Colorful Wedding

A Rustically Colorful, Smashingly Romantic and "Foxy", Winter Wedding


I'd like to introduce you to Rose + Eric, otherwise known as Ms. Rabbit + Mr. Fox. I'm not going to lie, I truly love it when couples have pet names for each other (my hus and I have a few names for each other, but definitely not is cool (or nice for that matter)!). And, in this case, I mean "pet" in the literal sense of the word! It all started because, one day, as these two were enjoying a lovely day in town, they spotted a red fox (um, holy shit!), something extremely rare in such an urban setting. Considering that Rose grew up in the woods, she took this "fox spotting" as a spiritual sign that it was time to tell Eric she loved him. So, she did. And, that is how it all began... From then on, Eric was the fox and she was the rabbit.

Anyway, bridey, I dare you to take this opportunity to be inspired! Don't be afraid to incorporate amazing attributes from other cultures into your wedding. R+E's wedding is exceptionally electrifying; inspired by Indian saree's and African colors. A MAZ ING, right?? And why not? There are no rules, just two people planning a day that symbolizes who they are together, and what they will be in the future. (Wow! That was deep!) Plus, there were several DIY aspects included throughout the wedding making it that much more personal and meaningful. Take a peek at Rose's shawl + the groom's tie. They were crafted by the Rose's mom. But, what I love the most (aside from the exquisite color, delicately beautiful wedding dress, DIY elements and every bit of décor)? Rose + Eric are clearly passionate for one another, and didn't go for broke to express that love and adoration. Enjoy!!!

Smiley Ross.001.jpeg

That's definitely the greatest look ever...


STFU with those dimples, Eric! So dashing!

Smiley Ross.002.jpeg

Rose, there is something entirely angelic about you. You are incredibly stunning!


Are you DY ING over the all of the color? I totally am!!


Hot damn, that bouquet is absolutely splendid!


Totally love that Rose is barefoot!

Smiley Ross.005.jpeg

Such a FAB shot!!! 

Smiley Ross.006.jpeg

Let's go do this!!!


There is so much emotion captured in this shot. Seriously, look at each of their faces... Plus, I LOVE the amazing colors!

Smiley Ross.007.jpeg

Sexy. Passionate.

Smiley Ross.008.jpeg

Love the décor! Take a closer look at the mug.

Smiley Ross.009.jpeg

Love love love the mural!!


Thank you Ms. Rabbit + Mr. Fox for sharing your exuberant wedding with Bitchless Bride! I love everything about it!!! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: XSIGHT Productions
Location: Winters Community Center
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Dinosaurs, Corndogs, Real Dogs, a Fun Haus and a Wedding!

Bridey, know what I love? I fucking LOVE Nan + Robbie! I love that their wedding is filled with dinosaurs, corndogs, real dogs and a fun haus!! Right? Who else can say that? I mean, talk about breaking out of the wedding mold! Seriously, Nan and Robbie not only broke the mold and 100% included everything that meant something to them as a couple, but they smashed that boring-ass mold into the ground. And, I applaud them! 

However, while the mold might be broken, the traditions and the beauty of their wedding were anything but... I mean, Nan's dress is stunning and kickass, the décor and the tent are beautiful, and the day itself captured the essence of the B+G (corndogs and all). So bridey, I beg you to steal from Nan and Robbie (well, not actually steal, but do steal their ideas!). Steal their willingness and playfulness! Steal everything you can, and try not to take it all so fucking seriously! Got it? Now, go enjoy because this one is just SO good!

Nan! You are the cutest!!

This is a beautiful bouquet!

OMG! LOVE these socks! Seriously, who doesn't love a good dinosaur sock!?

Doesn't it look like the dog is smiling?

I can't even with this picture! Robbie's foot looks enormous! Right? And, where the fuck are they??

I have never wanted a corndog more in my life than I do now. 

I love the décor! It's so simple, but elegant and all-encompassing of who Nan and Robbie are!


OMG! Thank you Nan and Robbie for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Chris Withers Photography
Reception Venue: Long Bridge Golf Course
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Smashingly Fabulous, Insanely Bright, and Totally Stunning Styled Shoot

Seriously, can I get a HolyShitGoddamn? OMG, I have been DY ING to share this fucking amazingly incredible, same-sex styled shoot with you, bridey! I mean... I drank the Kool-Aid and it's 100% contagious... Just look at the color on that menu! Right? And the green, sequined napkin? I'm totally ready to have a seat! Obviously, the décor is rockin', but there is some unbelievable cake porn + super creative usage of balloons (in the non-porn kinda of way!!)... Honestly, I really don't know what else to say, which is definitely a change for me, so I think I gotta just let you go and scroll... ENJOY this one, bridey! It's SO SO SO good!!


I am completely in love with this suite of invitations! Like IN-FUCKING-LOVE. If I was a note-writing kind of girl, I would need to have these...

OMG! Just look at this table!!! Love the carnations!!! And, the mismatched chairs? Amazing! Such a happy table...


Gorgeous brides! Love the hair and makeup!

So sweet! Ready for some cake porn? Okay... Look down! I kinda made a collage!

Totally amazing!!

See what I mean about the balloons? Clever and bright!

Great hair!

Love these shots! Thank you for sharing this fantastic styled shoot with Bitchless Bride! I clearly loved every second!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Julie Mackinnon Photography 
Design & Décor: Magical Moments Inc. 
Dress Designer: Beth Anne Couture
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Brickbubble
Floral Designer: Calyx Floral Design
Event Venue: Canyon Ski Resort
Design & Décor: Elegant Event Designs & Décor
Hair Stylist: Jasmin Hebert
Models: Jenaya Niessen + Morgan Vercholuk
Makeup Artist: Makeup by Tamara Lynn
Apparel: Novia Mia Bridal
Invitation Designer: Paper Blush
Bakery: Sugar by Tracy 
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

When Rustic Meets French Country with a Dash of Vintage... A Gorgeously Colorful, Outdoor, Summer Wedding

What I love most about Heather and Dave is that they combined pretty much everything they love about their life together, and infused it into their wedding. Seriously, I fucking love that they took pieces of who they are and created a day so unforgettable and dare I say, enchanting, not only for them, but for their guests too. With a genuine enthusiasm for the outdoors, the B+G got married in a BE AU TI FUL outdoor venue under the most exquisite and colorful altar I think I've ever seen (just wait until you scroll down!). As passionate animal lovers, Heather and Dave took pics with the horses on the farm, and Heather arrived to the ceremony via horse and carriage. 

I really could go on and on (you totally know that's true!) about everything I love about Heather and Dave's wedding, but why should I when all you have to do is use your thumb and see for yourself. Right? Bridey, enjoy this deliciously juicy and colorfully fantastic wedding!

I'm OB SES SED with the lace and the colors!!

Um, check out the fucking amazing nails!!!


Boots with the flowers... LOVE IT!

C'mon! Eat the apple!!

Totally GORGE!!

Heather: My veil fell off while walking up the aisle with my father. He wanted to grab it, but I told him to forget it. It was too windy, and wouldn't have stayed on anyway!

Fantastic photograph!!

Fantastic escort cards!!!

Such a stunning set! 


Thank you Heather and Dave for sharing your truly lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Victoria Sprung Photography
Venue: Oak Hill Weddings
DJ: Global Music Vibes
Florist: Hand Pickd
Caterer: The Rafters
Music: Ralph Kluseman

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Super Colorful, Super Cool, Dia De Los Muertos Accented Wedding

Aurora and Jon are totally my kind of peeps. This B+G wanted an intimate ceremony followed by a rockin' party. And you know what, bridey? That's exactly what they had... A huge celebration! Apparently, their wedding day was widely anticipated as they have been together for quite some time, leaving their guests anxiously awaiting the big day. The cool thing is that they had the best of both worlds; moments of intimacy and then moments surrounded by friends and family. See? You can have it both ways! You just have to be smart with your wedding planning!

Bridey, the colorful elements of this wedding will do nothing more than leave you smiling. So, take note. Seriously, Aurora and Jon's wedding is a kickass example of having exactly the wedding you want without the bullshit. LOVE IT!!! Enjoy!
Fans and flowers, baby... Fans and flowers...Aurora, you're the cutest! I love how you're trying not to laugh/cry.A different way to express the joining of two families.Such amazing embraces!OMG... Could ya' bust over the cuteness here??Aurora, your necklace is kickass! I love that it's pink! I love that it goes beautifully with your bouquet!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Badass Halloween-Inspired Styled Shoot

I love this shoot. I love this shoot for all of the stunning details, the gothic vibe, the "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" inspiration, and because of the model groom, Brandon Flowers. Just kidding! But, I swear to God this guy looks so much like him, that I about fell over when I saw the pics for the first time. What, bridey? You don't know who he is? WTF!? He's the lead singer of The Killers! Duh... I LOVE The Killers! Anyway... This styled shoot is damn magnificent. It's badass. It's borderline creepy (in an awesome way of course!).

Bridey, if you're looking to rock something different than a white wedding (um, just wait until you see the black wedding cake!), then allow yourself to get lost in this pile of inspiration, "dripping with decadent details and tons of vivacious color"! Yeah, totally had to steal that line from photographer, April Amodeo! Enjoy this masterpiece you are about to embark on, bridey, brought to you by an incredible group of vendors. I totally did!

Check out this groom, and now go Google image pics of Brandon Flowers."The bride was adorned in a sumptuous headpiece with hand-sculpted red satin roses and black lace-covered fans sparkling with Swarovski Crystals."That cake is absolutely phenomenal! I'm completely obessed with it!Stunning and vibrant!Fuck me, that's an amazing bouquet. I love all of the different texture elements here... The design of the linen, the sparkle of the charger plates, the voluptuous flowers...OMG. Is that a watermelon?A MAZ ING. A FUCK ING MAZ ING!!! Love this shot.Thank you for sharing this badass shoot with Bitchless Bride!! LOVE IT!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: April AMODEO PHOTOGRAPHY
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle
Dress Store: Celebration Bridal
Equipment Rentals: Country Road Vintage Rentals
Design & Décor: Creative Occasions
Floral Designer: Creative Occasions Events, Flowers
Veils & Headpieces: Every Girl A Goddess
Jewelry: Sandra Eileen Designs
Event Venue: The Trivium Estate
Models: Audrey Hinchey and Ryan Linkous
Model Coordinator & Style Assistant: The Perfect Fairytale
Tuxedos: Celebration Bridal
Cake: La Bella Torte
Jewelry: Todd's Jewelry (Todd Ratcliff)