First Dance

It All Started Because of a "Sarcastic, Tattooed Lady Who Loves Cheesy Horror Movies"


Bridey, I truly hope you met your sig other because you were honest about who you are (and because you're a kind person, and super attracted to each other, obvi!). That's how Randall and Michelle met; because Michelle described herself as a "sarcastic, tattooed lady who loves cheesy horror movies..." on her dating profile, and was a "match" for Randall. And the rest? Well, you're about to scroll pics from their wedding day, so clearly it worked out well! I mean, you can 100% feel the emotion and devotion enveloped in this photograph, and frankly, I struggled to choose just ONE of these tender pics as the post opener...

Personally, I would have described myself as a "funny girl who exercises to support her cake-eating habit, and loves to dance (sometimes badly)". But, that's just me... Anyway, R+M wanted a very simple wedding that combined modern rustic with industrial, and that is exactly what they accomplished. Sooooo... they selected Highland Brewing Company because they loved the new event and rooftop spaces, and had a friend master the design and décor. Bridey, there is a ton of inspiration in this post, but my favorite tip from Randall? "Don't sweat the small stuff! Every couple will face a hiccup on their wedding day, but trust me, you'll laugh about it later." #TRUESTORY


Skeeters Palo.001.jpeg

See what I mean about there being several pics that would have opened this post SO well?  I LOVE this photo!

Skeeters Palo.002.jpeg

The brides look FAB, but can we just talk about all of the beer behind them?? I mean, I know it's a brewing company, but dear God!! YUM!


DY ING over the shoes. DYING.

Skeeters Palo.004.jpeg
Skeeters Palo.006.jpeg

Hell yeah! We did it!!!


Cheers, Michelle!!!

Skeeters Palo.008.jpeg

This is some serious dessert porn. Like SERIOUS. And, as a self-described cake (over)eater, OMFG! Throw in some donuts, and I'm going to need a moment alone...


Michelle changed out of her military uniform into a wedding dress for the reception. Can you believe that Randall's dress is borrowed from her cousin because she loved the style?!!!


I am obsessed with all of the fantastic shoe selections!!


When asked about the most anticipated or special moment of their wedding day, Randall said, "Our first dance. I think we both underestimated our ability to learn a choreographed dance, but it was a special moment when we felt like the only 2 people in the room. Despite our dresses getting stuck together, hindering our ability to pull off the "big dip" at the end of our dance, it was truly an unforgettable experience for the two of us."

And another pic I almost opened the post with...

Skeeters Palo.010.jpeg

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing a packed dance floor.... The entertainment can 100% make or break your wedding, and it's clear that R+M's DJ ROCKED!


Thank you so much Randall + Michelle for sharing your kick ass wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Joseph Dix Photography
Venue: Highland Brewing Company
Hair Stylist: Jeanne's Hair & Makeup Studio
Equipment Rentals: Classic Event Rental
Officiant: Rev Jacqueline Weiks
DJ: Spintastic Sounds
Bakery: Perfectly Pretty Sweets
Caterer: Dining Innovations

A Stunning, Luxurious Hacienda Wedding on the Yucatán Peninsula

If you're planning on ditching the average run of the mill wedding, and heading South of the border, I applaud you. It's awesome to shake things up a bit, and your wedding is no exception! I'd advise you to take a note or two from Luz Maria and Ramon Alberto. They got married in a fairytale. Seriously. Okay, maybe I'm making that part up, but it certainly feels like a fairytale.  Just look up at that photograph! Or, look down! Total FAIRYTALE! And, the incredible pics just keep getting better and better. I mean... It's almost as if this stunning venue isn't real.

Bridey, there is so much fucking eye candy and inspiration encapsulated in Luz Maria and Ramon Alberto's wedding that I truly can't stop myself from looking at these photographs over and over again. I'm borderline obsessed. The sweet table? A MAZ ING! Oh, and just wait until you see the first dance! You're definitely going to want to mimic what this B+G did! In fact, you're probably going to want to mimic the entire event! Enjoy!!

That is an unbelievably gorgeous photograph! WOW!

Holy shit, that's brave! As long as they're kicking the water away, then it's cool...

I like the way you think, FOB!

There really are no words for this one...

Luz Maria, you are absolutely beautiful. Like, show-stopping!

I'm lovin' all of the bright, vivacious colors!

Such a cool angle.

Holy hacienda...


Totally fit for a king and queen.

A dip + sparklers  = Best.First.Dance.Ever.

FAB shot with the girls!

Apparently, there was a surprise flash mob to bring the families together. How cool is that?

Thank you for sharing your super cool and gorgeous wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Juan Euan
DJ: Amadeus
Floral Designers: Floreria Yahabibi & Floreria Lokuai
Wedding Planner: A Big Day Events
Dress: Madeline Gardner New York
Hair & Makeup: Mimi Maquillaje Profesional
Baker: Tiffany Zablah
Caterer: Veca Banquetes

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics... What can I say? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stupid movie! And of course I LOVE Hugh Grant, but that’s not what I want to write about. However, this movie got me thinking about song lyrics, and about how many weddings have I worked and attended where the first dance music was about divorce, breaking up or death. Right? Oops! Yeah, that’s a serious fuck up.

Hmmm… what songs are you talking about Bitchless? I’d sure like to avoid them on my big day. Well, bridey here a few popular first dance songs that could make you cry, and for all of the wrong reasons: