Beach Wedding

A Boho Meets the Beach Wedding Filled with Amazing Surprises, a Few Setbacks and a Brilliant Comeback!

See Kristen + Ben just walking along like it’s no big thing? Like they don’t have a care in the whole wide world? Kristen is just stunningly strolling in that fucking GORGEOUS wedding dress, avoiding pelican poop, while holding the hand of her handsome husband… No big deal. Right? Wrong. Amazingly enough, the story of this B+G is much deeper than this beautiful photograph. Kristen + Ben endured a ton of drama which could have turned their wedding planning experience into a living hell, but instead, was something they got through together… Well, together, and with their wedding planner. What “hell” am I referring to? Read it from the bride herself, and then go be inspired!!

From the bride: The best advice I could give a future bride would be to hire a wedding planner (especially if you are trying to plan a destination wedding). We had some major setbacks throughout the wedding planning process- Hurricane Irma- and along with that came two changes of venue, date changes, vendor changes, guest list changes and multiple invitations. Even though you may think you don't want to spend the money, it was well worth it for my sanity. Nicole from Simply You weddings was a rock star!

Stoyka Bishop.001.jpeg

Kristen! You’re incredible!! I love everything about you!!!

Bridey, are you dying over Kristen’s kickass wedding dress? I am!

Stoyka Bishop.002.jpeg
Stoyka Bishop.003.jpeg

OMFG. That bouquet of flowers! I’m losing my mind! WHOA!


From the bride: The most anticipated moment for me was seeing Ben, my fiancé's face, when we had the first look. It is just such a special moment to know that your about to commit to that person for life and I'm so glad Mike was able to capture that so well.


From the bride: The first time I tried on wedding dresses at Olivia Bowen bridal boutique, I knew right away that I did not want to have a traditional wedding day style. I went with the Australian based designer, Made with Love, for my gown who I feel made the ultimate dress by incorporating a natural color pattern into the dress but still the traditional feel with an all lace gown. 

Stoyka 2.001.jpeg

Bridey, remember how this is plan B??? THIS is PLAN FUCKING B!! Just look how breathtaking this ceremony is!


Sniff, sniff… I can’t get past this moment…


Cheers!!! Two for me, please!


The lighting, the venue, the wedding… OH MY!


Kristen, I LOVE your facial expression here!

From the bride: I personalized the wedding with a gourmet donut bar including fresh fried donuts and just about any topping imaginable. The self serve bar included custom"to-go" bags that read "Glazed and delicious from the new Mr and Mrs". (PS- See the date on the bags? Different than the actual wedding day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they still used the bags with the original wedding date!)


Thank you K+B for sharing your A MAZ ING wedding (part two). It’s clear that you persevered through the cray and had an incredible wedding day!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Freas Photography
Event Planner: Simply You
Transportation: Old Town Trolley
Cake Designer: Key West Cakes
DJ: DJ Buggy
Equipment Rentals: Keys Audio Productions, LLC
Floral Designer: Marathon Florist
Ceremony + Reception Location: Southernmost House
Hair Stylist: Bella Luxe Hair & Makeup

A Nautically Perfect, Sensationally Sweet and Incredibly Relaxed Beachfront Wedding


Meet Shelby and Jake. This fun-filled B+G met on a boat! I mean, kinda makes me feel like a degenerate for meeting my hus in a bar! But, it's been thirteen years, so I guess we're doing something right! Anyway... Shelby was working as a camp counselor for Reef Relief and Jake happened to be working on the same boat. And, according to the adorably cute pic above, sparks were totally flying. They beat the odds and withstood the difficulty of a long distance relationship while Shelby earned her Masters in Marine Biology from the University of Miami. After graduation, Shelby moved to Key West and began her career researching corals, while Jake transitioned from working in the water sports industry to a teaching career. 

Bridey, THIS WEDDING IS EVERYTHING! It's so lovely and well designed, but at the same time, supremely relaxed and fun. And you know that I preach how important perspective is during wedding planning and on your wedding day, and this B+G fucking nailed it! The details are stunning AND they are clearly having the So, scroll down and absorb the vibe and the take in the beauty of Shelby + Jake's kickass wedding!


Are you completely dying over these two pics? This incredible building is The Southernmost House, a historic beachfront Key West boutique hotel. Just wait until you see the backyard!


Lovin' the flowers with the beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the background.


I love this picture. It's entirely honest and beautiful.


Meanwhile as the girls are getting ready... I can't even! LOVE IT!


Jake, you look charming and handsome! He didn't want to wear a tie "because I feel like I am choking!" While I don't wear ties too often, I can appreciate feeling a bit claustrophobic with something wrapped around my neck!


Seriously? It really doesn't get much sweeter!


I love that as somebody who has never met Shelby + Jake, I can clearly see how much they love each other. I can also tell that they have a fucking fantastic time together too!


That is one hell of a swirl! Totally GORGEOUS!


Shelby said that, "The backdrop was simply baby's breath with the deep blue ocean behind it." 


I mean... These pics of the ceremony. Sniff, sniff...


Love the Florida Keys map the B+G are using as a guest book!


Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Freas Photography
Equipment Rentals: Prestige Party Rentals
Makeup Artist: Crystal Smith's Theatrical Makeup
Floral Designer: Petals & Twigs 
Event Planner: Soiree Key West, LLC
DJ: SoundWave Productions
Reception Venue: Southernmost House
Caterer: Three Fine Cooks
Officiant: Weddings Key West

A L'il Party, A L'il Sunshine and a Whole Lot of Fun!

Bridey, look at this picture. Why do you think I decided to open this phenomenal wedding with this particular photograph? I mean... as you will see upon scrolling, there are several beautiful photographs I could have selected that would have sucked you right in. But, I needed to open Olivia + Grant's wedding with this photograph because it completely encompasses who they are. Seriously, I could left this part blank, and you would have gotten the gist simply by seeing this pic. Right?

I mean, would it surprise you if I said that O+G's reception was intimate and filled with warmth and laughter? Or that Olivia's mom "footloosed" her way down the aisle? Probably not... Because when you see that pic above, you really don't need me to tell you anything else... So, go, enjoy this fun and fabulous wedding! 

HA! Love it!!

Every time I see these bridesmaids robes, I seriously consider ordering one for myself! I love them, especially in black!

Nice job with the gift, Grant! Such a beautiful bracelet!

Olivia! You look A MAZ ING in this Maggie Sottero dress! Completely lovin' the tulle sheath accented with the dainty lace appliqué on the bodice and the delicate Swarovski crystal waist.

Gorgeous bouquet!

So sweet!

With a stunning setting like this, you need very little décor...

It really doesn't get much cuter...


See what I mean? TOTALLY could have opened the post with this pic, right??


Thank you Olivia + Grant for sharing your truly FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Foto by Freas 
Event Planner: Blue Water Weddings
DJ: Event My Way
Hair Stylist: Make Up and Hair by Nancy
Floral Designer: Marathon Florist
Reception Venue: The Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle
Bakery: Unique D'Lites Custom Cakes

A Super Fun, Super Stunning and Super FAB Jewish Wedding at Hacienda Chekul, Mexico

This photograph of Laura and Jeremy completely encapsulates the pure love and joy these two have for each other. You can see this look in every.single.photograph, and at the risk of sounding like a sap, it may even bring a tear to your eye. The B+G were married in the FABULOUS Tulum, Mexico (about two hours south of Cancun), and outside of it being a natural tropical paradise, the wedding itself was just spectacular! And, OMG... I am  OB SES SED with the altar. Like, it's SO simple, and SO elegant and welcoming that it makes you just want to be inside with the bride and groom (in the non-creepy way of course!). Seriously, wait until you see it... Truly, the structure itself, and the moments within are completely emotional.

Bridey, I am told (and you can 100% see it in the photographs) that everybody had a great time getting ready for the nuptials and were totally relaxed. Aheeemmmm, the way it should be on your wedding day. Especially when you have a great team of vendors making it all happen for you. Anyway, enjoy this GORGEOUS wedding. There are piles and piles of inspiration waiting for you. 

Fine tuning their vows...

Yup! Jeremy's in his underwear! And, I LOVE IT!

Laura, you're stunning and totally angelic. 

Amazing shot...

I love how they're throwing flower petals as the bride walks down the aisle with her parents.

WOW! That is a beautiful Ketubah.

Gotta seal the deal with a shot! 

See what I mean? These two... They're gonna make you tear up.

The bridal party is clearly a fun group of peeps!

It's like nobody is there....

Holy shit! That's one hell of a hora

Thank you Laura + Jeremy for sharing your truly enchanting wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: FineArt Studio Photography
Makeup: Sarah Garnier
Venue: Nalum Private Retreats
Event Planner: Destination Wedding Tulum, Gwen Grosset

A Wedding That is Truly the "Life of the Party"...

Bridey, look at this photograph. I think it's clear that the B+G have an incredible sense of humor and an incredible sense of themselves. I mean... They're getting ready to make their grand entrance into the wedding reception, and they're doing with their dog, Bramble, rockin' hats and heart-shaped glasses! LOVE IT! Right? And, the reason I chose this photograph to open with as opposed to a more, refined, "beautiful" shot is because this shot completely defines and encapsulates who Amy and Teddy are... A fun, full of life and energetic couple who love the shit out of each other!

What could have been a relationship that began in high school (Amy totally knew from the second she met him the first week; it just took him a little while to catch up... Go figure!), but, took shape during a graduation party is now an amazing marriage. And, their wedding? A MAZ ING! An emotional ceremony followed by a raging yet gorgeous party is what we're left with, and I fucking love it! I'm obsessed with all of the cool and intricate details, and how they honored those who have past... But, mostly, I am obsessed with the spirit of the B+G. Enjoy!

Honestly? I don't know what it all means, but I don't care! I love it!

Great shot!  Surprisingly sexy, right?

Amy! You're beautiful! And, you look so sincerely happy!


Woot! Woot!

See the boat? Behind the tree? I LOVE that the entire wedding is waving!!

We did it!

Such a FAB way to honor those who could not be there with them...

See the sparkly, gold table runner? I love it!

Definitely not your average "wedding food".

Hi. That's an amazing, ombre wedding cake.

Break it down!

Photo booth!

Yes please!

Thank you Amy + Teddy for sharing your super fun and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Freas Photography
Venue: Truman Little White House
Accommodations: Ocean Key Resort
Rentals: Prestige Party Rentals
Flowers: Love in Bloom
Ceremony Location: Fort Zachary Taylor State Park
Dress: For Love and Lemons
Hair: Kai & Co Salon

An Intimate, Beautiful, Sunset Beach Wedding

Isn't that photograph incredible? The flag? The kiss? The passion? I mean, there is so much emotion emanating from Jessica and Jennifer that I swear, I can see it. It's almost as if I'm in a cartoon (from back in my day... Ahem... the 80s!), and the emotion is floating from the B+B to me. Right? Can you see it, bridey?! Or, maybe you think that my imagination has gotten the better of me! Either way, I know you can feel it too!

J+J had a stunning, beach ceremony followed by an intimate dinner with only close friends and family followed by tons of dancing. For some of you, it's totally the way to go... Grab your nearest and dearest, head to Mexico and get yourselves married! LOVE IT! Bridey, enjoy all of the fabulous, and lovely details of this lovely wedding!

Awwwww... I love the mother + daughter pics! Sniff... Sniff!

Witcher Schexnayder.001.jpeg

Great shot! Stunning lace detail...

Witcher Schexnayder.002.jpeg

Beautiful shot! Beautiful ladies!

Can we just talk about how gorgeous these flowers are? Look at those roses!!

How cool is it that J+J are walking each other down the aisle? LOVE.

FAB kiss!


Let's go for a walk on the beach...

One of my fave pics on BB... Ever!



So cute... So romantic!

Witcher Schexnayder.005.jpeg


Thank you Jessica and Jennifer for sharing your stunning, beach wedding with Bitchless Bride!

A Laid-Back and Lavish Beach Party Wedding with the Coolest "Cake" I've Ever Seen!

Judging solely on the shoes, you can already tell that the B+G are pretty laid-back and pretty cool, right? Right! And, because we already know how cool these two are, I bet it wouldn't surprise you if I told you that Kimberly and Thomas' families are close friends, would it? Because, that's pretty fucking fabulous, right? Aaaaanddd.... as if that wasn't awesome enough, all the B+G really wanted on their wedding day was for their family and friends to have a good time; a big party! I mean... They even hired Mike Freas, the photographer, because, "...we really enjoyed your personality and we had a feeling that if you were just hanging at our wedding as 'a friend', that you would totally fit in."

It was a difficult task, but Kimberly and Thomas meticulously weeded their guest list down from 300 so that could have only their "closest people" attend the wedding. LOVE IT! Aside from their FAB story, there are some gorgeous deets to inspire you as you plan your own wedding, bridey. Oh! And, OMG... Just wait until you see their "cake"!! Enjoy!

STUNNING dress. It's even better on the bride!!

Love the shoes and the bouquet!

I love that the B+G invited the president to their wedding!!

Love the hair. Love the makeup. Love the bouquet. Obsessed with the dress.

That's "Pops", Thomas' father, and apparently, the life of the party.

I want to hug Thomas too!! Amazing reaction to seeing Kimberly!

So so so cute! Nice cleave too, Kimberly! You're 100% OWNING that wedding dress!Beautiful shot.

STFU with that dress!! I may be a l'il obsessed!

Such a lovely, passionate kiss!

How cool is this venue!!???

I love how Thomas rolled up his sleeves!


So, what do you think of the B+G's cake? HE'S ROLLING IT!!!! Look down!

Shut the FUCK up! That's gorgeous! That's amazing! That's all of my favorite adjectives combined!

Thank you Kimberly and Thomas for sharing your fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Foto By Freas

Caterer: Catered Affairs of Key West

Transportation: Conch Tour Train

Bakery: Cupcake Sushi

Floral Designer: Duarte Floral Design

Equipment Rentals: Eventfully Yours Rentals

Ceremony & Event Location: Fort Zachary State Park

Officiant: Rev. Steve Torrence

Hair & Makeup: Studio Marie-Pierre

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Cozy, Intimate, Beach Wedding in Tulum Mexico

I have to admit, normally I would never open a post with a group shot. Because, if I'm honest? I find them a wee bit boring and staged. But, this one? Definitely not the case! Seriously... Can you imagine being in this pic? I mean, it's clear that everybody is already having a great time, and thrilled to be celebrating with Farina and Dan in Tulum, Mexico. Talk about a FAB destination for a wedding!! And, how cool is it that the rose petals are flying in the air and guests have drinks in their hands? Now, that's the way to do it, bridey!

Okay, so at the risk of sounding hokey, this wedding 100% what getting married is all about. There's a deep tenderness and an intimacy captured throughout that truly has me on the verge of tears. Farina and Dan are surrounded by a small crowd, on a beautiful day, rocked some seriously sensational décor, and their guests definitely are having a lot of fun. It really doesn't get better than that, right? Enjoy!

Totally LOVE Farina and Dan's invitation! 

Farina... OMFG! You are STUN NING! Like amazingly gorgeous in that silk gown!!


Dan was waiting impatiently for his bride to present herself on the beach... I mean...

I'm such a sucker for the hand on the face kiss or embrace.

Hello beautiful beach! What a FAB place for a ceremony!

Farina! I'm pretty sure that's the exact face I would be making as I walked down the aisle!!


Such an incredible Mayan ceremony!

Simple. Elegant. Gorgeous.

Love how the chairs don't match...

Thank you all for coming!!! Now, it's time for some fun!

Thank you Farina and Dan for sharing your fantastic destination wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: FineArt Studio Photography

Event Venue: Casa Violeta

Event Planner: Destination Weddings Tulum

Fantasy Friday ~ A Kickass, Rock 'N' Roll, Destination Wedding

Are you totally dying over this photograph? I mean... The kiss with the hands (OMG...So romantic!), the smiling bride as she kisses her groom, the tat, the sky?? Right? I love that this is real. You know what I mean, bridey? A real wedding photograph. Not a styled shoot. Not a magazine spread. A real, fucking cool wedding photograph! And, you know what? There are more where that came from! Because Lindsay and Dave are just that cool, so obvi their wedding is going to be cool too!

The other thing that makes this wedding stand out to me is that the B+G are from Canada and decided to host a destination wedding in Mexico. Not only that, but these two crazy kids, and their wedding, are rockin' a whole bunch of red. Yup! RED! Everything from Lindsay's wedding dress, to Dave's bow tie to the flowers to the chairs and more! Okay, enough out of me! Time for you to go enjoy this kickass, rock 'n' roll, destination wedding!
I LOVE the red. Like, seriously LOVE the super bright red!
I always show the girls getting ready before the guys, so today, I thought I would show the boys first!
Lindsay got dressed by herself and then surprised her bridesmaids... So fun!
That bouquet is FAB!!
Simply stunning. I am completely obsessed with the deep red décor against the blue ocean.
Love how the guys are all wearing different bow ties. So cool!
Probably one of may favorite pics to grace the "pages" of Bitchless Bride.
Lindsay, you look amazing! Like, OMFG amazing!
You know what they always say... A couple with matching shoes...
Def going to steal this idea from the B+G! 
Apparently, after the first dance, the music got loud, the people up and the dancing got crazy! 
Thank you for sharing your cool destination wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: FineArt Studio Photography
Venue: Grand Palladium Hotel

Fantasy Friday ~ Grandma the Pimp! Oh! And a Beautiful Destination Wedding with Stunning Post Wedding Pics!

Does that say "Grandma the pimp"? Yup! It sure does! Christa and Nicolas met because the bride's grandmother is a longtime friend of the groom's parents. Upon meeting Nicolas at a party, Grandma knew immediately that Christa would connect with Nicholas. And when the B finally met the G, they fell in love! I mean... How cool is that??!! And, as crass as I can sometimes be, GRANDMA named herself the pimp, not me! Seriously, I think I'd get along well with Grandma!

Outside of their unique and fun story, Christa and Nicolas threw a fabulous destination wedding! I'm loving the simple and stunning details, I'm obsessed with Christa's dress (and frankly, her great ass... Don't judge me, you'll see!), and I'm psyched to see how the B+G spent the day after their wedding. Enjoy this fun and FAB wedding!
Clearly, these 'maids have a great time together!!
Remember how I said Christa had a great ass? See what I mean? A GOR GE OUS wedding dress to go with her fabulous ass!
Is he pulling on his beard?
Proud papa!
Now, who do you think is in the top left corner weeping with joy? 
Now, THAT'S a photo booth!
Great final wedding day pic!! Now, get ready for a glimpse into the day after!
Um, not a bad way to spend the day after your wedding, right?
Wedding rings!!!
That's hot (Holy fuck! Did I just quote Paris Hilton? Sorry!)!
Thank you for sharing your super fun wedding day and kickass post-wedding photographs with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: WeddingDayStory
Event Venue: Valentin Imperial Maya

Fantasy Friday ~ No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem... A Laid Back, Beautiful, Beach Wedding in Mexico

"No frills or fancy things." Said no bride ever... Right??? But, Samantha did!! I know, I love her already! She and Joaquin strayed from a traditional wedding reception and opted for a lovely, intimate dinner with friends and family to celebrate their nuptials. Once everybody filled their bellies with delicious food and drink, they moved the party to Gitano for some music and dancing. How fun is that?? As a couple who love to travel and drink amazing wine, sounds like the perfect evening! Oh, a cool l'il side note? Their wedding day was the anniversary of the day they met four years earlier. I mean... 

Samantha and Joaquin wanted a wedding that was casual and comfortable. As a couple who truly compliment each other, Joaquin is quite the joker, and Samantha is a bit more serious, their wedding captured who they are as a couple without the stress or bullshit of conventional wedding planning. And these two? Didn't grow up in Mexico... This was a destination wedding! Joaquin grew up in Milwaukee and Samantha grew up in a small town in Minnesota. Didn't see that coming, did you? Neither did I which totally makes me love them even more!! Such great inspiration in this beautiful wedding! Enjoy!

Holy shit would I love to be there RIGHT NOW!!! Looks beautiful!

Love this pic of Samantha!
TOTALLY obsessed with Samantha's dress. You look gorgeous!!!
Joaquin, you're looking quite dapper!
I could have designed this card myself... 
When you're getting married on the beach, shoes are definitely optional! Those anklets? Fantastic!!!
Hi. WOW.
Samantha, Joaquin. You're a damn sexy couple.
Seriously, all I see are the sparks flying!
Love. Love. Love.
A pre-cocktail, cocktail? Don't mind if I do!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Stunningly Beautiful, Super Romantic, Mansion Wedding

I love this wedding, and I have a couple crush on Cindy and Dane. (Seriously, how could I not? Look at that dress! And, the dude's name is Dane. Total crush.) You know why, bridey? Because I heard that they were awesome to work with, insanely in love, super in sync and nice people. From a vendor perspective, it really doesn't get much better than that. Jackpot! Seriously, if wedding planners and other wedding vendors knew ahead of time what it would be like to work with each couple prior to the planning, the world would be a much nicer place. Working with lovely people who are genuine and genuinely nice is what it's all about, right? Or it should be for that matter!

Anyway, outside of the serious couple crush I am rockin', there are so many fab deets to share with you, bridey. I mean, the dress is total kickassery, but there is so much more! So, kick back, relax and enjoy the post!
I'm lovin' the subtle mint green Badgley Mischka shoes!I feel warm inside.Cindy, your wedding dress is absolutely incredible! I love the beading and the cut! You look amazing!This should be in a glossy... Cindy is GORGE and this pic is so FAB!!The "ring" boxes. Hell yeah! That's a great shot!!Such a fabulous way of politely saying, get off you're fucking phone during the ceremony. Such cuties!!