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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Horror and Heartbreak
I feel like every other week on BB I'm writing about some awful tragedy. A few weeks ago it was the marathon bombings in Boston, and now there is a whole other kind tragedy that is just pulling at my heartstrings one by one. This story is so completely heartbreaking that since I heard about it, I've been walking around feeling like I might puke my guts out. On Saturday night a limo carrying nine women on their way to a bridal shower burst into flames killing the bride and four of her friends. Thankfully, the other four girls made it out of the car before it became engulfed, but sadly, the other five perished.  
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Fabulous Friday ~ The Story Behind the Invitation

I’m not gonna lie… I kinda hate getting invited places. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties and honestly, sometimes even getting invited to a wedding makes my stomach turn. It’s that just horrifying? I’m a wedding planner who prides herself on creating and executing a kickass parties, but when I’m invited to a party I don’t plan? Well, I’d rather stay home watching shit TV instead of forcing myself to get off of my ass and have a good time. I am pathetic, I know… But, here’s the thing. After much thought, I realized that it all comes down to the invitation. If the invitation sucks or is completely lackluster, then almost immediately, I am turned off. And no amount of Viagra is going to fix my problem. It’s gone. I’m utterly deflated, and what’s worse? I’m already bored.

The invitation has to be the gateway to the experience. Period. The end. Especially if we are talking about a bridal shower or the bachelorette party… Seriously, if I receive a basic invitation to a fabulous party, then how the hell am I supposed to know that it will actually be a fabulous party? I don’t,

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