Circus Wedding

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Circus, Carnival Fantasy Wedding

Bridey, I want to show you Rachel & Jake's entire wedding album. Seriously, I want to show you every detail of this Halloween wedding (from like, three weeks ago!) because it is just so fucking FAB that I had the hardest time weeding out the photographs for BB. Bridey, every single day I hear this quote from you, "I really want my wedding to be different." Well, THIS is called putting your money where your mouth is! For real, when you scroll down, you will see more of that AWES BALLS (I dunno, it just came out) paper flower bouquet, COTTON CANDY bridesmaids bouquets, the cutest flower girl ever and a fried TWINKIE.

So the next time you preach, "I want my wedding to be different...", bridey, I want to you remember Rachel & Jake's wedding. And while I don't expect all of you to get married on a carousel rockin' a 1930's circus, carnival fantasty, I do expect you to maybe take a small piece of this wedding, and make it your own. Got it?

I know this is supposed to be retro, but I keep seeing Reservoir Dogs for some reason!Seriously! Look at their view! Imagine having this shot in your wedding album!It's almost showtime!The flower girl? Makes me want to have kids... But, besides my ticking clock, the cotton candy was actually used (before it was eaten, obvi) as bouquets! (Ultimately replaced with candy apples because the cotton candy was clearly too tempting!)

Fantasy Friday ~ Running Away and Joining the Circus

Well, maybe the title of this post is a bit of an exaggeration, but, bridey, you could always let your imagination run away and have a fucking amazingly ridiculous post wedding celebration like Nicole and Jeff. I mean... you don't have to be an Imagineer for Disney to dream this up.... Or, maybe you do. You see, Nicole IS an Imagineer for Disney (holy shit... and I thought I had a cool job!) and it's quite clear that she has the perfect gig based on what you are about to see in these photographs. Seriously, Nicole MADE her costume, painted the circus pictures and many other special tid bits for this celebration. 

Shawnee Custalow, the photographer who had the joy of photographing this wedding, had this to say about Nicole and Jeff: "This was such a fun and unique celebration of two people that are absolutely smitten with each other. Nicole proposed to Jeff, and then he surprised her with an impromptu ceremony during a camping trip. Definitely not your typical wedding story, but this couple is anything but average. Nicole is an Imagineer for Disney, and wanted a fun post wedding party for all their friends with a turn of the century carnival theme. Her creativity definitely shined through in all the little details of the day, and the guests were dressed to impress. Nicole's best friend even learned how to do aerial silks specifically for this celebration! From the first glimpse of the new Bride's incredible costume, to the group sing-a-long of Bohemian Rhapsody around the midnight bonfire, this was definitely a night to remember."

I am in awe of this woman who learned how to do this specifically for the celebration!Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.