Brewery Wedding

It All Started Because of a "Sarcastic, Tattooed Lady Who Loves Cheesy Horror Movies"


Bridey, I truly hope you met your sig other because you were honest about who you are (and because you're a kind person, and super attracted to each other, obvi!). That's how Randall and Michelle met; because Michelle described herself as a "sarcastic, tattooed lady who loves cheesy horror movies..." on her dating profile, and was a "match" for Randall. And the rest? Well, you're about to scroll pics from their wedding day, so clearly it worked out well! I mean, you can 100% feel the emotion and devotion enveloped in this photograph, and frankly, I struggled to choose just ONE of these tender pics as the post opener...

Personally, I would have described myself as a "funny girl who exercises to support her cake-eating habit, and loves to dance (sometimes badly)". But, that's just me... Anyway, R+M wanted a very simple wedding that combined modern rustic with industrial, and that is exactly what they accomplished. Sooooo... they selected Highland Brewing Company because they loved the new event and rooftop spaces, and had a friend master the design and décor. Bridey, there is a ton of inspiration in this post, but my favorite tip from Randall? "Don't sweat the small stuff! Every couple will face a hiccup on their wedding day, but trust me, you'll laugh about it later." #TRUESTORY


Skeeters Palo.001.jpeg

See what I mean about there being several pics that would have opened this post SO well?  I LOVE this photo!

Skeeters Palo.002.jpeg

The brides look FAB, but can we just talk about all of the beer behind them?? I mean, I know it's a brewing company, but dear God!! YUM!


DY ING over the shoes. DYING.

Skeeters Palo.004.jpeg
Skeeters Palo.006.jpeg

Hell yeah! We did it!!!


Cheers, Michelle!!!

Skeeters Palo.008.jpeg

This is some serious dessert porn. Like SERIOUS. And, as a self-described cake (over)eater, OMFG! Throw in some donuts, and I'm going to need a moment alone...


Michelle changed out of her military uniform into a wedding dress for the reception. Can you believe that Randall's dress is borrowed from her cousin because she loved the style?!!!


I am obsessed with all of the fantastic shoe selections!!


When asked about the most anticipated or special moment of their wedding day, Randall said, "Our first dance. I think we both underestimated our ability to learn a choreographed dance, but it was a special moment when we felt like the only 2 people in the room. Despite our dresses getting stuck together, hindering our ability to pull off the "big dip" at the end of our dance, it was truly an unforgettable experience for the two of us."

And another pic I almost opened the post with...

Skeeters Palo.010.jpeg

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing a packed dance floor.... The entertainment can 100% make or break your wedding, and it's clear that R+M's DJ ROCKED!


Thank you so much Randall + Michelle for sharing your kick ass wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Joseph Dix Photography
Venue: Highland Brewing Company
Hair Stylist: Jeanne's Hair & Makeup Studio
Equipment Rentals: Classic Event Rental
Officiant: Rev Jacqueline Weiks
DJ: Spintastic Sounds
Bakery: Perfectly Pretty Sweets
Caterer: Dining Innovations

A Beautiful Wedding, Brewing with Fantastic Color and Tons of Fun!!!

g1qghcctwbvvqgqgh324_low.jpg I was seriously considering not writing anything else other than those three words because as you scroll down the page, bridey, you will absolutely see why there's not a whole lot more I can say about Natalie + Alex's wedding that you won't see for yourself. First of all, they got married at a brewery! Fucking awesome, right? I mean, in my book, that's always a good move! But, more than that, look up. See that FAB picture of the bridal party? Nothing but smiles and fun... That is why I decided to open this post with this particular pic because it totally captures the feel of the entire day. Fun! The way weddings should be! A celebration!!

Bridey, aside from the spectacular decision to get married at a beautiful brewery with amazing grounds, N+A ROCKED some seriously orangetastic color without being overdone and displaying too many "pops of color". It's a fine line, and they did it so well. And, can we just talk about the GORGEOUS wedding dress Natalie wore like a glove? It's truly stunning, just like her. Anyway, I'm going to stop typing so that you can start scrolling for piles and piles of inspiration. Enjoy!


OMFG. Right? Completely incredible!


Are you totally dying over those fantastic flowers?


Um. WOW! That dress! And, Natalie, your bum looks pretty FAB too!




I peed a little the first time I saw this pic... LOVE IT!


I've actually never seen a bride balance her bouquet before! Nice work N!!


This shot... So lovely.


I can't stand it! The B+G are just so GREAT together! 


Fantastic cake! And, see what I mean about how great the orange is without being overdone?


Thank you Natalie + Alex for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Bob Hoffman Photography & Video
Cake Designer: French Gourmet Bakery
Floral Designer: I DO Flowers
Reception VenueKarl Strauss Brewery Gardens
Dress Store: Panache Bridal
DJ: Sunset Mobile Music

A Hauntingly Romantic, Beautifully Mysterious, Gothic Halloween Wedding...

This is a FABULOUS Halloween wedding. And, you know what, bridey? 'Cause I felt like it... And because I call the shots on BB, I said, "Fuck it, I'm running with this awesome wedding even though it's the middle of February!" Yes, Halloween was like four months ago, but, I couldn't wait eight months until next Halloween to show it to you. So, here we are. Welcome to Courtney + Humphrey's fucking cool Halloween wedding. 

OMG, bridey, there is so much to see in the photographs that follow my l'il blurb, that your eyes could quite possibly pop out of your head. Seriously, the B+G nailed it! Everything from a stunning and romantic ceremony (in a cave), to the themed hotel rooms, to a skull wedding cake (and holy FUCK is it incredible), and so so so much more... You're definitely going to walk away from C+H's wedding with an eyeful of awesome. So, go... Enjoy! 

OMG! I love a black wedding dress!! And, with the red? A MAZ ING!!

Um. How fucking cool is that? This fabulousness is part of The Alois Hotel (attached to Bube's Brewery, the reception site) which has themed rooms, and is just plain awesome.

STFU with the shoes!! LOVE THEM!

Courtney's bouquet + Humphrey's boutonniere are simply vibrant! I love the bright colors!

Bridey, can you imagine walking down the stairs to the ceremony... In the catacombs (click on the link to see the definition... I totally needed a refresher!)??? Look down!

Like... WOW! That is just so fucking extraordinary!

Let's go party!!

Hi. Such a masterly made wedding cake! So so so mind-blowing!

That cake topper is so funny!

Thank you Courtney + Humphrey for sharing your super romantic and just plain cool wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Chadwick Photography  
Reception Venue: Bube's Brewery
Floral Designer: Floral Designs of Mount Joy
Photo Booth: FX Photo Booths LLC
Makeup Artist: Heather Holbrook
Cake Designer: Rosie's Creative Cakes
Officiant: Sarah Dieterichs
Hair Stylist: West London Salon

Two Tight-Knit Families, A L'il Beer, and a Whole Lot of Air Guitar... A Fabulous Detroit Wedding!

Doesn't that look delicious? Right? Sometimes a really crisp beer hits the spot (even for those of us who prefer whiskey!). And for Krystal + Kirk, the beers in their hands are only the beginning. The FAB photog who captured their wedding said that, "These two-of-a-kind lovers share tightly knit families, an infectious zest for life, and an affinity for beer and motorcycles. Their wedding day was a perfect collaboration of lives, offbeat to perfection, and set in the coolest city on earth." Isn't that a perfect way to describe a wedding? I mean... Isn't that what it's all about? A perfect collaboration of lives? Not all of the stress and bullshit weddings can induce, but bringing together two people + their families?

Anyway, jumping down from my soapbox... K+K have know each other since they were young, dated when they were teenagers, and then reunited in 2013... I love those kind of stories!! I love that these two have known each other for almost all of their lives! So cool! Bridey, go enjoy this true love story, and all of the cool elements (just wait until you see the air guitar-ing!!) they incorporated into their totally awesome wedding day! 

Love that David Tutera wedding dress and those cool, very old school, wedding "shoes"!

Krystal, you look incredible! That dress was 100% made for you!

Some seriously FAB getting ready photos...

Love this pic...

I mean... I can't... It's too good!!

I feel like Krystal is yelling, "I'm getting married!"

WOW! Just look at this sensational photograph!

If you love beer, then have your wedding reception where there is a ton of beer!!

Kirk is totally singing to Krystal!

I love candy. And, I love it even more when the B+G have some for me at weddings...

Thank you Krystal + Kirk for sharing your fun and fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
:  Meridian Photo
Dress Designer: David Tutera
Museum: Dossin Great Lakes Museum - The Gothic Room 
Floral Designer: Silk Thumb Florist
Design + Décor: Take a Seat Events

A Garden and Brewery Wedding Rockin' Hula Hoops, Butterflies and More!

I just love a B+G with a great sense of humor and personality. And, as you know I share  (more like I preach) how important it is to have fun on your wedding day, and to incorporate who you are into the details (and to not be a bitch, and to treat your friends, family and vendors well, and to think about the future vs. one day, and and and...). Well, Kim and Craig? They totally did it! Bridey, look at the title of this post! Right? In a nutshell? Garden+Beer+Hula Hoops+Butterflies = Wedding. I mean... I cannot make this shit up! And just wait! It's SO fabulous!

Something awesome that struck me about Kim and Craig? Well, when their photographer submitted their wedding to Bitchless Bride she said that, "The rain came for a bit and added to the fun." Now, I don't know about you, bridey, but I'm pretty sure that a statement like that had been uttered by no bride ever! But, clearly it didn't bother them, and I LOVE it! So, go get inspired by all of the fun details and fun captured in this kickass wedding!

Such a FAB bouquet! Love all of the bright colors!

Seriously, I don't think you could get any more adorable, Kim!

Shut the front door... It's like the exact same expression! I LOVE this moment!

Their ceremony was held at the Muttart Conservatory in a butterfly themed Pyramid. I can't get over the upside down umbrellas!

The wedding officiant is too funny! His expressions are seriously priceless!

Oh yeah! (See Craig's polka dot socks? LOVE IT!)

I'm kinda obsessed with this pic. Very cool.

Not going to let a few rain drops get in the way!

HAHA! So cute!

Fuck yeah!!!! 

Such beautiful, yet simple décor...

That's a great cake! And, I love that the B+G served pie, too!


So, instead of clinking glasses to get the B+G to kiss, guests had the ultimate task of hula hooping! 

I imagine Kim saying, "Bring it"....

I don't think Bitchless Bride has ever ended a post with a mid-air flip! And, I fucking love it! Congratulations Kim and Craig! Thanks you for sharing your fun and fab wedding with BB!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Megan Kemshead Photography
Ceremony: Muttart Conservatory
Venue: Yellowhead Brewing Company