Extreme Engagement Shoot

An Amazing Photoshoot Turns into a Shocking Proposal!

Rhiannon, that stunning model with the beautiful headpiece up there, kinda got punked. Seriously. What was meant to be a photoshoot, quickly turned into something much different then she expected. Rhiannon and her boyfriend, Michael, were just going to "model" for Jodi, the photographer. Rhiannon was happy to help because she was going to get some FAB pics of the two of them out of the deal. Little did she know that Michael and Jodi had been in cahoots (Yup! I totally just used that word!). Bridey, I don't want to ruin the big "reveal", so I'm going to shut up now. All you have to do is scroll down to see how it all played out. Enjoy!!

Rhiannon, I fucking love your wings!! My six-year-old daughter is aching for some herself... I mean, who isn't?!!

Seeing B+Gs (well, almost a B+G) laughing together makes me super happy. I have gotten through so much with my hus simply because we do a lot of laughing.

Here we go! Jodi put them back to back, and asked that they look in different directions so that Michael could get down on one knee with the engagement ring.

Like... How fucking cool is it that B+M will have their actual engagement captured on film?

I love how Rhiannon is looking at Jodi like, "OMG! You totally knew about this!"

Thank you Rhiannon, Michael and Jodi for sharing this fantastic shoot + engagement with Bitchless Bride! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Double You Photography

Fantasy Friday ~ An Extreme Engagement Shoot

Yup! They’re filthy. They’re covered in mud from head to toe, and you know what? I fucking love it! Meet Kemper and Ben. They are extreme enthusiasts, and made sure that their passion for all things awesome was captured during their engagement shoot. As you browse these jaw-dropping photographs, you’ll see Kemper and Ben in some seriously compromising “poses”. We have some midair ski shots, mid-ride motorcycle shots, the muddy shots on the ATV, and a few mushy shots of them kissing. Apparently, this engagement shoot was actually a series of three sessions to make sure the talented Brian Smyer of Smyer Image could acquire all of the adventure you are about to see.

Bridey, if you and your sig other are driven towards anything out of the ordinary, bring it to your engagement shoot! Not only will you have some FAB pics to hang around the house, but you could display them at your wedding reception like Kemper and Ben did! BTW… Kemper purchased two wedding dresses; one for the shoot and one for the wedding. Totally genius!

I mean... Holy shit!! That's amazing!OMG! Kemper! Are you freezing?So cute (when they're all cleaned up!)!Here they go!OMG!! You can't even see them!Easy now...Take it off, baby!Hose her down!So awesome!!! Gotta love the dirty hands and passionate hearts!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Smyer Image
Event Venue: Park City Mountain Resort