Blush Wedding

Two Matchmaking Fathers & A Luxurious Australian Wedding

I mean... If you don't already have a crush on Elise, then you're stupid. Just kidding,but seriously... She's truly stunning, and I am in love with her and the photograph. But, more than that, I am in love with the story of Elise and Julian. Because in the online dating world that we live in, it's rare that our parents have a say in our love lives, let alone find us our mates. But, that's exactly how Elise and Julian met.... Their dads!! Their dads set them up! Can you believe it? They were set up by their fathers! And it WORKED! 

Aside from the amazing way that these two were brought together, this wedding is sensational. Like, fucking amazingly modern and beautiful. I love all of the deets, and the neutral color scheme. I love Elise's wedding dress and her stupendous shoes. Bridey, I love the cavernous church, the font on the programs, the super lavish wedding cake, the tables lined with flowers, the overflowing candy display, the cool menu cards and tons and tons of other details. And holy fuckballs! The dress! Wait until you see the dress! Anyway... Go enjoy Elise + Julien's fabulous wedding! Clearly, I did!

Beautiful garden rose bouquet...

Seriously? Not sure if am jealous of Elise or if I want to BE Elise. You're totally stunning!!

Um... Nice looking group of groomsmen, if I do say so!

Love this pic...

Elise + Julien look so happy, and lovely together!


Notice how all of the bouquets are the same?

Such a cute couple! Go Dads!!

Such FAB and elegant neutral color palette.


Where can I get a shovel?

Right? WOW!

Thank you Elise + Julien for sharing your truly stunning and elegant wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographyBlumenthal Photography
CeremonySt. Ignatius Church Richmond 
StationaryAdorn Invitations
DressSteven Khalil
Makeup: Christine Gaurt
Wedding PlannerWhere the Grass is Green
Wedding Video : C2 Video
TransportationAffinity Limousine
PhotoboothIn The Booth 
DJTop Dog Entertainment

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ If Time Travel Were Possible... A Glamorous, Gorgeous and Vintage-y Wedding

Are you dying over Sarah's wedding dress? I know! Right? Absolutely amazing! Lovin' the one shoulder bit and how it's adorned with the floral detail. WOW! (Don't worry, there are plenty more pics for you to gaze at as you scroll!) Anyway... If time travel were possible, then I'm pretty sure Sarah and Josh's wedding would fit the bill. It's glamorous. It's gorgeous. It's vintage-y. And aside from a few details, if you were to stroll through time and attend this wedding, you'd really have to guess at the time period you arrived in...

Bridey, if you're looking for a glam wedding with blush tones, a kickass dress and incredible details, then you've definitely found the right post. If not, then don't worry! There are plenty of details to inspire you! Enoy this truly beautiful wedding!

WOW! Right? Totally gorge!
SUCH a cute pic!
I really could use a good flask... Just sayin'...
I mean...
Look at Sarah's dress! It's so fantastic! I really love everything about it! And, Sarah, this dress was totally made for you!!
Seriously love it...
Lanterns instead of bouquets... Classy.
So so so lovely!
Um. Nice Rolls...
Thank you Sarah and Josh for sharing your lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Plum Pretty Portraits by Jamie Lee
Beauty: Salon Dimensions
Event Venue: Swan Manor
Floral Designer: Winona's Flowers & Gifts

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Stunning & Sexy Wedding in a Brand New Space

I love this picture of Dominique and Jhade. It's sexy and delicious all at the same time, and it truly encapsulates who Dominique and Jhade are as a couple. Not to mention that I am absolutely in love with the pink uplighting. I feel like I constantly preach to my clients about the importance of uplighting, and as you scroll down, bridey, you'll see why. Lighting has the power to change the entire atmosphere of your wedding. It truly dictates how you're supposed to feel while enhancing the decor you have spent hours on perfecting.

Anyway, if you ever want to test your patience and trust, then be the first to get married in a new space. That's exactly what Dominique and Jhade did. They had the very first wedding in Tre Bella's new room, Blu Cielo! And it is STUN NING! Soft and delicate with exposed brick and tremendous beauty. So, if blush and pink are your colors, bridey, then I would advise you to prepare to be inspired!

I love the embellishments on Dominique's wedding dress!The exposed brick, the beautiful bouquet, the blue garter... Oh my!!WOW! Here's to the first wedding in Tre Bella's new room, Blu Cielo... And holy shit is it beautiful!Love how Jhade is checking Dominique out!! I really can't get over how raw and beautiful the space is...This kiss was FAB, but the they way they're looking at each other here? Fucking priceless!I love the pink uplighting!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Blushing, Bitchless and Beautiful Bride

To say that I 'love' this wedding would be a giant understatement! Seriously, when Haylee emailed me the link to her wedding photographs, I was absolutely thrilled! There were so many fun and gorgeous elements, that I almost didn't know where to look first! That, AND the story of how the bride and groom met and where he proposed is priceless! Almost unreal actually. 

The two cent tour? Haylee and Mark met at friend's birthday party, and he proposed in Thailand at the Elephant Nature Park where they were volunteering and looking after sick, maltreated elephants. Holy shit! Are you falling over yet? Because... and this is just a guess, but most of us would write a check (or maybe that's just me), and they were volunteering to take care of these poor, sick, maltreated elephants! OMG! Right? How fucking amazing is that? I mean, if Haylee didn't say "yes", then I'm pretty sure the stars would never align again! Anyway... Enjoy this fabulous wedding! Let the inspiring begin!

Apparently, they asked the kids who were invited to the wedding to share their definitions of love (as read out loud by the celebrant) and the flower girl, Ella, said "I love Michael Jackson, I wish he was my Dad." LOL!!!I love that the guys are doing shots! CHEERS!Mark is quite the catch! Haylee said, "Pretty stoke I get to keep him. He has an English accent and everything." HAHA!

DYING over Haylee's wedding dress, and those bridesmaids dresses are awesome! LOVE!!! Sorry, couldn't help it! But, I do!