Destination Wedding

A Beautiful Destination Wedding... All the Way From Sydney to British Columbia...

Isn't that a fantastic pic? I know, right? I'm a wee bit obsessed with this B+G not only because they planned their wedding from 7,729 miles away (holy shit!), but they decided to have it take place in a cool destination; one that was close enough to their family living in Canada and one enticing enough for their friends to make the trip from Australia (where the B+G currently reside). And while I've come to realize that I get "obsessed" with weddingy things and B+Gs way too easily, this time I think it's fair to say that there is no way I could possibly help it.

Seriously, you can completely tell from this photograph alone that Karis + Sasha are easy going and cool. And, when you see the rest of the pics, you'll understand why I fucking love them and why I want to be friends. I love (OMG, I almost said that I was "obsessed") the intricate details, coupled with the soft elegance of their palette, although I especially love that their family + friends are having a blast! Oh! And just wait until you see the dessert display! Enjoy!

Seriously? That's a damn good looking group of girls! LOVE the tanks!!

Super romantic!

SUCH a great shot.... Beautiful angle...

Now that's a bridal party who has fun together! 

I mean... See why I want to hang with the B+G?

Gorgeous! Just look at the table runner!!!


Gimme! Gimme!

Dress change!

Thank you for sharing your fun + fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Tailored Fit Photography
Venue: Durali Villa

When a Rockette Gets Married... A Sensational Choreographed Dance, Lots of Legs and Plenty of Sparkle!

First of all... Look at Alina's silver, sequined and sparkly wedding dress! Isn't it stunning? Like show-stoppingly beautiful ? Although I'd expect nothing less from a Radio City Rockette! Right? Gotta have tons of sparkle and break the white wedding dress tradition! And, that's just the first wedding dress of the evening! Anyway... Alina and Geoff met and fell in love in NYC, and decided to have a destination wedding in the fabulous Nashville.

Bridey, the details encapsulated in this wedding are completely astonishing! Like... So fucking good that I truly love every single detail. Considering that I have been in a serious glitter/glam place these days, A+G's wedding does not disappoint! Even with a slight hiccup which could have been catastrophic (scroll down to see), this B+G continued to have an amazing day! Enjoy this wedding! It's absolutely exquisite!

That's Alina's wedding dress number two! Love the color and the cut!

Love this shot... Amazing train and am completely dying over the shoes! 

Seriously, could they get any cuter?! Actually, they can! Keep going...

Hey girl! Bring it! Love your Statue of Liberty...

Gorgeous bouquet! OMG!

OMFG. WOW! That is a beautiful chuppah! I am completely obsessed with the chandelier and the stunning draping! 

Flowers + feathers = AWESOME!

Wait... Wait... Wait... The chuppah is falling down! 

Yikes! Thank goodness for friends and family! This is a big deal, bridey, and like I said, shit will go wrong on your wedding day... But, luckily it all worked out(ish)! And, the B+G didn't let it put a damper on the day!

Seriously, LOVE that train!

Such a great photograph!!


 Great use of stamps for entrée selection! See the chicken? See the cow? Awesome!

Hello sparkles!!!!

Warm and romantic...

Um. I can't... I really can't. This cake has FIVE tiers! FIVE! And, sparkle confetti? A FUCK ING MAZING! WOW!

And the desserts!!!! So yummy!!

These guests totally know how to party!

Look up! Now, look down! Never seen the splits at a wedding!!

And we out... Thank you for sharing your beautiful and fun wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: SheHeWe Photography
Caterer: Infinity Events
Specialty Foods: Nashville Sweets 
Floral Designer: PS Designs Inc.
Event Venue: The Bridge Building

When a Fabulous South African, Scottish Duo Marry in Southern Greece...

In a nutshell, I received this submission yesterday, dropped what I was doing, and immediately began working on this A MAZ ING wedding in Southern Greece so that I could show it to you TODAY! Why? Well, maybe I needed a mini mental vacation, and Lienelle and Mark's wedding spoke to that need or maybe I just had to show you how beautiful a minimalistic villa wedding on the foothills of Mount Taygetos in Kardamili could be. Either way, it's a win win (whoops! Almost typed wine wine!) for both of us!

Lienelle and Mark are both architects, and their keen sense of design and appreciation for simple elegance are ever present at their wedding. I love the perfectly placed clear flowerpots everywhere, the accents of Mediterranean citrus and olive branches, and the small wooden fans for each guest. Bridey, this wedding will make you wish you were there! Enjoy!

Oh my God! A MAZ ING!

Lovin' all of the rose gold!

So sweet!!

Yes please! I love a pre-ceremony drink!

Totally stunning...

Awwwww... Kitty...

Hi everybody! Down here!

Imagine being a guest at this wedding, and sitting right there... 

So warm and lovely...

Thank you for sharing your warm and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Sotiris Tsakanikas

A Wedding That is Truly the "Life of the Party"...

Bridey, look at this photograph. I think it's clear that the B+G have an incredible sense of humor and an incredible sense of themselves. I mean... They're getting ready to make their grand entrance into the wedding reception, and they're doing with their dog, Bramble, rockin' hats and heart-shaped glasses! LOVE IT! Right? And, the reason I chose this photograph to open with as opposed to a more, refined, "beautiful" shot is because this shot completely defines and encapsulates who Amy and Teddy are... A fun, full of life and energetic couple who love the shit out of each other!

What could have been a relationship that began in high school (Amy totally knew from the second she met him the first week; it just took him a little while to catch up... Go figure!), but, took shape during a graduation party is now an amazing marriage. And, their wedding? A MAZ ING! An emotional ceremony followed by a raging yet gorgeous party is what we're left with, and I fucking love it! I'm obsessed with all of the cool and intricate details, and how they honored those who have past... But, mostly, I am obsessed with the spirit of the B+G. Enjoy!

Honestly? I don't know what it all means, but I don't care! I love it!

Great shot!  Surprisingly sexy, right?

Amy! You're beautiful! And, you look so sincerely happy!


Woot! Woot!

See the boat? Behind the tree? I LOVE that the entire wedding is waving!!

We did it!

Such a FAB way to honor those who could not be there with them...

See the sparkly, gold table runner? I love it!

Definitely not your average "wedding food".

Hi. That's an amazing, ombre wedding cake.

Break it down!

Photo booth!

Yes please!

Thank you Amy + Teddy for sharing your super fun and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Freas Photography
Venue: Truman Little White House
Accommodations: Ocean Key Resort
Rentals: Prestige Party Rentals
Flowers: Love in Bloom
Ceremony Location: Fort Zachary Taylor State Park
Dress: For Love and Lemons
Hair: Kai & Co Salon

A Stunning, Luxurious Hacienda Wedding on the Yucatán Peninsula

If you're planning on ditching the average run of the mill wedding, and heading South of the border, I applaud you. It's awesome to shake things up a bit, and your wedding is no exception! I'd advise you to take a note or two from Luz Maria and Ramon Alberto. They got married in a fairytale. Seriously. Okay, maybe I'm making that part up, but it certainly feels like a fairytale.  Just look up at that photograph! Or, look down! Total FAIRYTALE! And, the incredible pics just keep getting better and better. I mean... It's almost as if this stunning venue isn't real.

Bridey, there is so much fucking eye candy and inspiration encapsulated in Luz Maria and Ramon Alberto's wedding that I truly can't stop myself from looking at these photographs over and over again. I'm borderline obsessed. The sweet table? A MAZ ING! Oh, and just wait until you see the first dance! You're definitely going to want to mimic what this B+G did! In fact, you're probably going to want to mimic the entire event! Enjoy!!

That is an unbelievably gorgeous photograph! WOW!

Holy shit, that's brave! As long as they're kicking the water away, then it's cool...

I like the way you think, FOB!

There really are no words for this one...

Luz Maria, you are absolutely beautiful. Like, show-stopping!

I'm lovin' all of the bright, vivacious colors!

Such a cool angle.

Holy hacienda...


Totally fit for a king and queen.

A dip + sparklers  = Best.First.Dance.Ever.

FAB shot with the girls!

Apparently, there was a surprise flash mob to bring the families together. How cool is that?

Thank you for sharing your super cool and gorgeous wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Juan Euan
DJ: Amadeus
Floral Designers: Floreria Yahabibi & Floreria Lokuai
Wedding Planner: A Big Day Events
Dress: Madeline Gardner New York
Hair & Makeup: Mimi Maquillaje Profesional
Baker: Tiffany Zablah
Caterer: Veca Banquetes

But, It's My Day...

I wrote this in 2012 and chuckled when I re-read it today. I have some big plans for Bitchless Bride (you'll see next week!), and while I have several Truth Hurts Tuesday ideas swirling in my head, I haven't had one second to sit down and write them. So, please enjoy this funny and truthful post from 2012 because as far as I know, this mentality (sadly) hasn't changed much in the past few years:


We all know it’s your day. You’ve done nothing but remind us and we are really excited for you. But don’t fuck it up. Don’t get so wrapped up in your day that you forget to take care of us. We are your guests. And we count too. So if you are planning on a black tie event in a remote location with a long break between the ceremony and cocktail reception, then we don’t want to come.

Consider what the average guest spends on a regular wedding. Plane tickets, hotel accommodations and a gift… This can cost up to $1,000.00 if not more. But, a black tie event in a remote location can really hurt! Still have the plane tickets, hotel accommodations and gift, but now we have to throw in a rental car, valet parking, tuxedo rental and a new dress. Ouch! So when you keep chanting that it’s your day, you need to respect thatyour day becomes our expense. Don’t get me wrong, we are thrilled to be present as you say your vows and celebrate with you, but we want to feel as though you have considered our needs.

It’s not just the money we spend to participate in your big day. It’s the flow and feel of the wedding. I know that you want to attend your cocktail hour AND take pictures without missing a thing, but to schedule a break after the ceremony and before the cocktail hour leaves us in flux. What are we supposed to do in the interim? Where do we go? What do we eat? What do we drink? NOTHING. That’s what we do. We make small talk with the other guests in the lobby or wherever all well wishing we had a drink in our hand and a hors d’oeuvre in our belly. But nooooo… you had to take pictures for 2 hours, and we are stuck waiting and withering away. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but nobody likes to wait, not even for you.

So be thoughtful. Think about the guest experience. I know that seeing each other before the ceremony is considered a faux pas, but think about it. Take your pictures first so after the ceremony you and your groom can join the party! A lot of my couples are taking this approach so that they can enjoy the whole day, and so can their guests. Trust me, if you’ve made it through the planning without calling off the wedding, seeing each other before you say “I do” won’t be the straw. It’s really simple, treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and stop being a bitch!