Blue Wedding

A Rustically Fabulous Barn Wedding, Featuring Two Brides, a Delicious Sweet Table, Donuts and Some Serious Dancing!


I don't know Brea + Jessa personally, but based on their wedding photographs, and this one in particular (which I just had to show you first, bridey), I'd venture a guess that these two have a lot of fun together, and love each other through and through. And honestly? Anybody who meets at work and ends up getting married is pretty kickass in my book! Fuck you HR! Try to stop us! Even better? Brea was Jessa's supervisor! LOVE IT!

Anyway, this wedding is absolutely lovely and super playful. Not only does it rock an insane donut wall, a sweet table that will make your teeth hurt and some crazy dancing, most importantly it rocks two people who love each other and want to celebrate their love. Seriously, I will never understand why anybody cares who we love... Shouldn't we be just be lucky enough to have found love with another person in a world that clearly has much bigger problems to consider? **Okay, pushing myself off of the soapbox before I get to cray.*** So, bridey, scroll down and really take in Brea + Jessa's fantastic and beautiful barn wedding filled with a lot of fun + a lot of love!

Gandjos Tinko.001.jpeg

LOVE! Although any time I see the word, "wifey", I will forever (that was an accident! No pun!) think of Judy Blume. 

Gandjos Tinko.002.jpeg

Shut the front door with the shoes! 


The bride is amazing. The dress is amazing. And, the shoes seal the deal!

Gandjos Tinko.004.jpeg

I love all of the giggling that's happening!!

Gandjos Tinko.006.jpeg

Yup! They all are wearing Converse! Talk about making sure your bridal party is comfortable!!



I don't know what it is, but I find this picture so romantic...


If you aren't craving a donut right now, then something is for sure wrong with you!

Gandjos Tinko.010.jpeg

Love a good cake smash!! Just be sure to chat about it as you plan your wedding to make sure you're both game!


Thank you Brea + Jessa for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerBack Seat Photography
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Apparel: Express
Shoes: Converse
DJ: DJ Henry GQ
Ring Designer: Jared's Galleria of Jewelry
Event Venue: Mound Grove Golf & Recreation

An Insanely Colorful, Beautifully Unique Celestial Wedding


It's not often that you get a confetti shot that's this good. No really, we all hope for the best when we pull the trigger on a confetti cannon, but usually they're touch and go at best. But, for Billy + Tony? Absolutely perfect! I mean... Even the photog said the guests were surprised at how well they worked! But, seriously, just look at that pic! That one picture completely encompasses pure joy (and surprise). Although the depth of their love is no surprise at all... B+T? Well, they tied the knot after thirteen years together!

What I love most about this wedding? Well, aside from the awesome celestial theme strewn throughout? My favorite part is that it's clear that every.single.person in the room is absolutely thrilled to be present. They are celebrating the union of two people who have loved each other for thirteen years, and who are clearly meant to be. And that is totally worth celebrating! Enjoy this celestially awesome wedding! I totally did!

Billy and Tony gave their grooms-girls Alex & Ani bracelets with charms of their astrological sign, and the men got cuff links with their astrological sign. I mean... SO FAB!!

Yeah... That's their constellation seating chart! LOVE IT!

Holy fucking confetti! I would absolutely love to have a confetti party!

I seriously love this cake. So simple, and so cool....

Look at how Billy and Tony are looking at each other! I'm such a sucker for "the look"!

Gotta love the cake battle!

A giant thank you to Billy and Tony for sharing their celestially awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Mak Rabbitt Photography
Floral Designer: Dannette's Floral Boutique
Dress Store: David's Bridal
Groomsman Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant: Run to an Elopement
Reception Venue: The Bluestone
Cake Designer: The Suisse Shop

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Childhood Sweethearts Exchange Vows in Jamaica

Tanya and Travis met when they were ten years old in dance class. And now? They are two of the most sought after dancers in the country. True story. Google them. I did (or just click on the links I dropped into their names). OMG! I love having celebrities on BB! But, I also love a good story, and meeting when you're ten years old and then getting married, is pretty awesome! Right? Definitely not the norm...

Bridey, this destination wedding is really something... There is such beauty and personality strewn throughout that I had a hard time narrowing down the pics I wanted to share today. An added bonus? Kickass photos of the groom getting ready! You'll see. If that FAB tux in the pic above doesn't give you a glimpse... So, bridey, enjoy this cool and beautiful wedding. I did! 

The lace detail in this wedding gown is absolutely stunning. WOW!Tanya, you're STUN NING! Simply gorgeous! Lovin' the hot pink toes with the blue shoes. Hi Travis. You're damn sexy.Yup! That's a custom tux that Travis designed (with the help of Trend Custom Tailors). I'll be honest, not many men would rock this tux the way Travis did...Tanya made the boutonnieres. Well, you know, she made the shells into boutonnieres.Wow. That look! To Travis, there is nobody else in the room...Tanya made the bouquets too! How fucking awesome are those?!I don't know what's in it, but I want one!DAMN! There's a reason both Travis and Tanya sought after dancers! 

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Country Wedding with a Modern Twist

I've never been Albuquerque, NM. In fact, I have a hard time spelling it (true story). But, after taking in Julia & Seth's wedding photographs, I think I may have to add Albuquerque to my bucket list. Right??! Who's with me?! Their venue? Los Poblanos Historic Farm, is absolutely stunning and quaint! Not too mention that when you scroll down, you will see a few peacocks just wandering around! LOVE IT!

But, what I think is so cool about Julia and Seth is how they were able to incorporate a fabulous mix of country and modern into their wedding. It's completely clear that these two have a genuine love for one another (wait until you see the kickass video!) and that their guests had a really, really good time.

A gorgeous peacock! Seriously, something I don't often see in wedding photographs!Julia, you are incredibly stunning! Seriously, you could get married in your polka dot robe, and you'd still look beautiful!How about a toast? Oh, you want to see more? I do! Check out the video: Awwwwww....The first look as captured so well in the photographs and in the video! Be sure to watch it!Lovin' the light blue bridesmaids dresses and succulent infused bouquets!It really doesn't get much cuter.Oh yeah!! We did it!! Hell yeah!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Love Story that Started at Floatopia and Crossed the Ocean

You know how they always say that you never know where you’re going to meet “the one”? Well, it’s true. For Allison and Luck, it all started at Floatopia, which I have never attended, but have heard, is pretty AWES! Anyway, instead of boozing on a raft in the ocean (which is where I would have been) Allison and Luke were building sandcastles with some kids on the beach when they met. Seriously, how cool is that? I mean, had they been boozing on a raft floating in the ocean, they might have missed out on the rest of their lives! Okay, so that’s kinda dramatic, but you see what I’m saying! Thanks to their love of building sandcastles, they found each other! Anyway, a few years later, Luke popped the question and now I am lucky enough to share their wedding with you!  

I will let the Allison, the bride, take it from here… Enjoy all of the details, brideys! From the brideWe met at the infamous Floatopia of 2009 at UCSB. Unlike the majority of the revelers, we spent most of our day building sandcastles with some children we met on the beach. Later that night, when Luke bought me Freebirds nachos, I knew he was a keeper. 

Fast forward a few years, and across an ocean. I had just traveled 24 hours from Cambodia to see my boyfriend in England, and all of my luggage was lost. It was cold and rainy and I was still dressed for the tropical weather I'd just left. Luke met me at the train station looking especially dapper but I figured he just wanted to look nice for me, and wished I could have done the same for him. 
I love how Luke has his own hanger. Right? The brides always seem to rock a hanger which shows off their new last name, so I think it's pretty cool that Luke has one just for him!When he took me to his apartment (where I was going to stay until I found a place of my own), there was a handmade sign proclaiming our arrival at a riverfront cafe. When he whisked back a fancy silk curtain, there was a room full of flowers and candles. Every single surface glowed with the soft peach light reflected off the hundreds of flowers in the room. 

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Pacific Palms Destination Wedding

When I receive a submission from the talented Hilary Cam, I get this ridiculous grin on my face. Why? Well, because Hilary seems to be the luckiest photographer I have ever known. Seriously, he always works with these remarkable couples in picturesque locations with really cool details. I adore his photos and the way each and every one tells a story within the story. Hilary is truly able to capture the essence of each bride and groom he photographs. So, maybe it's not that he's lucky after all. I believe it's called raw talent. 

When you take in Melanie and Stuart's wedding in the gorgeous Pacific Palms, New South Wales, Australia, you will see Hilary's raw talent, exposed (sorry, couldn't help it...). These pics speak so loudly, that if I just posted these photos without writing a word, you'd walk away with a full understanding of exactly who Melanie and Stuart are and how their wedding was a brilliant representation of their relationship. What I will tell you is that Melanie is from Australia and Stuart is from the UK so this is a destination wedding. Enjoy!!!

I love the robes.Hilary said that Melanie was super fun and smiled and laughed all day.Hilary Cam: We had a unique groom’s prep in the morning, rather than the classic shots of suits and ties Stuart wanted a more apt prep for a beach setting and so we headed to the beach with his groomsmen who had all travelled from the UK. Stuart got more of Boomerang Beach than he bargained for when he was thrown in the water.I've seriously never seen groomsmen have so much fun while "getting ready". Melanie and Stuart's invitation (designed by the groom) features a kookaburra and a robin holding a love heart – symbolic of an Australian and an Englishman falling in love. I mean... First of all, I love the invite, but the meaning is melt-worthy.

Fantasy Friday ~ Let's Get Married at Our Favorite Bar!

Autumn and Tim. Yeah, they're cool. I mean, any couple who chooses to get married at a piano bar has got to be cool! Right? I fucking love it. LOVE IT! And you know what? There's a lot more to love about this couple and their wedding day. Autumn got ready at home and then got a ride to the ceremony (scroll down). No frills, just FAB! And you know what else is FAB? Her wedding dress! Phenomenal! It looks absolutely incredible on her. And with the belt? OMG!!!

Bridey, if you can't feel the love emanating from this post, then something's wrong with you. Autumn is super close with her family, and I just about passed out from all of the mushiness. So lovely. So extraordinary. So weddingy, all without the bitchiness. So, take it in, and let it get to you. I did...

I love this dress. I love these shoes. I love the peacock feather. I love the bouquet.STUN NING. Autumn, your ass looks amazing!!!!I counted ten bridesmaids, one flower girl and a bride.If that's not veil love, then I don't know what is...

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Louisiana Style... Tattoos, Creole and DIY!

Erika and Ricky... I look at them, and all I can imagine are their babies. I dunno why, but seriously that's what I see as I browse these photographs. I mean, I also see a cool-ass couple, a stunning bride, a handsome groom and a few tattoos, but damn... They will make some beautiful children. Maybe it's me. Maybe my clock is a tickin' and I have babies on the brain, but either way I love what I see. Don't you?

Here's a little bit from Erika: "I met Ricky when he walked into my house with a friend... my first thought was, "Get him out of my house, he's scary..." Haha! Now look at us. We wanted a real Louisiana style wedding complete with creole food. The plantation style venue was perfect. They provided all the food and even the cakes. The decor and flowers were all handmade by us. My favorite moment was seeing Ricky cry before I even stepped foot on the aisle. My advice to future couples is to keep the lines of communication open, stay friends and never take each other for granted and respect each other."

AMEN Erika! Sounds like you are truly a Bitchless Bride! 

These two photographs make me so happy. Both the B+G are completely relaxed, and are clearly enjoying the wedding day preparation. I just love Erika's bouquet. Lillies... I can smell them...Hey Ricky... I got a 'lil crush on you!

Seriously love how all of the dresses are a different cut. Great color too!Ta-da!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Perfect 'Pear'

You all know that Bitchless Bride is soooooo not a DIYer, so I have a great deal of respect for those brideys who are... Right? Well, Shonte is a true DIY bride who was completely hands on in every aspect of the wedding planning. Just take a look at all of these incredible details. They make me happy. And you know what? I kinda love the pears. Like really fucking love the pears. Anyway, I adore the green, blue and white, but most of all? I adore Shonte and Katakyie. 

Notes from Lash to Lens: Shonte and Katakyie met in 2001 while they both were attending the Rochester Institute of Technology. After their first meeting the two quickly became close friends. However, Katakyie ended up transferring to another school and their communication was lost soon after.

Eight years later the two reconnected over AOL instant messenger. Katakyie was living in the Bronx, New York and Shonte in Atlanta, Georgia, at the time. The two rekindled their friendship and overtime their love for each other grew past their distance. In July 2010, Shonte and Katakyie made their relationship official and chose to have a long distance relationship for almost two years until Shonte finally decided to follow her heart and move to New York to be with Katakyie. The lovely couple has been inseparable ever since. 

Shonte is so gorgeous...

This little girl is adorable! I'm thinking I see a little tiara, no?

I mean... Shonte is absolutely stunning!