Fall Wedding

A Beautiful Garden Wedding with a 'Lil Bit of an Edge and Lots of Kissing...

Isn't that a great kiss? I mean, there are so many beautiful, more traditional photographs I could have selected to open up Annie + Grant's wedding, but I had to showcase this one because that kiss is fucking amazing! And you know what? There's more kissing in this post. Seriously, Annie and Grant are great kissers! And my theory is that if you're great kissers and kiss often, then your marriage is bound to kick the shit out of what life can sometimes dish out... 

Anyway, aside from all of the great kissing, there are so many amazing details in A+G's wedding. I am completely OB SES SED with Annie's sequined, 1920's-esk wedding dress and the gorgeous dessert display (of course I am!). The dancing is definitely something that looked like a ton of fun, and the beers, well, the beers are pretty cool. Just scroll down, bridey! Enjoy!

STFU. Right? Totally and unbelievably gorgeous!

Haha! I love when the boys have a drink before the festivities!

Can't you just hear Annie saying, "So, what do you think?"

Love the bouquet!

So serene and beautiful...

I am kinda wondering what's so funny!

Another great kiss!

And another FAB kiss! See what I mean?


See? So fun! But, yum??

Oh yeah!!

Thank you Annie + Grant for sharing your wedding with Bitchless Bride! It's beautiful! Keep kissing!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Andrea Mabry Photography
Venue: Aldridge Gardens
Planner: I do I do Wedding Planning
Florals:  Lillie Jane
Cake: Pastry Art
Dress: Jenny Packham from Kelly's Closet
Catering: Yellow Bicycle Catering Company
DJ: Post Panda Promotions LLC

Fantasy Friday ~ Pumpkins, Apples and Dragons... Oh My! A Stunning, British Columbian Fall Wedding

Bridey, I totally cracked up when I received this wedding submission! Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful wedding with a ton of fantastic décor and color (I mean, there's a dragon for God's sake!). But, the very talented photographer, Will Pursell, opened his dialogue with, "Leanne and Andrew love Halloween, zombies, scary things, alcoholic things... and animals." Funny, right? I mean, who doesn't love alcoholic things and zombies? I do! I do!! And just wait until you see the photographs of the animals!

Anyway, you read that right... I said dragon. Leanne and Andrew did an amazing job incorporating their heritage into their wedding. Leanne is Chinese and Andrew is Greek, and throughout the day, they celebrated both as their families came together as one. Okay, that's about as mushy as I get! Just enjoy this fun-filled, fall wedding complete with a kickass dragon!!

Any guesses as to the wedding colors? Love the flasks! I'll take whatever is inside...It really doesn't get much cuter than that, right?Leanne and Andrew are huge animal lovers. I love how the kitty is just hanging out on her dress!They were married at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver.Every time I see this pic, I keep thinking the guests are throwing petals at the B+G! But, it's just the altar flowers.Whoa.HA! Love it!Bridey, if your groom isn't looking at you like this, then it ain't meant to be...I just had a baby heart attack. Please don't fall... Amazing shot of the cityscape and the Vancouver mountains!Totally lovin' the fall décor! It's festive and fun!