Cupcake Wedding Cake

Liverpool England, Two Fabulous Ladies, A Vintage VW Van, Some Laughter, Some Tears and Some Serious Color!!


Seriously, how could I begin this post with any other photograph? Right? I mean... Shelly is officially my favorite person in the whole wide world! Just LOOK at how she's reacting to the beautiful Katy in her stunning wedding dress after walking down the aisle. A MAZ ING! Simply.fucking.amazing. After all, this is their wedding day! And this is totally the appropriate response to all of the emotions swirling through their minds. Some laughter, some tears... Some more laughter! 

Bridey, after all of the wedding planning and all of the anticipation leading up to your wedding day, it's super important to give yourself permission to feel everything. I mean it, don't hold back. FEEL EVERYTHING. Let it go. The people celebrating with you love you, and don't give a shit if you're crying with snot running down your face. Okay... ***Stepping off of my soapbox.*** But, you know what I mean. Your wedding day goes by in a flash, so don't waste time missing it! In the meantime, go get inspired by Katy + Shelly's fabulous, colorful and spectacular wedding!


Both of these pics are 100% truth.


I mean, it really doesn't get much cuter, right?

Larsen  McHugh.001.jpeg

Totally gonna need this MAC lip liner and 'stick!! 

Larsen  McHugh.002.jpeg

I.can't.even. I LOVE you Shelly! 


Sign away ladies!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Woot! Woot!

Larsen  McHugh.003.jpeg

The flower girls had a fantastic time running up and down the steps at St. Georges Hall!


After the ceremony, the B+B cheered their way outside to be greeted by the guests.

Larsen  McHugh.004.jpeg

Um, totally dying over the VW camper!! 


OMFG. I am OB SES SED with everything in this photograph!!! Totally love Constellations Liverpool as an event space! (Side note? Katy + Shelly's wedding was only the fourth wedding at this FAB spot!!!)

Larsen  McHugh.005.jpeg

Um, hi cheesecake cupcakes! GIMME!!


Amazing wedding! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Shane Webber Photography
Photo Booth Equipment: Pineapple Photo Booths
Apparel: WED2B
Makeup Artist: Beauty By Grace Mills
Band: Joel Valentine 
Reception VenueConstellations Liverpool
Film: Imagine Wedding Film

A Super Sexy, Super Splendid and Super Spectacular Seattle Wedding


Holy hell that's such a passionate kiss. Right? I know it sounds creepy, but I can't stop staring at this fantastic photograph. And it's not because I'm a perv or because I'm weird or because I have issues, but simply because it's so REAL and beautiful. Plus, any time there is a hand on a face during a kiss, I truly feel weak in my knees. I love that Toby is smiling as he is kissing Maika, and that we can clearly see their joy. But, the best part? Neither Toby or Maika were looking to get into a relationship when they met (kinda like me when I met my hus at a bar!). They said, "In a transitionary point in our lives, when we were both only looking for friendship and something light, our universes brought us together... We bonded over our love for being active, healthy food, our neighborhood, travel, music and each other's refreshing grateful view of life."

Bridey, know what's crazy? M+T planned their wedding in three months! I know, right?? And, when you scroll down and absorb the fabulousness of the pics, you will be shocked that they were able to pull it off in so little time. Please do me a favor... READ every.single.word of this post because it's chock full of awesome advice from the B+G. And, this B+G? Well, they pretty much stand for everything that Bitchless Bride is about! They get it, and I LOVE them for it! So read, learn and be inspired!!

Manring McAuliffe.001.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.002.jpeg

OMFG! Maika, this dress is A MAZ ING!!! Loving the backless sexiness! Plus the beads on the bodice are stunning!


WOW! Vibrant + luscious + bright, oh my! Gorgeous dahlias, roses, orchids, succulents, and eucalyptus!

Manring McAuliffe.003.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.004.jpeg

When asked to give advice to other brides-to-be, Maika said, "If you are debating about doing photos before or after, I highly recommend doing them before! The first look experience was amazing, that moment when you look into each others' eyes knowing this is the day, this is the person you are pledging forever to. Know that everything will come together and be perfect, and just as it's meant to be. All that matters is you have your person, your loved ones and your cupcakes ;) If you don't like being in the center of things, remember, all those people are there to support you two, but they are also there to just be reminded how beautiful love is, it took some of the pressure I was putting on myself off when a friend told me that." A FUCKING MEN!!!!

Manring McAuliffe.006.jpeg

The proposal: Toby announced to his kids that Maika has been doing so many sweet things for us this week, let's do something sweet for her. They each read a note, Keenan, Toby's 12-year old son's said, "If I had to pick one word to describe how amazing you are, I'd have to combine all the nice words in the world in all languages. I love you, Maika." Eden, Toby's 9-year old daughter said, "Love is beautiful and so are you. I love you. P.S. You're a unicorn." Then Toby unfolded a piece of paper, shaking a little and looking a little teary read, "Maika, It's a good thing I'm so good at inventing words, because I keep running out of ways to tell you how amazing you are. (he and Keenan didn't even compare their notes!) Maybe if I combined them all into one whole word? FANTASTAMAZDERFULISCIOUSPARKLADOCIOUS? Still doesn't quite capture how amazing you are and how much you mean to me. How will I ever convey to you just how important you are to me? What can I do but try every day? How is it possible to love someone so much, and still be able to love them even more the next day? How did I get so lucky? So many questions, yet it seems there is really only one question left to ask..." He reached across the table where his mom had a ring box, he dropped to the floor on one knee next to Maika and asked, "Will you marry me?" She lost it crying in shock, turned to Eden and bawled into her hair to the point where Toby had to ask again! Maika finally got her composure and reached for Toby and said, "Hell yes!"

Manring McAuliffe.007.jpeg

Such lovely family pics...


Toby's favorite moment was when all four of the family - Maika, Toby, Keenan and Eden were at the altar and they read their vows to the kids.

Manring McAuliffe.009.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.011.jpeg

Such a FAB photo booth (Shutter Bus)!! Apparently it was a huge hit with kids and adults! So many fun props to play with!!

Manring McAuliffe.010.jpeg

Um... YES!!! Love this mini cupcake display! M+T selected six flavors... Coconut, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, salted caramel and funfetti! 


Thank you Maika + Toby for not only sharing your wedding with Bitchless Bride, but for "getting it" too! You guys are fucking fantastic!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerLuma Weddings
Caterer: Rigoletto
Event Planner: Luma & Lavender
Photo Booth Equipment: Shutter Bus Co.
Hair Stylist: Swink 
Event Venue: Parson's Gardens

A Little Yoga, A Little Fiesta and a Whole Lot of FABULOUS Wedding!

Bridey, imagine going to a destination wedding at a venue that is a spiritual yoga retreat center... OMG! Right? Well, meet the B+G, Rosie and Greg... They hosted their closest friends and family at Buckhorn Springs just outside Ashland, Oregon. All of their guests stayed at this FAB yoga retreat from lunchtime on Friday until brunch on Sunday morning. Not only did they get to witness and enjoy R+G's FAB, fiesta wedding, but they were able to revel in nature walks, bonfires, and excellent food throughout the weekend. I mean... Talk about taking care of your guests!! Sounds amazing!!

Rosie and Greg's wedding rocked some seriously intense colors and a super relaxed vibe (considering the location, I would certainly hope that would be the case!!). I am completely dying over Rosie's GOLD, SEQUINED wedding dress, the super sweet altar and basically everything about this lovely wedding. So, go, bridey... Go on and get yourself some serious inspiration! Enjoy! 

Love this wedding invitation! 

These necklaces are for Rosie's two children... They were given to each along with their family vows during the ceremony. Sniff... Sniff.

Holy shit with the gold sequined wedding dress! 

Seriously, could they get any cuter? Actually, the can. Look down!

Right? SO cute, and as a side note, I LOVE Rosie's nail polish!

So sweet and lovely... I cannot get over the altar décor! So simple and colorful!

Don't you just want to be there? Like, I can totally tell that this was an incredible wedding based on this pic alone.

Yes to all of the above!

Rosie, you're glowing and beautiful.

Don't mind if I do!

Thank you for sharing your FAB fiesta wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Amanda Photographic
Venue: Buckhorn Springs

A Little Sparkle, A Little Glitz and A Lot of Amazing Details... A Winter Wedding That Will Actually Make You Wish it was Winter!

Yup! You read that right! Kathleen and Dan's wedding will 100% make you wish it was winter... Like, NOW. It IS possible that perhaps it's just me, and maybe I feel this way because it's been so fucking cold every morning on the East Coast that I'm getting a little taste of winter, but I saw this wedding in my inbox, and just had to share it with you. And, if you're a winter bride, there are several amazing elements you can borrow from this lovely Canadian wedding. Starting with the dress! OMG! Kathleen's dress is kickass! Paired with a warm stole for out outdoor pics, this dress totally had me wishing I could get married again.

Bridey, aside from the awesome wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses are rockin', and quite daring... And I love them so much! You'll see. Between the fabulous attire, and the creative aspects strewn throughout the day, you'll see why I couldn't wait to share this one with you, like NOW! Enjoy!

Um... See? Such a fantastic wedding dress!

Kathleen, you look amazing! Talk about utter happiness shining through!

I love this photograph. Just a bunch of dudes sitting at the bar, waiting to get their wedding on!

See? Totally daring! Just a shade or two off from the wedding dress. LOVE IT! And, I would totally wear this dress again...

Yeah... This happens all of the time. But, good news! Look down! He made it down the aisle (with a l'il help from dad)!

OMG... The dress has pockets! And Dan's thumb is in her pocket! 

One of my favorite pics... Ever.

Definitely an attractive group! 

That's one hell of an entrance! 

Gimme!!! Gimme!!!



Thank you Kathleen and Dan for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Avey Photography
Venue: Pearle Weddings & Events

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rustic, Outdoor, Dinosaur, Tattoo & Kickass Cupcake Wedding

I can't. I just fucking can't. Just look at how amazing the top of this cupcake wedding cake is! OMG! Totally makes me eat my words. Remember? I wrote a whole post about climbing down from your cupcake tree because typically, I think cupcake trees are lame... But, Chelsea and Dusty's tree? Holy shit! It's absolutely sensational!! Not to mention the photograph, captured by Mercedes Morgan of Mercedes Morgan Photography. I'm obsessed with it! 

Bridey, if you are as obsessed with the tree and the pic as I am, just wait until you see the rest of the photographs from this wedding. Chelsea and Dusty nailed it in every aspect of their wedding! Seriously, I felt like I was at the ceremony, hanging with the bridal party and dancing the night away. Maybe I even got a tattoo while I was enjoying myself!! Whaaa? Yeah, just scroll and you'll see! Enjoy!!

It really doesn't get much cuter than this!Wait a second... I think we have a cuteness toss up!!I love this pic...Rings please!!Bubbles are so much better than rice!Are you dying over the angle of this shot?I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the bride and groom both each twins... Thinking we have found their other halves...Greatest signing board ever!I love how Chelsea and Dusty embraced and took care of the kids at their wedding.Hell yeah!I CANNOT get over the pizza!!!Dusty, you're a FAB dipper.Seriously? Have you ever seen people having so much fun at a wedding?Congratulations Chelsea and Dusty! I love your wedding!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Mercedes Morgan Photography
Makeup Artist: Alison Paige Makeup
DJ: C4 DJ Productions
Bakery: Capital City Bakery
Event Venue: The Wildflower Barn

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ How About Some Grand Rapids Glitter & A Tree House Wedding?

Alicia and Curtis. Seriously, bridey, can't you tell just by looking at them that they are super fun and probably rock some stellar personalities? I can... Well, that's because I cheated. You see, I've already seen all of the photographs and therefore I know that the B+G and the bridal party stopped at Founders Brewery in-between church and photographs. And in my experience, stopping at a bar usually equates to a bit of debauchery and some FAB photos! That's how I know that Alicia and Curtis are super fun, and their wedding is clearly an extension of their personalities!

Anyway, Alicia and Curtis’s Grand Rapids wedding started in the gorgeous Catholic Church, Saint Peter and Paul. And OMG, just wait until you see Alicia walking down the aisle with her father. It is absolutely sensational, breathtaking actually. Just taking in Alicia's lace wedding gown, her perfectly sculpted backside (true story) and the grandness of the church... Holy moly. I mean... It's truly incredible! So, to recap... Following their stunning ceremony, cocktails for all of the maids and men, photographs in the park and then up in the sky on probably the coolest mode of transportation I have seen at a wedding, they arrive at the reception at the Bissell Tree House. Yes, I wrote TREE HOUSE!!! WHHHAAAA??? Yeah! Scroll down and you will see the tree house and a venue immersed in glitter, navy and fuchsia! 

One day (and soon) I am going to have to break down and buy myself these shoes!Amazing wedding dress and veil!!!What did I tell you? Right? STUN NING!!!!I love how the fuchsia ties in with the navy...CHEERS!!Need a closer look at those Kate Spades? Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to get me some of those!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Nothing I could possibly say about Andi and Matt's romance could match what the bride has said herself. So, you know what? I'm not going to try. Here is the love story brought to you by the lovely bride herself.

Take it away Andi! "I was working at the Screen Actor's Guild and my co-worker Marcus and I ditched work at noon on St. Patrick's day to hit up the bars on Fairfax in LA. Marcus lived down the street so at the end of the evening we ended up at a place called the Little Bar which was across the street from his house. (it's actually a super cute Boston themed bar) He invited his new roommate to come hang out with us and it turns out that it happened to be Matt. We immediately hit it off and started discussing our love of all things nerdy (comic con, Joss Whedon, Harry Potter, etc). We ended up going on a date and that was that.

Over the next three years we moved from LA to NY. Matt went back to school for nursing and I ended up taking a job that moved me to Boston and then transferred me back to LA. Last October, Matt drove up to see me in Boston and we took a day trip up to Salem. I LOVE Salem. Especially during October, when the town goes bat-shit crazy for Halloween and everything is decorated. My favorite holiday movie is Hocus Pocus, and every Saturday in October, they show it outside in the Salem Common. We were walking along the water that afternoon and he just pulled me aside and asked me to marry him. I'm sure I said yes, though I don't remember much of anything other than the large ring staring at me."

That dress is stunning! And that backdrop ain't so bad either!I feel like the groom always get neglected when it comes to getting ready shots, and frankly, I find Matt to be too adorable NOT to include him!Andi... WHOA!!!! Holy shit! You look FABU!!!Go ahead... Pin it.C'mon! I wept through these pictures. Honestly, I did!! Sniff... Sniff...