Cake Topper

Fantasy Friday ~ Historic, Simple and Stunning... Welcome to Tori & Cory's Wedding

I never open with a pic of a wedding cake (no matter how much I want to because of my obsession with cake), but this shot really seemed to encapsulate the feel of Tori and Cory's wedding day (I know, right?! They rhyme!). It's warm, elegant and beautiful; completely reflecting how I felt while browsing these photographs. Bridey, please note the ease to T+C's wedding day as it should be a lesson to all brides-to-be. 

The B+G were married in Bramwell, a very historic part of West Virginia. And even though it rained on and off throughout the day, the sun seemed to shine at all of the right times (Shit! Now I'm rhyming!!). I mean... Who cares if it rains?! You're getting married! And, that's what counts! So, bridey, enjoy this totally inspirational wedding, not just for the color palette, cake or flowers, but for the loveliness of the B+G.
I cannot get enough of this bouquet!! It's absolutely stunning!Gorgeous shot!

Covered train station during the rain... How perfect is that?

Ummm.... Can we just talk about Tori's nails? LOVE!Here we go!! Let's get married!What a cutie!! Super excited!!No more rain... 
Um... that's a great kiss! Just sayin'...Real men hold the train...This is a FAB cake topper! And the cake? Love the beautiful simplicity!Check out the faces on these two!!Tori and Cory, you are way too cute. Thanks for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jasmine Rose Photography
Floral Designer: Brown Sack Florist
Reception Venue: David's at the Club

Fantasy Friday ~ A Luscious, Sumptuous, and Delicious Southern Wedding

Luscious. Yup! Luscious is the word that comes to mind when I take in beautiful deets encapsulated in Kari and Brian’s lovely wedding. I swear that each picture is even more colorful than the next. Seriously, scroll down and check out the flowers. Jumping off the page, right?! Right!! And the venue? OMG! The venue! The cathedral ceilings and the open feel of the space are absolutely enticing! I could totally live there!

But, outside of the amazing venue, waterfall backdrop (yes, I said waterfall!) bright flowers, stunning dress, gorge hairpiece and basically everything else you’re about to see, I love that Kari and Brian chose to have their friend to officiate the wedding. To me, that is at the top of the list when it comes to what this couple will look back and gush about in the years to come. Sure they will talk about how they pulled off the most perfect day ever, but when it comes right down to it, I’m sure that the officiant, family and friends will be at the top of their list. Bridey, as you browse Kari and Brian’s wedding, I want you to think about what will be at the top of your list as you and your hus gush about your wedding day in the years to come. Holy hell... I can't... I'm so in love!!Kari, you look absolutely beautiful!!!Brian's reaction is priceless...HAHA!! Gotta love the eavesdropping. I'm such a sucker for how they are looking at each other!That's one hell of an aisle!!!Awwwww.....Told ya' there was a waterfall!Love the thumbprint guest book!Simply gorgeous!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Uniquely Personal, Rustic, Barn Wedding with Great Socks, Dips and Kisses

Bridey, let me ask you a question… How often can you say that you made a decision based on a pair of socks? Never, right? I mean… Let’s be honest, usually I make a decision based on the kickass shoes I get to wear, but never the socks!! Right? Anyway… the post you are about to embark on today? I was totally drawn to it because of the socks. True story. Brett, the groom, is wearing such a FAB pair that I just couldn’t resist. Turns out, the rest of the details captured in Lynn and Brett’s wedding are just as cool as Brett’s socks. 

I’m absolutely DY ING over the escort card “display” (OMG… holy shit!), the gift “box” and the message in a bottle. Not to mention the cake topper is completely awesome. To me, Lynn in Brett absolutely succeeded in making their wedding about who they are as a couple while at the same time, engaging their guests. Bravo….

I'm obsessed with the detail in Lynn's dress!Seriously? SO SO SO cute!C'mon with the socks!! I really love them (and there's even another pic!)!Don't you just love the gift "box"?Utter joy... WOW! That's one hell of a dip/kiss!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Louisiana Style... Tattoos, Creole and DIY!

Erika and Ricky... I look at them, and all I can imagine are their babies. I dunno why, but seriously that's what I see as I browse these photographs. I mean, I also see a cool-ass couple, a stunning bride, a handsome groom and a few tattoos, but damn... They will make some beautiful children. Maybe it's me. Maybe my clock is a tickin' and I have babies on the brain, but either way I love what I see. Don't you?

Here's a little bit from Erika: "I met Ricky when he walked into my house with a friend... my first thought was, "Get him out of my house, he's scary..." Haha! Now look at us. We wanted a real Louisiana style wedding complete with creole food. The plantation style venue was perfect. They provided all the food and even the cakes. The decor and flowers were all handmade by us. My favorite moment was seeing Ricky cry before I even stepped foot on the aisle. My advice to future couples is to keep the lines of communication open, stay friends and never take each other for granted and respect each other."

AMEN Erika! Sounds like you are truly a Bitchless Bride! 

These two photographs make me so happy. Both the B+G are completely relaxed, and are clearly enjoying the wedding day preparation. I just love Erika's bouquet. Lillies... I can smell them...Hey Ricky... I got a 'lil crush on you!

Seriously love how all of the dresses are a different cut. Great color too!Ta-da!

Fantasy Friday ~ All the Way From Middle School to Red Rocks

Putting together the photographs from this wedding made me super happy. I mean, it's clear that Lindsey and Kevin are crazy about each other, and I love all of the little things they did to capture such deep emotion in their photographs. Just reading the blurb below from Kevin made my eyes well up... 

From the Groom: "We chose Red Rocks Country Club because we really liked the area and we share so many memories at Red Rocks amphitheater near by. We love jam music so it was important for us to have that kind of music at our wedding. We had the Denver band, Digg come play live music for the reception. We did a balloon release at the end of the ceremony to symbolize spreading well wishes and good thoughts. My advice to future couples is cliche but so true-cherish every moment of your wedding day, because it really does go by in a flash!"  

I'm kinda dying over this one...LQQK! Just look at this sequence... Could you bust? I LOVE how Kevin is checking Lindsey out in her wedding dress!!Lindsey met Kevin in middle school, they were besties in high school and fell in love in college. And looking at them now, it's obvious how connected they are to each other.