Disney Wedding

A Magical Disney Wedding Rockin' Amazing Purple Hair, Kick Ass Shoes and Some Seriously FAB Décor!


I wish I could draw in a speech bubble coming from Ray's mouth. I mean, I could, but I don't want to destroy the integrity of this fantastic photograph. And it really is FANTASTIC, right? So, bubbling in "Fuck yeah!" probably won't do it the justice I was aiming for, would it? Nope, so I am simply telling you what I want to do instead of doing what I want to do (a huge step for me btw...). And actually, I don't have to do either because Ray is doing it for me. And Krystle, the cool-ass bride with the pink and purple locks, is 100% feeling it too... 

Bridey, this wedding is a complete mixture of cool meets Disney. Seriously, Krystle and Ray rock some superb style, and that style, connected with the awesomeness that is Disney is captured in every frame. And as a fun side note, the B+G's combined name is "Kray". So, obviously, they had to run with it and came up with the phrase, "Kray ever after". It's too good, right? 

Ganotsi Quengua.001.jpeg

Notice the jewels? I'm completely in love with them. 

Ganotsi Quengua.002.jpeg

Just stunning. I love everything about Krystle's bouquet!

Ganotsi Quengua.004.jpeg

Holy fuck with the hair! I am envious and jealous all in one!



Ganotsi Quengua.003.jpeg


Ganotsi Quengua.006.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.007.jpeg

I wasn't just talking about Krystle's kick ass shoes! I was talking about Ray's kick ass shoes too! Check 'em out!

Ganotsi Quengua.008.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.009.jpeg

Loving the floral installation...

Ganotsi Quengua.010.jpeg

I mean, holy fucking shit with the "Kray Ever After". So many fabulous double meanings.

Ganotsi Quengua.011.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.012.jpeg

The cake is awesome and not overdone! I love the Swiss Mickey Mouse dots!


Thank you Krystle + Ray, aka, "KRAY", for sharing your fantastic Disney wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

DJ: Audio Zone DJ
Professional: Bruddah Bryan
Linens, Coverings + Floral Designer: C and C Silk Flowers
Reception Venue: Hale Koa Hotel
Cake: Hale Koa Hotel
Beauty: Reniel May Saludez
Cinema + Video: Small Hour Films
Ceremony Location: St. Augustine by the Sea

Fantasy Friday ~ Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After... A Breathtaking Disneyland Wedding!

Doesn't this photograph say it all without saying anything at all? Right? It's really fabulous! Although, if you're my hus, then your first instinct is to say that it reminded him of deadmau5. Silly man... Anyway, I adore Kimberly and Ryan's Disneyland wedding. It's classic yet completely out of the box too... I LOVE the way the B+G were able to incorporate their love for Disney (and the San Francisco Giants) into a whimsical and romantic evening; not usually two words usually in the same sentence. Plus, their guests are super awesome and can be seen rockin' Disney ears, and dancing up a storm!

Um... Not for nothin'... Kimberly and Ryan probably have one the best cake "cutting" pictures I have ever seen EVER! Seriously, it almost looks fake, but it's definitely authentic. Enjoy this fun and fabulous Disney wedding! I sure did!

Um, yeah!!! Kimberly! You look happy and stunning!WOW! Ryan, you're totally right out of a magazine!It really doesn't get much cooler than that! Or, does it? Look down!OMG! That's one hell of a bouquet!Beautiful shot... I'm thinking their creative photog was laying on the ground to capture this one!See what I mean about being romantic? This is amazing!This is not the kids table!!! And I love every second of it!!!This is awesome!!I mean... When in Disney, you gotta give your best man toast in Disney ears!Aside from making me feel totally out of shape (look at Kimberly's arms!!), this picture is so fucking FAB! I'm not usually a fan of the cake smash, but this is too good!Thank you for sharing your whimsy Disney wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Jeramie Lu Photography
Hair Stylist: Lindsay Lu
Reception Venue: The Disneyland Hotel

The Happiest Place on Earth... A Super Gorgeous Disney Wedding

First of all, I am completely OBSESSED with Mindy's wedding dress and shoes! WOW! I mean... If you know me at all, then you know that I love pink, and this dress and shoes... I can hardly contain my excitement!

Now that I got that out of my system... I think it's really too bad... I feel like when people hear that a couple is choosing to get married at Disneyland or Disneyworld, they throw some serious attitude. They don't get it. I mean... How could two adults get married at a place typically reserved for children? Why would they want to have Mickey and Minnie Mouse at their wedding? Isn't that childish? And the worst part? They do NOTHING to hide how they feel when the bride reveals her venue. Honestly, that's just bad form. Mindy took some serious heat from people, but it wasn't from her family and friends, it was from opinionated assholes online.