Black Wedding Dress

A Dark and Moody, Gothic-ly Fantastic, and Supremely Edgy Styled Shoot


Soooo… I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit without getting super Halloween-y. Because, honestly, as much as I LOVE Halloween, I’m already over it. Why? Well… I’ve already eaten way too much candy, already dressed my kids up one-hundred-fucking-times (before today), and already spent a ton of money on this holiday. So, I’m fucking done. And, I still have to get through trick-or-treating tonight!! UGH. At least there is more candy to be had, and a well hidden flask… Buuuuutttt, I did want to show you, bridey, something dark, moody, edgy and all around amazing on Halloween, and this styled shoot was a happy medium between me + Halloween.

This styled shoot features a STUNNING, tattooed bride in a black wedding dress (YES!!), a totally HOT groom, minus the traditional tux or fancy suite, and absolutely awe-inspiring details, delicious enough to steal for your own wedding. I’m OBSESSED with the décor and how it totally contradicts itself, and basically the entire gloomy yet cool backdrop of an unkept farmhouse. Remember, bridey, this is YOUR wedding! If you see something inspiring (like everything showcased below), then DO something inspiring! Enjoy!


This table is awesome! I love the “royal” chairs paired with the black goblets and gold chargers…


These days, I’m seeing SEVERAL wedding rings that aren’t rockin’ (total pun) a diamond as a center stone. Look how FAB!


Um. Hi. I love your dress. I love your makeup. And, I love everything about these photographs!!


Remember how I said “hot” groom? Yeah…


Seriously!!! That black wedding dress is truly fantastic!


STFU with the fur!!! OMG.

Beth Melvin.001.jpeg

A giant “thank you” to Bethany Melvin for sharing this Halloween alternative, styled shoot, for me to present today on Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Bethany Melvin Photography
Dress Designer: Nicole Miller
Invitation Designer: b.invited
Event Designer: Walker Down the Aisle
Jewelry: Sticks & Steel
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: JH & Sons
Hair + Makeup: Sabreena Frances
Floral Designer: Elaborations
Equipment Rentals: Ideal Wedding and Events

A Beautifully Dark, Exotically Edgy, and Exceptionally Glamorous Styled Shoot with a Hint of Midnight Romance

I'm not in a dark place. I'm not sad or melancholy. What I am is 100% in love with this dark and moody styled shoot. And, OMG do I wish more brides would experiment with darker hues as they plan their wedding. I mean, if it's done correctly (ahem... like this), then the darkness is sexy, and mysterious, not depressing or sad. I mean... Just look at that table! And holy shit, wait until you see the black wedding dress, the black wedding cake and black leather wedding tux!

Bridey, not only do I hope you enjoy this shoot, but I hope you're inspired by it! Inspired enough to capture some of the details and incorporate them into your own wedding! Seriously! Take a chance! I hear brides say that they want to "do something different + unique" all the fucking time. Know what? It's time to do it! Next time I see something fabulous like this, I hope it's a real wedding, not a styled shoot! Got it! Good! Go enjoy!

Damn. That's a sexy table!

I seriously don't know how to eat a pomegranate, but I keep trying!

Love those cookies!!!

STFU. I can't even with this A MAZ ING cake! Just STFU!

Gorgeous bouquet...


Great shot! That dress... I want it!

My mouth is watering. Like, a lot.

Thank you for sharing this dark + fabulous styled shoot with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Hawkeye Photography
Cinema + Video: Sugar Rush Photo
Hair Stylist: Blushing Blonde HUMA
Invitation Designer: Cassia Leigh Designs
Reception Venue: Chantilly Mansion
Dress Store: Harlow's Bridal Shop
Design + Décor: Primrose Floral Co
Floral Designer: The Pear Blossom
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Hauntingly Romantic, Beautifully Mysterious, Gothic Halloween Wedding...

This is a FABULOUS Halloween wedding. And, you know what, bridey? 'Cause I felt like it... And because I call the shots on BB, I said, "Fuck it, I'm running with this awesome wedding even though it's the middle of February!" Yes, Halloween was like four months ago, but, I couldn't wait eight months until next Halloween to show it to you. So, here we are. Welcome to Courtney + Humphrey's fucking cool Halloween wedding. 

OMG, bridey, there is so much to see in the photographs that follow my l'il blurb, that your eyes could quite possibly pop out of your head. Seriously, the B+G nailed it! Everything from a stunning and romantic ceremony (in a cave), to the themed hotel rooms, to a skull wedding cake (and holy FUCK is it incredible), and so so so much more... You're definitely going to walk away from C+H's wedding with an eyeful of awesome. So, go... Enjoy! 

OMG! I love a black wedding dress!! And, with the red? A MAZ ING!!

Um. How fucking cool is that? This fabulousness is part of The Alois Hotel (attached to Bube's Brewery, the reception site) which has themed rooms, and is just plain awesome.

STFU with the shoes!! LOVE THEM!

Courtney's bouquet + Humphrey's boutonniere are simply vibrant! I love the bright colors!

Bridey, can you imagine walking down the stairs to the ceremony... In the catacombs (click on the link to see the definition... I totally needed a refresher!)??? Look down!

Like... WOW! That is just so fucking extraordinary!

Let's go party!!

Hi. Such a masterly made wedding cake! So so so mind-blowing!

That cake topper is so funny!

Thank you Courtney + Humphrey for sharing your super romantic and just plain cool wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Chadwick Photography  
Reception Venue: Bube's Brewery
Floral Designer: Floral Designs of Mount Joy
Photo Booth: FX Photo Booths LLC
Makeup Artist: Heather Holbrook
Cake Designer: Rosie's Creative Cakes
Officiant: Sarah Dieterichs
Hair Stylist: West London Salon

A Styled Shoot so Fucking Awesome that You'll be Green with Envy...

OMG, bridey... Are you completely obsessed with the nails? Particularly the dude... Right? Like, I'm so obsessed that can't take my eyes off of his shiny, black and nearly perfect claws! Damn! I wish mine could look like his!! And, then there's the apple green martini with a lime and blackberry garnish. Totally drooling over here (and it's like 10 in the morning!). I seriously don't know which I want more! Black and FAB nails? Or the green martini!

Bridey, this styled shoot is so fucking awesomely badass (is that proper English?!!) that I really can't wait to share it with you! Mixed into this stunningly cool styled shoot are some insanely beautiful and creative elements that you can easily incorporate into your wedding theme/design. Personally, I usually don't love green, but today? I am enamored with it! I need it. I have to have it! Seriously, I LOVE the green satin linen with the black charger plates, and the incredible flower installation rockin' some black calla lilies (um, holy shit!). And, the cake. Wow!! That cake is so fantastic that even I don't want to eat it because then you'd have to cut into it! Anyway... I could really go on and on, so let me shut up so that you can scroll away! Enjoy!!

STFU! Love the car! Love the B+G! Love the dress!!

Welcome! Can I tempt you with a cocktail? (Notice the green lipstick?!)

See what I mean, bridey? A MAZ ING! So so so cool and unique!

Close up of the booze! 

Are you freaking out over the bouquet? I am!!

I mean... Too cool and beautiful to cut!!

I love how the cake is displayed. The vases underneath add a really distinguished element of beauty. 

Um. The head is on the fish. That's all.

That black dress is phenomenal!!

Thank you to all of the fucking amazing DFW vendors for sharing this styled shoot with Bitchless Bride. I love it so much!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Lyncca Harvey Photography
Venue: 7 For Parties
Event Planner & Designer: The I DO Girl Weddings & Events
Models: Mina Vang & Steven Rogers
Paper Goods: Love Betty Design
Flowers: Sharp Event Design + Lighting
Hair + Makeup: Rosie's Artistry
Linens: Ducky Bob's
Dress Designer: Winnie Couture
Cake: Delicious Cakes
Caterer: Wendy Krispin Caterer
Entertainment: Rod Baker, DFW Parties
Transportation: Blue Diamond Limousines 
Drink Service: Bravo Entertainment

Fantasy Friday ~ The Darker Side of of a Bride

Motivated by a wedding he saw in Mexico, Jason, with Juice Beat Photography, was inspired to photograph a beautiful bride dressed in a black wedding gown, or what he refers to as The Dark Bride. And seriously, I’m obsessed! The wedding industry has seen quite a bit of transition away from the traditional white wedding gown, thank you Vera Wang, and has begun to show that the darker side of a bride can be pretty fucking awesome. I have nothing against tradition, but it’s always nice to break it too. And how better to break tradition than with a black wedding dress?

When I saw the gorge bride up against a wall of graffiti rockin’ her jewel toned bouquet of flowers, I was captivated. I LOVE that Jason used an abandoned house complete with broken windows, old furniture and walls covered in graffiti for the shoot. Super creative and inspirational! Enjoy!

WOW! The dress, the flowers, the blue eyes... Totally FAB!Holy shit with the flowers! Kinda channeling Cyndi Lauper in this photograph? Right?The jewel tones of the florals really stand out against the black wedding dress!Scary fab veil...Screw the black dress.... Let me slip into something more comfortable...GORGE! I LOVE this shoot!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Juicebeats Photography
Floral Designer: Melissa Timm Designs