Super Stylish Sunday ~ The "Day After"... Brought to You from El Salvador

I know I always say this, but it's true... WAIT until you see these absolutely gorgeous photographs! And I always say it because I truly love well done, totally intoxicating and interesting photographs, and this "day after" (the wedding) shoot of Alejandro & Regina is no exception. So that's why I HAD to share it with you!

Alejandro and Regina had their wedding in a lovely church and reception venue in San Salvador. They hired their photographer to fly out and capture the day, but he only agreed to go if they could have a "day after" session in the funky, colorful, indigenous non-traditional city of Ataco. 

And it's clear by the amazing photographs that they had an incredible time walking around snapping pictures. The even cooloer part? They brought their wedding attire and were able to photograph the couple all dolled up! Um, look at the photograph below. Right?? They had some military personel escort them through a bit of the town, and grab some frames with them. INSANE! Absolutely insanely gorgeous! 

This photograph is just cool. Right? The contrast between the wedding dress, the wall behind them and the military guards? It's really something...

Dying over the attitude in this picture! Not to mention the coffee beans on the wall! Now it's time for a costume change...