Elegant Wedding

An Incredibly Polished Wedding Oozing with Glam + Sophistication + Class


I look at this photograph and while I know it’s not the traditional “post opener” kind of pic, I couldn’t help myself. I feel like this photograph absolutely captures the spirit of the B+G. It’s like they got caught in a moment that was just for them, and yet we have the privilege of getting a glimpse. So, I just had to show it to you, immediately, instead of waiting for the scroll! Anyway… Amy + Nick’s wedding day was lavishly gorgeous, dripping with exquisite details that will have you completely awestruck. As a wedding planner + writer, I love everything about this wedding. Every time I scroll, it’s like somebody is whispering sweet (and sort of dirty) nothings into my ear.

A+N hosted their wedding at The Bluestone, a cool venue overflowing with simple complexity (totally one of my better descriptions!). Guest were stunned as they arrived to the ceremony, taking in the beautiful sweeping + floral arbor, elegant glass vases lining the steps up the altar and the sheer magnitude of the total experience. But, it didn’t end there… The reception was totally GLAM. And, OMFG, just wait until you see A+N’s perfect (like seriously perfect) cake! Bridey, take all of the inspiration you can from this wedding. It all started with a FAB couple, and ended with good taste an quite a bit of joy…


OMFG. That dress! Those windows!! Totally gorgeous!

Nick and Amy Peppercorn Photo.002.jpeg
Nick and Amy Peppercorn Photo.003.jpeg

Amy, your wedding dress + veil is ridiculously amazing! And, your flowers are bad ass!


Ever wonder what the photographer said to make them smile? Or, is that just me? Meanwhile, below…

Nick and Amy Peppercorn Photo.001.jpeg

Cheers! But, please, not too many shots!


Totally obsessed with this fabulous idea!!

Nick and Amy Peppercorn Photo.004.jpeg

Whoa! Such a lovely altar…

Nick and Amy Peppercorn Photo.005.jpeg

It’s official!!!

Great shot, but what I can’t help looking at are the bridesmaids dresses. I love the soft pink. It’s playful and elegant at the same time.


Time to party!


See what I mean about the perfect cake? I love all of the gold A+N have at their wedding!!!

Nick PeppercornPhoto.001.jpeg

A+N, thank you for sharing your elegantly FABULOUS wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Peppercorn Photography
Reception Venue: The Bluestone

A Beautifully Elegant, Beautifully Burgundy and Just Beautiful Florida Wedding


I LOVE a good story about fate, good timing and destiny. And, while I'm a huge believer that we create our OWN destiny, and while "good things come to those who wait", good things also come to people to push past their fears, decide that waiting is stupid and "JUST DO IT"! I mean... you have to push destiny along a little bit, right? Any idea why am I harping on this? Well, because even though Erica + William met in 2009, the timing wasn't right, and it wasn't until 2011 when things started to heat up after re-connecting via social media. 

Bridey, there is just so much I love about this wedding. The color scheme, the white dance floor (HELL YEAH!) the A MAZ ING wedding dress, the impressive DIY elements, and the overall feel of the day bursting through in each and every photograph. There are so many incredibly inspirational components for you to run with that I'm going to zip it so you can go explore. Enjoy!

Erica, you have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen! 

Terrell Taylor.001.jpeg
Terrell Taylor.002.jpeg

Warmth. Can you feel it, bridey?


Seriously, that's one fine looking group of ladies! And the flowers! FAB!!


William... You are quite the handsome groom!!! OB SES SED with your burgundy blazer!


Sniff... Sniff...


Erica... Just, Erica. You're stunning! And, your smile is contagious!

Terrell Taylor.006.jpeg

It's official. I have a crush on Erica!

Terrell Taylor.007.jpeg
Terrell Taylor.008.jpeg

Ready? Set! Jump over the broom!



Terrell Taylor.009.jpeg

Oh yeah!!!


Love love love the white dance floor!!!


Thank you Erica + William for sharing your story and your wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerKomatsu Photography
Location: The Club of Knights
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

The Wedding that Made Me Leave My Heart in San Francisco


Isn't that sexy? Like hot damn, that's a hot couple, kind of sexy? Right? And seeing Erica's Valentino's just flitting in the air, as her big strong man of a husband passionately kisses her on a busy San Francisco street? Fuck yes! Totally makes it that much better! C'mon, am I wrong? Did I go overboard? Should I be writing some smutty romance novels instead of posting on BB? You know I'd rock the shit out of those....

Anyway, bridey, enough about my smut and back to our B+G, Erica and Colin... Seriously, if you have the opportunity to ditch some of the traditional wedding photos and have your big strong sig other lift your ass up... I mean, explore the surroundings of where you are tying the knot, I strongly suggest it. Think colorful wedding pics! Think sexy! But, seriously, beyond my obsession with the sexy pics, Erica and Colin are about to show you their utterly fabulous wedding day filled with elegance, grace and sophistication.

Barba Fed.001.jpeg

Hi. Beautiful Valentino's. And, by the way, such a great heal for a long day...

Barba Fed.003.jpeg
Barba Fed.002.jpeg

I can't even with these girls... Love the robes, love the hair and still obsessed with the Valentino's...


OMG Colin, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your white tux and your bow tie! 

Barba Fed.004.jpeg

This picture is everything! Looks like it should be an album cover.


I cannot get over the church! So unbelievably grand and beautiful. 

Barba Fed.005.jpeg

Erica, not only are you stunningly gorgeous, but right here, right now... You are breathtaking.


Such an incredible bridal party shot!


Is it me, or is Erica missing part of her dress? Right? STFU! How FABULOUS is that?!!

Barba Fed.006.jpeg

Moment officially captured.

Barba Fed.008.jpeg

Seriously, how fucking sexy are the B+G?

Barba Fed.009.jpeg

Amazing shot of Coit Tower!!!


Is that a spotlight?

Barba Fed.010.jpeg

I love the cake. I love the orchids. I LOVE the B+G!


Thank you Erica + Colin for sharing your elegantly fabulous, completely sexy and amazing wedding with Bitchless Bride.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: IQphoto Studio
Venue: The Fairmont San Francisco

A Beautiful Summer Wedding Rockin' a L'il Bit of Star Wars and a Lot of Love!

I love this wedding. I know I say that a lot on Bitchless Bride, but Ying + Kevin's wedding is just so lovely! It's a perfect mix of elegant and fun. As you scroll down, bridey, you'll clearly see that a lot of thought went into all of the details, and yet it's not overdone or over-themed. The B+G love Star Wars and incorporated this angle gently into their wedding day; something that is hard to do, but was done well. And, OMG! Just wait until you see the incredible flowers at the altar! Holy shit they are amazing!

Ying + Kevin met at the University of Alberta while completing their masters program. And while they moved to the US after graduation, they decided to get married back in Canada where Kevin is from originally. Bridey, I know you're going to enjoy this beautifully romantic and simply elegant wedding! 

Look how stunning and luscious those flowers are!!  

I mean... Holy shit. This is a truly stunning arch...

Kevin! I love how you're looking at Ying! I'm gonna need a tissue!

I can't with the flowers... Totally exquisite bouquet!!

I love how they're totally giggling!!

It really doesn't get much sweeter.... Right?

I love the B+G's take on Star Wars!!

Thank you Ying and Kevin for sharing your beautiful wedding day with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Daphne Chen Photography
Event Planner: J'Adore Design and Events
Dress Designer: Maggie Sotteso
Floral Designer: Studio Bloom
Reception Venue: The Faculty Club
Hair Stylist: Umi & Co. Beauty Shop

An Elegant, Intimate and Beautiful New England Barn Wedding

I love this wedding, bridey! And, it's not just because I know and love the vendors (I just worked with SociaLight this past weekend!), it's because this wedding is fabulously warm and absolutely beautiful at a sensational venue in MA, The Red Lion Inn. That, and the bride, Alex, is totally adorable and I'm lovin' her cool style and you will too! So, without further ado... Enjoy!!

Totally craving a Moscow mule right now!

Amazing bouquet! 

OMG Alex you look so completely gorgeous!

Awwww... Such a great kiss after the first look...

Amazing scenery!

Such beautiful flowers!

Totally obsessed with Alex and Louie's festive and fun invitation!

Lovely tables... Such great vessels and I LOVE the table number flags!

Fabulously warm and elegant venue...

I love that the cake is quite bare except for the "sash" it's adorned with...

Thank you for sharing your rustically fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Photography by Nikki Cole
Venue: Red Lion Inn
Florist: Stapleton Floral
Lighting: SociaLight Event Lighting
Dress: L'elite
Makeup: Jessica Lederman
Band: The Sweet Beats

Fantasy Friday ~ An Elegant, Timeless and Classic Melbourne Wedding with a Touch of Glamour

Meet Barbie and Ken. Just kidding! And, Madeleine and Luke aren't really dolls. But, seriously... They are both so easy on the eyes that I would have believed Silvia of Blumenthal Photography if she told me she was submitting Barbie and Ken's wedding. True story. Right? I mean, all Luke is missing is that twinkle on his tooth. Anyway... I'm going to let the B+G take it away. Because, bridey, not only are the details of this gorgeous Melbourne wedding fucking incredible (like IN CRED IBLE), but I love their love story and advice to future brides (and grooms) too. 

Blumenthal Photography: What’s your love story? How did you meet originally and get together?Luke and I are high school sweethearts! We’ve had eyes on each other since we were 15 years old and we’re each other’s best friends, we know absolutely everything about each other and we’ve shared so many amazing memories growing up together. I remember sitting in class with him (he was always the class clown) and he would just make me laugh so much! I suppose nothing much has changed though. To this day, I don’t go a day without him putting me in hysterics. 

Blumenthal Photography: How did you choose your dress?: I knew that I wanted to have some input when designing my gown. I had a really clear picture of what I wanted so I didn’t want to buy a gown off the rack. Luckily, I found Jane Hill and it seemed like we were absolutely perfect for each other! She loved my ideas for the dress and I also completely agreed with all of her input. It was my idea for the extravagant and billowing pleating at the bottom but Jane recommended that we make the bottom pleats completely detachable and this was the most perfect idea because I was actually able to move and dance at the reception!  

Blumenthal Photography: What made the day really special and personal to you?: My bridesmaids were absolute angels and really made sure that everything went smoothly! I literally did not stress throughout the whole day because of how well they handled everything. My mum and sisters kept me sane and calm the whole day so I could just enjoy myself. My mum also made the day so special for me. In the morning, whilst I was getting ready, her and dad gave me a little white box. Inside were the most beautiful pair of earrings I’ve ever seen. I want to give them to my little girl on her wedding day, and hopefully this can be a new tradition for my own family. 

I am DY ING over Madeleine's dress! And, I LOVE how the bottom pleats are completely detachable! No need for bustling, and super sexy!
Blumenthal Photography: How did the proposal go?: We absolutely love travelling and being in the outdoors, and we were in Bali when the proposal happened. I remember he took me down to the beach for a sunset stroll and I didn’t really think much of it. It was a gorgeous evening as well; the weather could not have been more perfect! The tide was out and the sun was almost setting behind the water and that’s when he surprised me by getting down on one knee and taking something out of his pocket. It completely caught me off guard! I had tears welling up in my eyes the whole time, and even now when I look back on it I can’t help but tear up a little. 

Blumenthal Photography: What was important to you about your wedding? What were your priorities from the very beginning?: The most important thing to us was having a wedding that would survive through the decades. We wanted a ceremony where we could look back on the photos in years’ time and not cringe at any of our choices from the wedding dress to the décor! Hence why we kept the theme timeless and classic. I really think that when we’re flipping through our wedding album, we’ll be able to look back on these photos and still adore them! 

Amazing photo...
Am I wrong? Totally Barbie and Ken! I don't know if I am jealous or if I want to be married to them.

Fantasy Friday ~ More Than Just a Rainbow Connection... An Intimate, Backyard Wedding

Holy shit with Claire's hair, right? Fucking amazing! Not only is it a perfect rainbow, but it's ombre too. I mean, that takes talent! And, it takes the right kind of girls to pull that kind of thing off, right?!! Anyway, welcome to Claire and Lane's Las Vegas wedding. Hosted in the backyard of a private home, these two did a fabulous job keeping their wedding day about the two of them. Claire and Lane knew they wanted a small backyard ceremony followed by an informal celebration, rockin' awesome food, drink and family. So... that's exactly what they did! 

Bridey, if you're looking for ways (and examples) to have a beautiful, simple wedding, then browse the pics. The cool-ass hair inspiration? Well, that's a freebie for those of you have the balls to pull it off. Enjoy!
Got to have a "before and after" wedding dress! OMG, I LOVE both of them and how different they are.Let's get a closer look at this stunning Pnina Tornai gown. I am obsessed with the corset!There's nothing like mama love!Lane, you look quite dapper yourself!The gold and royal blue look so elegant.I mean... That's utter happiness.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Exquisite, Black & White Wedding at the Mandarin Oriental, Boston

We've all heard the phrase or even said that we were going to, "roll out the red carpet", right? Well, imagine if you, bridey, were going to roll out the black carpet? And, that black carpet was going to be used to transform a space so magnificent as the ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston for your wedding? I mean, holy shit... That's exactly what Paula and Greg did (well, their group of incredibly talented wedding vendors anyway...). This kickass group of industry peeps created the most A MAZ ING black and white wedding; one that will leave you absolutely drooling over the details. 

Bridey, close your eyes and imagine a shiny black dance floor, mirrored tables (seriously, who needs linen when you have mirrored tables!), an insanely GORGE floral installation (which doubled as your wedding altar), charger plates that I totally would hang in my house, etc. etc. etc.... Oh wait! Open your eyes! Silly me! Just scroll down, bridey, scroll down and prepare to be blown away. Enjoy!!

Paula... Wow! I can't... It's too good... This bouquet seriously brings tears to my eyes! And look down... I love tying sentimental value into something so special.This is awfully romantic!We did it! We signed the Ketubah! Let's go get married!Exquisite. Simply exquisite chuppah!!I love how her parents catch her half way down the aisle.Ghost chairs... LOVE!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Super Fun, Alternative, DIY Wedding

I can't stop looking at this post. Seriously, every time I scroll these pics, I find something new to look at. And for a predominately DIY wedding, I have to say that I am super impressed! Emily and Mike seem to be the kind of people who'd be friends of mine. You know how you can just tell, well, I can tell with them. Yeah, they'd be my friends. And the wedding? I love everything about each and every detail. Just WAIT until you see the ceremony photos! You're totally gonna want this for your wedding, bridey! I know it!

So, here's a bit about the wedding from the bride herself: "A very DIY wedding in beautiful port town of Newburyport, MA. Most of the decorations were DIY - paper flowers in centerpieces, big paper pin wheels with family photos display, display for name cards were all made by us (by hand). Most of the various vintage jars/bottles/vases were found at flea markets/yard sales/antique stores/borrowed from friends. Maple syrup for the favors was made by my parents from the trees in our backyard in Connecticut."

Those shoes!! I am in LOVE with those shoes!I really don't know where to begin with this one. The hair or the dress? Right? OMG! Both fucking BEAUTIFUL! Just amazing!I'll be honest, normally I'm not a big fan of a bow, but this dress? Totally works.So handsome. Such a cool tie too.Such a FAB bouquet! Anybody else see a bit of John Krasinski in Mike? I mean they are in Massachusetts... John's old stomping grounds... Just sayin'...Emily, you are the CUTEST!! I swear you are saying, "Ta-da!" in that photograph!