Destination wedding

When New York Takes Austin, Wedding Style!!


I knew Tara + Dan were New Yorkers... I could 100% tell by the photograph. Couldn't you? Well, maybe I'm not telling the whole truth, because when I received the submission, it clearly stated that T+D were a "fun-loving couple from New York", but let's just say that I wasn't surprised. Because not only is Austin becoming the mecca for destination weddings, but if you're from the East Coast, going somewhere warm, fabulous and fun doesn't seem too far fetched. And, I love the idea of a whole bunch of New Yorkers taking over Austin.

Bridey, aside from my intense desire to head back to Austin on the first flight out tomorrow morning, this wedding is fucking fantastic! I love how much variety the venue offers as far as space for all things wedding-y and the killer décor. But, the best part? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibe of the B+G + their friends and family totally KILLING it on the dance floor. Entertainment can make or break your wedding, and clearly it MADE T+D's wedding. So, go... Enjoy and get inspired to rock your wedding like this B+G!


Wedding dress heaven...

Towery Moore.001.jpeg

OMG... Sniff sniff... Love these first look pics!!

Towery Moore.002.jpeg

There are a few things I want to discuss in this photograph. First of all, having a margarita before walking down the aisle is an EXCELLENT idea. Secondly, LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark nail choice... Finally, that fucking ring! No wonder you needed sunglasses! A MAZ ING!

Towery Moore.003.jpeg

100% obsessed with this venue! GORGEOUS ceremony space! 


Tara, I like your style, girl! Go get 'em!

Towery Moore.006.jpeg

Bridey, know what I love? This wedding is like three venues in one. Three different locations for three different parts of the evening, yet all in one FAB spot!


LOVE this!!

Towery Moore.005.jpeg

STUN NING décor! Like, totally gorgeous!


Oh my goodness with the fucking cupcakes! Mouth = watering. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm not eating sugar in like every post, and this photograph is torture!!! 

Towery Moore.007.jpeg



This guy... I love you.


Still love you, guy! 


Thank for T+D for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! Love it when the East Coast rocks Texas!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJake Holt Photography
Event Planner: 36th Street Events
Photo Booth Equipment: Oh Happy Day Booth 
Band: Blind Date
Musicians: Terra Vista Strings
Cake Designer: Sugar Mama's Bakeshop
Equipment Rentals: Whim Hospitality
Floral Designer: Stem Floral Design Austin 
Event Venue + Caterer: South Congress Hotel
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A 100% Romantic, Totally Modern, Fabulously Fun and Super Colorful Austin Wedding


I think you can already tell by this pic that Mary + CJ's wedding was fun, right? Totally! These two crazy cats (I have always wanted to say that!) live in D.C. and had a destination wedding in Austin, Texas. How fucking awesome is that? I mean, I love a good destination wedding to a tropical paradise, but I love seeing B+G's break out of the box a little bit and go somewhere that's fun and easily accessible. And Austin? So much fun! And there's SO much to do when you're not getting your wedding on. M+CJ purposefully selected each location so that their guests were within walking distance of downtown Austin. Now how considerate is that?!

Bridey, you know I am a sucker for the details. And the A MAZ ING deets captured in this Austinalicious wedding? Hot damn, they're good! From the lofty venue, to the long tables, to the lighting (a topic I have preached about over and over again on BB) to the "cake"... I'm almost speechless. Almost. Anyway, you get it. Now, go get inspired! I did! Not gonna get married again, but a trip to Austin is certainly on the table! 


I really can't even. Can you? Now, look down!! OMG!

Alexander Polito.001.jpeg

Mary, you are stunning! I LOVE your wedding dress!!



Alexander Polito.002.jpeg

The church is so beautiful and grandiose! 



Alexander Polito.003.jpeg

Can we just talk about how smashing Mary's back looks in her dress? Damn, girl!



Alexander Polito.004.jpeg
Alexander Polito.005.jpeg

See what I mean about the details? Totally breathtaking and glorious!



Alexander Polito.006.jpeg

Such a great angle...

Alexander Polito.007.jpeg

Go Mary! LOVE IT!


Yes this is a cool pic, but look in the right corner. Now look down. See the cake??

Fuck yeah! Talk about a cake cutting!!!!! Love how fun it is!!!


Thank you for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! Thank you for being so fantastic!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jake Holt Photography
Lighting: ILIOS Lighting
Band: Matchmaker Band
Floral Designer: Verbena Floral Design
Caterer: Royal Fig Catering
Design + Décor: Loot Vintage Rentals
Equipment Rentals: Premiere Events
Event Venue: Brazos Hall
Event Planner: Pearl Events

A Non-St. Patrick's Day, Totally Stunning Destination Wedding

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you all have a fabulous day/night celebrating! Due some heavy celebrations in my past that left way to much green food coloring in places where food coloring should never be, I have decided to go a different route today, and show you this totally delicious, totally kickass and totally gorgeous Cancun wedding. I mean... There's a ton of green in this post, but just not in the traditional St. Patty's Day way.  Seriously, bridey, not only do I wish I had planned Rebecca + Jeffrey's wedding, but I wish I could have been there as a guest and a friend. Just wait until you see this STUN NING destination wedding! The planner in me? Fucking OB SES SED with the design of the long table and décor. Just the fact that R+J were ballsy enough to have a one long table instead of round tables makes me shake with joy.  

Anyway, this gorgeous B+G met in college, stayed together throughout undergrad + grad school, and then got hitched! Um, did I mention that they met in an IT class? Clearly, it's meant to be if you meet your sig other in an IT class, and it works! RIGHT? Anyway, aside from their shared love of travel culture, and food, Jeffrey is quite the cook, and spoils Rebecca with his talents daily. While Rebecca is no cook, she dazzles him with her baking... I really could go on and on, so I'll shut up now so that you can get scrolling! Enjoy!

Holy shit! Look up at that amazing dress! Now, look down at those shoes!!! OMFG!


Hello handsome!!

Jeffrey enjoys anything related to cars. This guy can name any car year, make and model he sees on the street... It makes sense considering he is in product marketing & strategy for Volkswagen of American.

So so so beautiful!

Probably my favorite pic ever!

Right? STFU. I can't. It's too good.

WOW!!! Just wow!

Simple and sensational!

Thank you Rebecca + Jeffrey for sharing your lovely and awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jonathan Cossu Photographer
DJ: Bryan Parris
Dress Designer: Eve of Milady
Accommodations: Finest Playa Mujeres
Makeup Artist: Sarah Garnier 

A Little Yoga, A Little Fiesta and a Whole Lot of FABULOUS Wedding!

Bridey, imagine going to a destination wedding at a venue that is a spiritual yoga retreat center... OMG! Right? Well, meet the B+G, Rosie and Greg... They hosted their closest friends and family at Buckhorn Springs just outside Ashland, Oregon. All of their guests stayed at this FAB yoga retreat from lunchtime on Friday until brunch on Sunday morning. Not only did they get to witness and enjoy R+G's FAB, fiesta wedding, but they were able to revel in nature walks, bonfires, and excellent food throughout the weekend. I mean... Talk about taking care of your guests!! Sounds amazing!!

Rosie and Greg's wedding rocked some seriously intense colors and a super relaxed vibe (considering the location, I would certainly hope that would be the case!!). I am completely dying over Rosie's GOLD, SEQUINED wedding dress, the super sweet altar and basically everything about this lovely wedding. So, go, bridey... Go on and get yourself some serious inspiration! Enjoy! 

Love this wedding invitation! 

These necklaces are for Rosie's two children... They were given to each along with their family vows during the ceremony. Sniff... Sniff.

Holy shit with the gold sequined wedding dress! 

Seriously, could they get any cuter? Actually, the can. Look down!

Right? SO cute, and as a side note, I LOVE Rosie's nail polish!

So sweet and lovely... I cannot get over the altar décor! So simple and colorful!

Don't you just want to be there? Like, I can totally tell that this was an incredible wedding based on this pic alone.

Yes to all of the above!

Rosie, you're glowing and beautiful.

Don't mind if I do!

Thank you for sharing your FAB fiesta wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Amanda Photographic
Venue: Buckhorn Springs

A Super Fun, Super Stunning and Super FAB Jewish Wedding at Hacienda Chekul, Mexico

This photograph of Laura and Jeremy completely encapsulates the pure love and joy these two have for each other. You can see this look in every.single.photograph, and at the risk of sounding like a sap, it may even bring a tear to your eye. The B+G were married in the FABULOUS Tulum, Mexico (about two hours south of Cancun), and outside of it being a natural tropical paradise, the wedding itself was just spectacular! And, OMG... I am  OB SES SED with the altar. Like, it's SO simple, and SO elegant and welcoming that it makes you just want to be inside with the bride and groom (in the non-creepy way of course!). Seriously, wait until you see it... Truly, the structure itself, and the moments within are completely emotional.

Bridey, I am told (and you can 100% see it in the photographs) that everybody had a great time getting ready for the nuptials and were totally relaxed. Aheeemmmm, the way it should be on your wedding day. Especially when you have a great team of vendors making it all happen for you. Anyway, enjoy this GORGEOUS wedding. There are piles and piles of inspiration waiting for you. 

Fine tuning their vows...

Yup! Jeremy's in his underwear! And, I LOVE IT!

Laura, you're stunning and totally angelic. 

Amazing shot...

I love how they're throwing flower petals as the bride walks down the aisle with her parents.

WOW! That is a beautiful Ketubah.

Gotta seal the deal with a shot! 

See what I mean? These two... They're gonna make you tear up.

The bridal party is clearly a fun group of peeps!

It's like nobody is there....

Holy shit! That's one hell of a hora

Thank you Laura + Jeremy for sharing your truly enchanting wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: FineArt Studio Photography
Makeup: Sarah Garnier
Venue: Nalum Private Retreats
Event Planner: Destination Wedding Tulum, Gwen Grosset

When Brooklyn Goes a L'il Bit Country... A Beautiful, Mountainy, Ranch Wedding!

Amy and Cameron? New Yorkers! Yup! They are living in Brooklyn and had their wedding at a ranch in Nevada! Talk about a destination wedding!! Right? Why? Well, because Amy is originally from the area, and it has become special to Cameron too. And, why the fuck not? Why not have your wedding on a mountain range? If the area is meaningful to the B+G, and the wedding is about them as a couple, then how FABULOUS (and daring) are they for selecting this cool venue? I bet the New Yorkers were a little out of their element! 

Bridey, when asked what advice Amy had for other brides, she said something that totally resonated with me (and SEVERAL brides who I've worked with in the past)... She said, "Though we were engaged in December and married in November, we didn't decide on the city of our wedding until about five months out. Keeping the planning window short was a huge blessing. No one needs to obsess about details for longer." Can I get a HELL YES!!! Bridey, sometimes this isn't always possible, but if you can do it, then DO IT! Enjoy the engagement, enjoy each other, and try to enjoy the planning! But, if nothing else, then please enjoy the details of this BEAUTIFUL wedding!!Cow...

WOW! Such a beautiful wedding dress!!

Um. Yes, please! Love the shoes, Amy!

Amy: The ceremony began with a welcome from Cameron's dear friend Zack, and my brother gave a blessing that captured the room. Pastor Pat Mecham administered the vows--first for our family, asking them to promise their support of our marriage, and then for us. We wrote our own vows and repeated the same promises to one another. 

One of my fave pics! SO super candid!!


I'm guessing that holding a pitchfork would probably be too much for these New Yorkers! 

FABULOUS escort cards!! 

Wow. Just wow!

Amy: "We shipped Junior's New York Cheesecake from Brooklyn to Elko. It's the best cheesecake in New York and was a slice of the city at our country wedding."

I love that Amy didn't have any bridesmaids... Amy: "Just my sister. It was important to us to have our family surround us on our wedding day. Cameron's brother was his best man."

Clearly, everybody is having a great time!

Thank you Amy and Cameron for sharing your kickass wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Pepper Nix Photography

Dress Store/Designer: Mark Ingram Bridal AtelierJenny Packham

Cake Designer: Juniors Cheese Cake

Band: Metro Music Club

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Cozy, Intimate, Beach Wedding in Tulum Mexico

I have to admit, normally I would never open a post with a group shot. Because, if I'm honest? I find them a wee bit boring and staged. But, this one? Definitely not the case! Seriously... Can you imagine being in this pic? I mean, it's clear that everybody is already having a great time, and thrilled to be celebrating with Farina and Dan in Tulum, Mexico. Talk about a FAB destination for a wedding!! And, how cool is it that the rose petals are flying in the air and guests have drinks in their hands? Now, that's the way to do it, bridey!

Okay, so at the risk of sounding hokey, this wedding 100% what getting married is all about. There's a deep tenderness and an intimacy captured throughout that truly has me on the verge of tears. Farina and Dan are surrounded by a small crowd, on a beautiful day, rocked some seriously sensational décor, and their guests definitely are having a lot of fun. It really doesn't get better than that, right? Enjoy!

Totally LOVE Farina and Dan's invitation! 

Farina... OMFG! You are STUN NING! Like amazingly gorgeous in that silk gown!!


Dan was waiting impatiently for his bride to present herself on the beach... I mean...

I'm such a sucker for the hand on the face kiss or embrace.

Hello beautiful beach! What a FAB place for a ceremony!

Farina! I'm pretty sure that's the exact face I would be making as I walked down the aisle!!


Such an incredible Mayan ceremony!

Simple. Elegant. Gorgeous.

Love how the chairs don't match...

Thank you all for coming!!! Now, it's time for some fun!

Thank you Farina and Dan for sharing your fantastic destination wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: FineArt Studio Photography

Event Venue: Casa Violeta

Event Planner: Destination Weddings Tulum

Fantasy Friday ~ A Kickass, Rock 'N' Roll, Destination Wedding

Are you totally dying over this photograph? I mean... The kiss with the hands (OMG...So romantic!), the smiling bride as she kisses her groom, the tat, the sky?? Right? I love that this is real. You know what I mean, bridey? A real wedding photograph. Not a styled shoot. Not a magazine spread. A real, fucking cool wedding photograph! And, you know what? There are more where that came from! Because Lindsay and Dave are just that cool, so obvi their wedding is going to be cool too!

The other thing that makes this wedding stand out to me is that the B+G are from Canada and decided to host a destination wedding in Mexico. Not only that, but these two crazy kids, and their wedding, are rockin' a whole bunch of red. Yup! RED! Everything from Lindsay's wedding dress, to Dave's bow tie to the flowers to the chairs and more! Okay, enough out of me! Time for you to go enjoy this kickass, rock 'n' roll, destination wedding!
I LOVE the red. Like, seriously LOVE the super bright red!
I always show the girls getting ready before the guys, so today, I thought I would show the boys first!
Lindsay got dressed by herself and then surprised her bridesmaids... So fun!
That bouquet is FAB!!
Simply stunning. I am completely obsessed with the deep red décor against the blue ocean.
Love how the guys are all wearing different bow ties. So cool!
Probably one of may favorite pics to grace the "pages" of Bitchless Bride.
Lindsay, you look amazing! Like, OMFG amazing!
You know what they always say... A couple with matching shoes...
Def going to steal this idea from the B+G! 
Apparently, after the first dance, the music got loud, the people up and the dancing got crazy! 
Thank you for sharing your cool destination wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: FineArt Studio Photography
Venue: Grand Palladium Hotel

Fantasy Friday ~ Destination... Las Vegas! A Fun-Filled, Getting Down on the Dance Floor, Party Bus Riding, Las Vegas Wedding!

Bridey, if you know me at all, then you know I love Las Vegas. I got married there, I gamble there, and I do bad things there! Just kidding! Well... Anyway, it's not about me... It's about the B+G,  Kate & Jake. They said "I do" at the Las Vegas Country Club, and considering that neither the bride or groom are from Vegas, it was a destination wedding! The best part? In true Vegas fashion, all of the wedding guests were taken to the Las Vegas sign in a wild party bus ride for a final photo. OMG! Right?

The lowdown on Kate and Jake? Well, they met at a bar (just like my hus and me!). Jake had just gotten back from a tour in Spain, and needed a cocktail. Kate saw Jake from across the bar, and just had to say "hello", and the rest is history! Bridey, tons of inspiration in this FAB destination wedding! Enjoy!

Could ya bust? That's Carly's (the B+G's daughter) amazing dress!
OMG!!! SO cute! (And, I want to find me a pair!)
Damn girl. GORGE!
Wow. She's adorable! I love her transportation, too!
Easy peasy.
So beautiful!
Stunning cake, and looks tasty too!
Look how much fun everybody is having!!!
Such a cool shot!
Thank you for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Fabio and Adri Photography
Floral Designer: ACS Floral & Events
Dress Store: David's Bridal
DJ: Knight Sounds Entertainment
Hair Stylist: stevee danielle hair and makeup salon
Event Venue: The Las Vegas Country Club

Fantasy Friday ~ Grandma the Pimp! Oh! And a Beautiful Destination Wedding with Stunning Post Wedding Pics!

Does that say "Grandma the pimp"? Yup! It sure does! Christa and Nicolas met because the bride's grandmother is a longtime friend of the groom's parents. Upon meeting Nicolas at a party, Grandma knew immediately that Christa would connect with Nicholas. And when the B finally met the G, they fell in love! I mean... How cool is that??!! And, as crass as I can sometimes be, GRANDMA named herself the pimp, not me! Seriously, I think I'd get along well with Grandma!

Outside of their unique and fun story, Christa and Nicolas threw a fabulous destination wedding! I'm loving the simple and stunning details, I'm obsessed with Christa's dress (and frankly, her great ass... Don't judge me, you'll see!), and I'm psyched to see how the B+G spent the day after their wedding. Enjoy this fun and FAB wedding!
Clearly, these 'maids have a great time together!!
Remember how I said Christa had a great ass? See what I mean? A GOR GE OUS wedding dress to go with her fabulous ass!
Is he pulling on his beard?
Proud papa!
Now, who do you think is in the top left corner weeping with joy? 
Now, THAT'S a photo booth!
Great final wedding day pic!! Now, get ready for a glimpse into the day after!
Um, not a bad way to spend the day after your wedding, right?
Wedding rings!!!
That's hot (Holy fuck! Did I just quote Paris Hilton? Sorry!)!
Thank you for sharing your super fun wedding day and kickass post-wedding photographs with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: WeddingDayStory
Event Venue: Valentin Imperial Maya

Fantasy Friday ~ No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem... A Laid Back, Beautiful, Beach Wedding in Mexico

"No frills or fancy things." Said no bride ever... Right??? But, Samantha did!! I know, I love her already! She and Joaquin strayed from a traditional wedding reception and opted for a lovely, intimate dinner with friends and family to celebrate their nuptials. Once everybody filled their bellies with delicious food and drink, they moved the party to Gitano for some music and dancing. How fun is that?? As a couple who love to travel and drink amazing wine, sounds like the perfect evening! Oh, a cool l'il side note? Their wedding day was the anniversary of the day they met four years earlier. I mean... 

Samantha and Joaquin wanted a wedding that was casual and comfortable. As a couple who truly compliment each other, Joaquin is quite the joker, and Samantha is a bit more serious, their wedding captured who they are as a couple without the stress or bullshit of conventional wedding planning. And these two? Didn't grow up in Mexico... This was a destination wedding! Joaquin grew up in Milwaukee and Samantha grew up in a small town in Minnesota. Didn't see that coming, did you? Neither did I which totally makes me love them even more!! Such great inspiration in this beautiful wedding! Enjoy!

Holy shit would I love to be there RIGHT NOW!!! Looks beautiful!

Love this pic of Samantha!
TOTALLY obsessed with Samantha's dress. You look gorgeous!!!
Joaquin, you're looking quite dapper!
I could have designed this card myself... 
When you're getting married on the beach, shoes are definitely optional! Those anklets? Fantastic!!!
Hi. WOW.
Samantha, Joaquin. You're a damn sexy couple.
Seriously, all I see are the sparks flying!
Love. Love. Love.
A pre-cocktail, cocktail? Don't mind if I do!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Classically Chicago, Beautifully Orchestrated and Simply Stunning Wedding

Isn't that photograph incredible? I mean, it's really amazing. The venue? The Rookery Building in Chicago. According to the website, The Rookery Building is "... one of the most historically significant buildings in Chicago." "...The Rookery seamlessly combines the flair of an era gone by with state-of-the-art building systems and technology. Designated a Chicago Landmark in 1972 after being added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, The Rookery is universally considered an architectural masterpiece." Um, I think they forgot, "An incredible venue for an elegant wedding..."

Technically, Nicole and Michael's wedding was a destination wedding. Nicole grew up in Chicago, and the two of them made their way back to her hometown for their wedding day. Bridey, I have to say that the details encapsulated in this wedding are so polished and so refined that I cannot wait to share it with you! The dress, the gold, the venue and the cake! OH MY!!!! 

First of all, I love the robes. Secondly, are they in the tub? LOVE IT!!
OMG, Nicole! That dress! It's really incredible! I love the intricate detail... You look GORGE!
Michael, that is seriously one of the cutest groomy pictures I've ever posted.
OMG. SO phenomenal! I am completely obsessed with that wedding dress!
Such unbelievable architecture!
It may be good luck, but rain on your wedding day is still annoying. The ceremony was originally going to be outside near Millennium Park, but at the last minute, the call was made to have the ceremony at The Rookery. Thank goodness for plan B!
Nicole, you are absolutely beaming! I LOVE IT!!
There's something about pics in the street that get me all worked up.
Holy shit with this venue! Totally beauteous!
I love all of the gold accents... So elegant.
What the fuck? Is that Bambi?
So beautiful.
Thank you Nicole and Michael for sharing your truly elegant and amazingly stunning wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Michael Novo Photography
Event Venue: The Rookery Building