Barn Wedding

Bohemian, BBQ and Bodacious... A Deliciously Alternative British Columbian Wedding


Imagine a wedding that was all your own. A wedding in which you chose exactly what you wanted and then built the day around those very important details. Bridey, I'd like you to meet Alli + Mikk. This B+G are a complete inspiration to brides everywhere simply because that is exactly what they did. They chose what was important to them and then constructed their wedding day around those particulars. It's so simple, yet so difficult to achieve usually due to the noise and bullshit that surrounds your wedding planning. But, A+M? They rocked it! And, I'm seriously in love with them.

Not to mention that this is the first time I've shared a pic of the bride nibbling the groom's ear on Bitchless Bride! Seriously, how is that possible?! Right?! But, beyond the ear nibbles, I wholeheartedly enjoyed this wedding submission because I felt like I was there. I swear I could taste the BBQ, feel the texture of the kickass dress and play the games (and drink the booze during the two hour cocktail hour!!). Bridey, I hope that you take piles and piles of inspiration away with this post, but more than anything else, I hope you take away that it's okay to do your wedding your own way. 


This dress is EVERYTHING! I mean... The black mixed with the texture of the skirt... I'm officially in wedding dress heaven! Now, look down for a close up.

Walter Tammark.001.jpeg

Alli you are truly stunning! As you know, I'm completely obsessed with your wedding dress, but seeing you in it is absolutely breathtaking! Oh, and you look quite handsome too, Mikk!


Know what's amazing? Alli's friend put together this sensational bouquet! It's so bright and beautiful! 



Walter Tammark.003.jpeg

Fuck yeah! Bridey, you gotta love a smoker at your wedding! BBQ baby!

Walter Tammark.004.jpeg

OMFG. Look how grandiose this structure is! Side note? It was hand built by the community and it belongs to the Estonian society.


#functionalunit2017. Fucking love it!

Walter Tammark.005.jpeg

Can we talk about how amazing the décor is? And, bridey, look closely. It's mostly plastic and it's fucking fantastic!

Walter Tammark.006.jpeg

YES! Check out that delicious pig! Last time I was at an event rockin' a whole pig there were birthday candles sticking out of it!


LOVE this pic! Super romantic!

Walter Tammark.007.jpeg

Thank you Alli + Mikk for sharing your utterly delicious, super lovely and amazingly fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJelger & Tanja Photography
Shoes: Converse
Equipment Rentals: Lonsdale Events
Event Venue: Mäeotsa
Caterer: Smoque 'N Bones
Event Planner: Umbrella Events
DJ: Wailin Dalen Entertainment

A Rustically Fabulous Barn Wedding, Featuring Two Brides, a Delicious Sweet Table, Donuts and Some Serious Dancing!


I don't know Brea + Jessa personally, but based on their wedding photographs, and this one in particular (which I just had to show you first, bridey), I'd venture a guess that these two have a lot of fun together, and love each other through and through. And honestly? Anybody who meets at work and ends up getting married is pretty kickass in my book! Fuck you HR! Try to stop us! Even better? Brea was Jessa's supervisor! LOVE IT!

Anyway, this wedding is absolutely lovely and super playful. Not only does it rock an insane donut wall, a sweet table that will make your teeth hurt and some crazy dancing, most importantly it rocks two people who love each other and want to celebrate their love. Seriously, I will never understand why anybody cares who we love... Shouldn't we be just be lucky enough to have found love with another person in a world that clearly has much bigger problems to consider? **Okay, pushing myself off of the soapbox before I get to cray.*** So, bridey, scroll down and really take in Brea + Jessa's fantastic and beautiful barn wedding filled with a lot of fun + a lot of love!

Gandjos Tinko.001.jpeg

LOVE! Although any time I see the word, "wifey", I will forever (that was an accident! No pun!) think of Judy Blume. 

Gandjos Tinko.002.jpeg

Shut the front door with the shoes! 


The bride is amazing. The dress is amazing. And, the shoes seal the deal!

Gandjos Tinko.004.jpeg

I love all of the giggling that's happening!!

Gandjos Tinko.006.jpeg

Yup! They all are wearing Converse! Talk about making sure your bridal party is comfortable!!



I don't know what it is, but I find this picture so romantic...


If you aren't craving a donut right now, then something is for sure wrong with you!

Gandjos Tinko.010.jpeg

Love a good cake smash!! Just be sure to chat about it as you plan your wedding to make sure you're both game!


Thank you Brea + Jessa for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerBack Seat Photography
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Apparel: Express
Shoes: Converse
DJ: DJ Henry GQ
Ring Designer: Jared's Galleria of Jewelry
Event Venue: Mound Grove Golf & Recreation

A Seriously Kickass, Game of Thrones, "Winter" Wedding

So often a bride will approach me and say that she wants something "different" for her wedding; something unique. She wants something "that hasn't been done before". And, more often than not, that statement leaves me in the position to disappoint my fair bride with that news that pretty much everything has been done before. However, then I immediately have the opportunity to surprise and delight her by telling her that even though it's been done before, doesn't mean that it can't be done again, but better. Right? Right! 

Take Abbey + Matt. They did something totally cool and "different" simply by doing something that has been done before, but done extremely well! They told their photographer, Uttke Photography & Design, that “We’re planning a non-traditional, Game of Thrones inspired wedding. Lots of gold, rustic backdrop and natural accents with a little flair. We’re trying to walk the fine line between being badass and kitschy.” And holy shit did they succeed in their badassery. From all of the cool DIY aspects to the crown Abbey wore... I mean, I can't stand the fucking awesomeness... And, even though it didn't snow in February in the Midwest and was 65 degrees (WTF?), it didn't matter. The B+G had such FAB details that the lack of snow didn't feel essential for the Game of Thrones theme to come to life. SO, go scroll, bridey! I will continue to enlighten you with the details as you go! Enjoy!

I can't even with these A MAZ ING invitations!!! Holy shit!

That crown! That dress! I want one of each!


Are you dying over these fabulous, sequined bridesmaids dresses? Seriously, I am OBSESSED!

STFU. Wow! Another something that I require one of each...

Such a cool way of displaying the escort cards!

Matt's dad made Abbey & Matt the thrones to sit in and enjoy their feast...

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Love this beautiful photograph... So emotionally charged and real. Want to hear some advice from the B+G? "Take a moment to savor all of the love and support you feel on your wedding day as you are surrounded by the ones you love most. It’s the only time that they will ALL be in one place." SO true.

You had me at caramel... Actually, you will always have me with some caramel.

Thank you Abbey + Matt for sharing your thoughtful + kickass wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Uttke Photography & Design
DJ: All Star Music
Veils & Headpieces: Blanca Veils + Howling Moon Headwear
Dress Store: Bucci's Bridal
Floral Designer: Jane Kelly Floral
Hair Stylist: Luxe Salon
Reception Venue: Rustic Manor
Caterer: Tall Guy and a Grill Catering
Invitation Designer: thing i drew
Equipment Rentals: Vintique Rental

An Elegant, Intimate and Beautiful New England Barn Wedding

I love this wedding, bridey! And, it's not just because I know and love the vendors (I just worked with SociaLight this past weekend!), it's because this wedding is fabulously warm and absolutely beautiful at a sensational venue in MA, The Red Lion Inn. That, and the bride, Alex, is totally adorable and I'm lovin' her cool style and you will too! So, without further ado... Enjoy!!

Totally craving a Moscow mule right now!

Amazing bouquet! 

OMG Alex you look so completely gorgeous!

Awwww... Such a great kiss after the first look...

Amazing scenery!

Such beautiful flowers!

Totally obsessed with Alex and Louie's festive and fun invitation!

Lovely tables... Such great vessels and I LOVE the table number flags!

Fabulously warm and elegant venue...

I love that the cake is quite bare except for the "sash" it's adorned with...

Thank you for sharing your rustically fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Photography by Nikki Cole
Venue: Red Lion Inn
Florist: Stapleton Floral
Lighting: SociaLight Event Lighting
Dress: L'elite
Makeup: Jessica Lederman
Band: The Sweet Beats

When an Expressive B+G, with Tons of Funny Faces, Have a Kickass Wedding

Meet Connie and Tim. See them? They're the super expressive, super funny couple photographed above (and below). I am DY ING over them. DYING! Seriously, I 100% wish I had the opportunity to work with them! And, not just because they make funny faces (although, that's definitely a draw for me!), but because all they wanted on their wedding day was to celebrate with their friends and family, and have a wedding that completely expressed who they are as a couple. BOOM!! That's what it's all about! C+T will absolutely look back on their wedding day and see themselves smiling back. Not some contrived, weddingy version of themselves.

Aside from their funny faces and wackiness, these two love Futurama and Star Wars... So, they incorporated it into their love into their wedding. OMG! Just wait until you see the cake(s)!! Anyway... Enjoy this kickass, laid back and truly fabulous wedding! You won't be able to help it!

Connie! LOVE your dress, and your laugh! I swear, I can hear it!

What up??

Such a fun bridal party pic! Look at the dude on the end!! He is like, HIGH up in the air!! OMG!

I mean... When a stranger crashes your wedding pics, you just gotta go with it! 

OMG. Where are you? Kinda love that creepy cat pic above your heads though!

Um. Yeah!

Don't be fooled... That's for the ceremony! Why use sand or candles when you can use whiskey is what I always say!

I love this photograph. So emotional!

Tim must be saying something true about Connie! LOL!

Tim! Best look ever!

Right? So much better than a unity candle! 


Can we just talk about her manicure?

Best party favor ever!

Totally awesome!

That looked like a fantastic welcome toast!

I can't... You guys are too cute!

Connie.Tim. You have definitely made it onto my top 5 B+Gs list! Thank you for sharing your fucking kickass wedding with Bitchless Bride! LOVE YOU!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jules Photography
Venue: The Trolley Barn

A Lovely, Laid Back and Rainbow-Tastic Colorado Wedding

Since BB's inception, I've written quite a bit about what it means to be a good bride. I mean... Bitchless Bride has dedicated over four years to educating brides all over the world on basic (and sometimes extreme) bridal etiquette, how to behave as a bridey babe, and what it means to be a favorite amongst your wedding vendors, all while still achieving those bridal milestones. So, when I put it out there that I was looking for brides who were easy to work with, totally "bitchless", and a photographer FAVE, I received this fucking amazing, rustic chic wedding of Michelle and Patrick. 

As you scroll along, it won't take much for you to see why I love the M+P so much. For starters, I love that Michelle had her bridesmaids wear whatever the hell they wanted! I know that's not for every bride, but let's be honest, we all know what looks good on us, and what doesn't, so wearing a kickass dress that you feel good in certainly allows a true glow to shine through in photographs. That coupled with the low key yet totally rusticy, barn wedding (with an A MAZ ING wedding cake!) had me love them even more. Plus, we all know that when it rains on your wedding day, it's good luck. Luck or not, it still fucking sucks. But... It doesn't suck so much when you get two rainbows out of the deal! Right? Totally deserved by the B+G! Enjoy!

Seriously? Can we please talk about how fantastic these bridesmaids dresses are??

Damn, girl! You look great!


This is what boys do before they get married...

It really doesn't get better than this!

Totally love this badass shot!

Simple. Fabulous.

Whoa. Those clouds mean business! But! Look down!! DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

I can't...

Lovin' the escort cards and guest book!

Doesn't the space look exquisite? So simple, and yet so elegant... BTW... Those are bottles of hot sauce!

Um, hi. Holy hell with the ruffled cake! 


Thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with BB! Totally love you two!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Susannah Storch Photography
Venue: Raccoon Creek Golf Course

Fantasy Friday ~ An Intimate, Vintage Inspired Tennessee Wedding

Bridey, do you know what the most suggested piece of advice is from one bride to another? Have fun on your wedding day! Relax! Enjoy every second. Well, that's exactly what Becky and Devin did... They enjoyed every.single.second. And, know what? It totally shows in the photographs! I mean... There is so much to love about this intimate, vintage inspired wedding, that I hardly know where to begin because I love all of the intricate details. Seriously, the deets are so meaty and delicious that I can't stand it! Just wait until you see the stunning, hand crafted bouquets, the wedding dresses, the gentlemen attire, etc.!! 

The other super cool part of Becky and Devni's wedding? Well, the B+G have two gorgeous little girls, and they did an incredible job of making these beauties a huge part of their ceremony. After all, a wedding is about a union of two people, right? And, if these two people have two other people together, then everybody should be involved, right? RIGHT!! Anyway... Enjoy!!
LOVE. Like... So beautiful and clever.
That's the B+G and their two adorable little girls!
Couldn't you see this pic in your mom's wedding album?
I can't... It's just too good! Becky, your bouquet is really amazing!
SHUT the front door...
A single tear just rolled down my cheek...
Okay... A few more tears... Whhaaaa? What can I say? This one totally got to me!
Such a cool group shot!
Can you tell that Becky is a model? Definitely owning these photographs! And, Devin? You're pretty easy on the eyes too!  Some of my fave wedding pics!!
So simple and pretty. Know what? It's fucking red velvet too! Oh yeah! 
Too cute!
Hi. Yum!
And now it's time for a costume change. WOW!!
Becky, Devin... Thank you for sharing your truly beautiful and moving wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerAnd How! Imaging
Reception Venue: The Barn at Snider Farms

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Mad Little Tea Party Wedding

A canary yellow and lace vintage wedding dress. OMG! Right? Absolutely stunning! I love that Danielle is wearing yellow, and I love that her fabulous yellow dress is tea length; perfect for their high tea dinner reception! Seriously, perfect! Right? So, this wedding was submitted to Bitchless Bride and described as, "...a loose Alice in Wonderland theme with a high tea dinner..." And, a truer description really is not possible. Just wait until you see all of the intricate details. OMG... Danielle and Darryl might have some of the most superb wedding favors/place "cards" I have ever seen!

Bridey, Danielle and Darryl really had the best of of everything. Aside from the beautiful outdoor ceremony, the gorgeous "high tea" dinner reception hosted at a cool ass barn, and the amazing canary yellow wedding dress, D+D are fucking funny. I love how their sense of humor seeps through the photographs, spilling all over the page. It's 100% clear they adore each other and have fun together! I mean, what more can you ask for on your wedding day and for life? Enjoy!
Danielle made her lavender bouquet (and her bridesmaids!) from flowers she got a local farm.
OB SESS ED with the dress and the shoes!
Notice how all of the 'maids are wearing something completely different?!!
Amazing shot!
Some serious personality emanating from this pic!
That's funny!
FAB décor, and totally LOVE the tea cup place cards!!
Thinking this may be a dream bridal party. I have a crush... On ALL of them!
Ha!!! No problem!
Thank you Danielle and Darryl for sharing your truly FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: HRM Photography
Floral Designer: Steed & Co Lavender Farm
Makeup Artist: Alycat Makeup and Hair
Museum: Fanshawe Pioneer Village
Cake: Hey Cupcake!
DJ: Music Central
Caterer: Sticky Pudding

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic, Rustic, and DIY Mountain Wedding

That picture looks like two models posing for a styled shoot, right? I know! But, it's totally not. Bree and Chad are a real couple, and this is a real wedding; it just happens to be fabulous! Tony, their photographer, said that these two were friends for quite some time before the relationship took a romantic turn, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why. Chad is a talented musician and silversmith & Bree is an artist, hair stylist, and a curator of beautiful things. Clearly, this B+G are totally 'team awesome', and positively bring out the best in each other (seriously... just look at the pics below!).

Bridey, there is no doubt that you will love this the details and aesthetics in Bree & Chad's wedding. There are absolutely stunning DIY deets for you to drool over (like fucking awesome dried flowers, signs, etc.), and dare I say the vibe is simply intoxicating? Enjoy!

See Bree’s wedding dress? It was her grandmother’s... LOVE IT! Just wait until you see her in it!Stunning and unique! Love the dried flowers!Proud mama....Chad's just hanging out, trying to be all chill...It might be her grandmother's dress, but it certainly looks like it was made for Bree! Right?Can we please talk about how great Bree's nails are? The dark polish with the vintage wedding dress is FAB!Wait, wait, wait... Chad, is that velvet! For real? I love you even more now!! STFU!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rustic, Outdoor, Dinosaur, Tattoo & Kickass Cupcake Wedding

I can't. I just fucking can't. Just look at how amazing the top of this cupcake wedding cake is! OMG! Totally makes me eat my words. Remember? I wrote a whole post about climbing down from your cupcake tree because typically, I think cupcake trees are lame... But, Chelsea and Dusty's tree? Holy shit! It's absolutely sensational!! Not to mention the photograph, captured by Mercedes Morgan of Mercedes Morgan Photography. I'm obsessed with it! 

Bridey, if you are as obsessed with the tree and the pic as I am, just wait until you see the rest of the photographs from this wedding. Chelsea and Dusty nailed it in every aspect of their wedding! Seriously, I felt like I was at the ceremony, hanging with the bridal party and dancing the night away. Maybe I even got a tattoo while I was enjoying myself!! Whaaa? Yeah, just scroll and you'll see! Enjoy!!

It really doesn't get much cuter than this!Wait a second... I think we have a cuteness toss up!!I love this pic...Rings please!!Bubbles are so much better than rice!Are you dying over the angle of this shot?I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the bride and groom both each twins... Thinking we have found their other halves...Greatest signing board ever!I love how Chelsea and Dusty embraced and took care of the kids at their wedding.Hell yeah!I CANNOT get over the pizza!!!Dusty, you're a FAB dipper.Seriously? Have you ever seen people having so much fun at a wedding?Congratulations Chelsea and Dusty! I love your wedding!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Mercedes Morgan Photography
Makeup Artist: Alison Paige Makeup
DJ: C4 DJ Productions
Bakery: Capital City Bakery
Event Venue: The Wildflower Barn

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Uniquely Personal, Rustic, Barn Wedding with Great Socks, Dips and Kisses

Bridey, let me ask you a question… How often can you say that you made a decision based on a pair of socks? Never, right? I mean… Let’s be honest, usually I make a decision based on the kickass shoes I get to wear, but never the socks!! Right? Anyway… the post you are about to embark on today? I was totally drawn to it because of the socks. True story. Brett, the groom, is wearing such a FAB pair that I just couldn’t resist. Turns out, the rest of the details captured in Lynn and Brett’s wedding are just as cool as Brett’s socks. 

I’m absolutely DY ING over the escort card “display” (OMG… holy shit!), the gift “box” and the message in a bottle. Not to mention the cake topper is completely awesome. To me, Lynn in Brett absolutely succeeded in making their wedding about who they are as a couple while at the same time, engaging their guests. Bravo….

I'm obsessed with the detail in Lynn's dress!Seriously? SO SO SO cute!C'mon with the socks!! I really love them (and there's even another pic!)!Don't you just love the gift "box"?Utter joy... WOW! That's one hell of a dip/kiss!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Southern Wedding That Feels Like a Styled Shoot

I love this wedding. I know I say that all of the time, but Sarah and Terry's wedding is a little different because when I first saw this submission, I thought it was a styled shoot. Seriously. The details are so lovely, and amazingly, completely capture the essence of both family and design. It's really incredible. Look up. See that pic? Totally looks like it should be rockin' the pages of some fancy magazine. The roses in the bouquets are just so, and they are quite stunning. But, it's not a styled shoot, bridey, it's a real Southern wedding!

Seriously, this fall wedding will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of an autumn painting. All of the details help to create a beautiful mindset and overall feel of warmth. Not gonna lie... Sarah's dog and flower girl definitely steal the show at times, and the cuteness is almost overwhelming. I love the mason jars, wheat stalks, and gorgeous florals. Bridey, there is so much to look at in this post, so you'd better get started!

Such a beautiful gown!!Doggie!!!
Could ya' bust!? Flower girl chasing the dog!I mean, this wedding screams fall!! I LOVE the blankets, and all of the fall decor!OMG. Too cute!
Sarah, your over the shoulder gown is truly FAB! Looks amazing on you!Such a fantasic pic!The rest of the photographs are why I thought this was a styled shoot.