard to incorporate his wild imagination into their glamorous wedding. And, you know what? They nailed it! Seriously, just wait until you see the dessert spread and all of the fucking awesome "décor". Plus, I think you're going to die when you see Lynzy's shoes.

Lovin' the invitation and that bouquet! Right? Holy shit with that bouquet!!!Best boutonniere ever!DYING over Lynzy's birdcage veil and the bridesmaids fabulous headpieces!RIGHT?!!! Aren't those red shoes are insane? And the bottoms? Holy fuck!!!Lynzy thinks that Tim Burton writes the most romantic love stories.Let's make it official!Lynzy and Ian are a damn sexy couple.

Fantasy Friday ~ A Fun-Filled Bar Wedding Complete with a Balloon Drop, Cake Smash and More!

When two bartenders marry, they get married at a bar. Right? Well, that's what Caitlin and Dustin did! They got married at the Brass House in Austin, Texas (Dustin used to work there), and apparently, it was the first wedding to take place at the BH. And, based on the fabulous pics, I doubt it will be the last. It's quite clear that every.single.person had an incredible time celebrating with Caitlyn and Dustin. It was laid back and fun (and based on what I've heard about the bride, she's clearly Bitchless!), with a kickass band!

Family and friends contributed to the ease of Caitlin and Dustin's wedding day with a DIY cake (which happens to be stunning), flowers and the fucking awesome balloon drop. The best part? Caitlin said that her wedding day was "exactly" what she wanted and that it was "perfect". I mean... Isn't that the goal, bridey? So, enjoy all of the special treats in this cool wedding! I did (especially when all the groomsmen dropped trou... true story).

Yup! TWO dresses! I don't know which one I love more!Incredible detail...You look beautiful, Caitlin!DIY cake. I know... Right? It's FAB!Gotta have your dogs in your wedding, and they must be dressed for the part!Ceremony on stage. Priceless.Yeah... There's some boob grabbing! And, I love it!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Fat Bottomed (Whaaa?), Nashville Wedding

Anybody who gets married at a place called Fat Bottom is officially my hero! No really, as a girl with a voluptuous bottom, I have a deep respect for the name of the establishment and what it represents. Plus, any bride who has the balls to write Fat Bottom on her invitation? Fucking rock star in my book! Right? Anyway… strewn throughout their photographs are amazing elements of nature (and nurture for that matter), from the headpieces, to the succulents to the gorgeous flowers… Also inspired by woodland creatures, Ellen and Ben worked hard to incorporate the people they love, the city they love and the décor they love all into one day. And while I might not be a nature kind of girl, this beautiful wedding can easily convert even the biggest city dweller to a tree hugger! Just wait until you see their wedding cake! Actually, their wedding cakes!

Ellen and Ben were married in East Nashville (I’ve never been to Nashville, but I’m totally dying to go!!). Anyway, according to their photographer, Ellen and Ben were super cool to work with and fun too! From impecible style to the warmth felt through the pics, hold on to your bottom, bridey, and get inspired!

I LOVE how every.single.bridesmaid is wearing a headpiece. 
Ellen, your dress is FAB!!!
Check out the bouquet!
I mean... Happen to notice her dress? And those eyes!! OMG.
That's what I'm talkin' about! I could have posed for this one!
Holy shit with the cake(s)!!! 
Notice the E+B? I loved sharing this Fat Bottomed, Nashville wedding with you! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: And How! Imaging
Restaurant: Fat Bottom Brewery