Flower Headpiece

A Beautiful, 1960s Themed, at Home Wedding in the United Kingdom


Bridey, I can't EVEN with this wedding. Like. NOT.EVEN.A.LITTLE.BIT. The story of Laura + Richard is so unbelievably lovely. And even lovelier? Is the way they decided to get married... On their terms, on a limited (yet determined) budget, and all while celebrating their love for the past, present and future. L+R met very young, and knew they were going to be together forever. One of the first things Richard said to Laura was that he was going to marry her! And he was right! They got tied the knot on their 10th anniversary of being together. But, my favorite part? They got married at home. Somewhere that's not just another venue, but in a place that means something to them. 

Laura said that, "For me this was just as much a celebration of the adventures we’d already had together as well as the promise to keep on sharing our lives. Budget was a big factor in our planning, we only had whatever money we could save up and for us borrowing money, or spending a huge amount on one day wouldn’t have felt right when we were still in a rented flat and hoping to buy our own home at some point. After looking at a few venues, mainly barns, I realised that everything we liked was completely out of our price range. Then it dawned on me, why pay for a venue at all. We weren’t planning on inviting a huge number of guests as neither of us like to be in the spotlight, so why not just have the reception at home. My mum agreed to host in her little garden...'' How amazing is Laura's mom!?? Right? I love the idea of being home! And, bridey, you will too after you see the details! Enjoy!


OMFG! The headpiece, the dress, the bouquet. OH MY!!!


The sheer excitement captured in these photographs has my eyes welling up with big, puffy (almost ugly crying) tears!


Absolutely OB SES SED with the 'maids and everything they are rockin'. 


Laura said, "... I was inspired to have the wedding as homemade as possible, we would save money but it would also make the day unique and special. We have lots of creative friends who got involved and helped us in all sorts of ways.''




I mean... If that's not a beautiful couple... LOVE L+R!!


Two things here... First of all, the bouquet. Totally gorgeous! Right? And the other thing? See Laura's' orange nails? I LOVE that she's wearing orange polish on her wedding day!!


Richard, your a fantastic looking groom (and dude in general)! #Justsaying

Bernie P.001.jpeg

If you're taking your wedding home, then it's super important to incorporate elements of home in your décor. This B+G did a fantastic job with the details...


Um, yes please!!! Looks delish!


I don't know who you are, but I love you!!! Is one of those for me?


I really don't know which pic is cuter... Look up. Okay, now look down. Right? 


Bridey, THIS is utter happiness. Take it all in...


Laura, you are stunningly beautiful, and your excitement and love is encapsulated in every.single.picture.

L+R, thank you for sharing your "homemade" wedding with Bitchless Bride!! Your wedding was truly incredible! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Berni Palumbo Photography
Venue: Private Residence

An Intimate Courthouse Wedding, A Stunning Headpiece a Beautiful Couple


Julia + AJ were married in Georgia's Marietta Courthouse in a super small, super intimate ceremony... The ceremony was so small that it was just the two of them. Yup! Just the B+G! And, if you could see me now, bridey, you'd see a big smile painted on my red lips, hands together clapping (in-between typing) and uttering "YES!" under the stench of my coffee breath. I applaud Julia and AJ's decision to not succumb to the pressure of getting married in front of 200 of their nearest and dearest, and simply make "their day" 100% about them.

Don't get me wrong.... You know that I LOVE a gorgeous wedding filled with exciting details, tons of bells and whistles and piles of friends and family, but I also love it when a B+G recognize what will work for them, and run with it; they don't give a shit about who's going to say what about their plans, they just do what's right for them as they walk down the aisle on the first day of their marriage. So, go... Enjoy this beautifully personal wedding!!


The ultimate look of happiness and accomplishment! Not to mention the GORGEOUS headpiece!! 




Thank you Julia + AJ for sharing your very intimate and very personal day with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerAline Marin Photography
Other Location: Piedmont Park

Soulmates Who Met and Got Married on a Campground...

Samantha and Michael met on the campground that Samantha's family owns... When they were SEVEN years old! Crazy, right? I mean... Think about it, the B+G have known each other for most of their lives, and just committed to knowing each other for the rest of their lives. Seriously, how fucking amazing is that love story? And, when you have a love that deep, a little rain won't get in the way of a lovely afternoon, even if it wasn't forecasted, and the waterfront ceremony goes by the wayside.

Bridey, this wedding is beautiful, sweet and inspiring. It captures the true essence of who the B+G are simply by where they decided to get married, and also highlights who are they and who they have become together. Plus, I always love a furry ring-bearer and delicious desserts, both a part of this laid back and awesome wedding! Enjoy!

How funny are those stick figures?? Michael could have totally written that when he was seven!

Samantha was barefoot for almost the entire day except for some seriously stunning foot jewelry.

Holy shit with the cleavage and the flowers!

Murphy's Law... The weather holds up during photographs, but not for the ceremony... BOOOOO!

The bridal party was made up of siblings and cousins...

Great shot! The rain doesn't seem to be bothering them at all! 

Samantha's dad drove her via horse and buggy, and then walked her down the aisle!


They said their vows in the reception site due to the rain.

Best ring bearer ever!

See that? That's utter happiness on both of their faces.


Beautiful cake! Nice stand too!

Right before the first dance, Samantha changed dresses and put on some boots!

Um. This would be so fantastic right now!!

Thank you Samantha and Michael for sharing your amazing story and wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer:  Tammy Labar Weddings
Ceremony Location: Clearwater Campground
Caterer: It's a matter of Taste
DJ: Kozmic Entertainment
Design & Décor: Missy Traynor
Floral Designer: Posies Unlimited

A Super Fun, 100% Non-Conventional, Wedding "Festival"

Seriously, bridey, this is 100% a wedding that I wish I had been invited to. OMG! Imagine that! A wedding that people can't wait to attend? Totally breaks the norm, right? Anyway, Christina and Ephraim are a huge part of the Burning Man community so to say that their wedding was anything less than fucking spectacular and cool would be insulting. I mean, any couple who uses fire during their ceremony is kick ass in my book! Right? Yes, I said fire! And, I'm not talking about burning a unity candle, bridey. I'm talking FIRE. They had a fire ceremony (during the actual ceremony), using a custom made metal sculpture created by one of their guests. WOW!

There are so many surprises that I can't wait for you to see as you scroll down! If you thought the fire ceremony sounded cool, then just wait until you see the pic of the two guests that arrived via skydiving! Right? Holy shit! And the FOUR bands that played? F O U R! Or the midnight IT'S-IT, ice cream treats arriving through the crowd on a bicycle? I mean... Look, I know that at times I sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress enough, how important it is to stay true to who you are as a couple when you plan your wedding. And Christina and Ephraim did this with some serious reckless abandon! Bridey, enjoy this fun, and fucking amazeballs wedding festival!

The colors are totally gorgeous!

Christina, you look stunning!

Bottoms up!

So cute! Love the headpieces!

See? Dude just skydived to the wedding!

Such an honest, raw shot..


Don't you just love this photograph?

Beautiful Ketubah.

I love how C+E just canoed their way to the wedding reception!

WOW! Totally FAB!

HAHA! Love it!

Now, that is a show-stopping Challah

I'd probably be caught making out in the teepee!

Just look at that view! 

Christina: Ephraim and I dreamed about using elements form burning man—LED lights, our burning man campers, a themed after party, communal dinning and a circular ceremony— to create the wedding of our dreams.


So super cute!!

OMG! Gimmie!!!

Thank you Christina and Ephraim for sharing your truly fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Dekker Photography
Venue: Chalet View Lodge
Equipment Rentals: Celadon Events
Caterer: Great Thyme Catering
Dress: Carolina Herrera
Hair: Edin Carpenter
Attire: Hugo Boss

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Bohemian, Beautiful, Flower Crown Wearing, Intimate Wedding

Meet Kayley and Jeremiah. They got married on a somewhat murky, overcast day in October at the Aspen Hall in Bend, Oregon. And although it wasn't a "perfect" day, clearly these two didn't let a little mist get in their way. I mean... Isn't that a splendid photograph? Seriously, I feel like this shot is part of a styled shoot, and Kayley and Jeremiah are models. But, it's 100% real. THEY are 100% real as you can tell from the intensity emanating from the pic. (OMG, isn't Kayley's makeup sublime?) And, bridey? Wanna know why I have a couple crush on these two? Because the most important part of Kayley and Jeremiah's wedding was to celebrate with their closest friends and family.

If you're looking for boho wedding inspiration, then Kayley and Jeremiah's wedding should satisfy all of your bohemian needs. From flower crowns, to a beautiful, rustic environment I'm sure that all of this jewel toned loveliness will guide you in the right direction. Enjoy!
I am OB SES SED with these shoes!
Seriously... I don't know which pic (look up, okay, look down) is sexier...
BUSTED. Although, wedding days are long, so pizza is totally a necessity!
Jeremiah... You're the CUTEST!! Who could blame you though... Kayley is truly gorgeous.
OMG!! I want that flower crown!
SO sweet...
Let's go get married!
First of all, LOVE the bridesmaids dresses (something you don't hear very often!). Secondly, those chicks are strong!
So simple and cute.
Clearly, everybody is having a great time!
Best.photograph.ever. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, intimate wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Tim Gallivan Photography
Event Venue: Aspen Hall
Dress Store: Bella Brides
Caterer: Cascade Catering
Signage: Chalked.
Floral Designer: Donner Flower Shop
Makeup Artist: Lashes by Monique

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Button Pushing Couple & a Gorgeous, DIY, Texas Wedding

If you know my hus and me, then you know that part of what makes us tick as a couple is that we 100% push each other's buttons. We both know exactly where to push to get a rise out of the other. And, sometimes we push in good fun, and sometimes we push because we are intentionally trying to annoy the shit out of each other. But, either way, there isn't a soul alive whose buttons I'd rather push than his. Because it works. Because, we work. And Jacqelyn and Brady? They're the same way. Total button pushers. 

Bridey, don't ever let someone make you second guess your relationship simply because they don't get it. As long as you and your sig other get it, then fuck the rest of them. Seriously, look up. See how Brady is looking at Jacqelyn? Does anything else really matter? No. And you know what? Their wedding is super GORGE! So, enough preaching outta me... Go scroll and enjoy!
I mean... This is too cute!
Yeah... Jameson is always good!
Jacqelyn... WOW! That is a sensational floral headpiece! OMFG!!!
Get out all of your crazies now, kiddos!!
Whoa... I thought Jacqelyn's headpiece was amazing... But, these two? So super cute!
Brideys, this is how you want your sig other to look at you during your ceremony... As if nothing else exists; as if you two are the only ones in the world at that moment in time.
Push my buttons is what I say! 
Jacqelyn and her bridesmaids were down to the wire finishing the centerpieces (on the wedding day) even after working all day, and night. It was worth it, but sometimes DIY can make you cry!
This little girl has got some serious gumption. She's definitely on a mission. And, she's beautiful!
Thank you Jacqelyn and Brady for sharing your kickass wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Cody Kurtz Photography
Event Venue: The Venue at Orchard Farms

Fantasy Friday ~ A Sophisticated, Intimate, Country Garden Wedding

Brianna and Sam's wedding is probably among the most naturally beautiful weddings I've posted on Bitchless Bride. Photographer, Hilary Cam, said it best, "Picture a heritage house with chandeliers, lanterns and tulle contrasting with cascading sand dunes, dark enchanted forests, airy fern gullies and fields of yellow flowers and you have a glimpse of their spectacular wedding day. The wedding took place at Stanley Park an opulent historic house with a mood of elegance and refinement."

Bridey, this wedding exudes the same style and grace that the B+G so clearly portray. A simple, soft elegance with a touch of panache. I love that the bride and her maid of honor (MOH) had their hands in several of the gorgeous details (OMG! Just wait until you see the cake!). So, enjoy this super elegant, super enchanting (great word) wedding... I did!

HA! Such a fun photograph!Think this 'lil cutie is imagining what it will be like to be a bride one day?Brianna! You're stunning! Flawless makeup and beautiful hair! Seriously, one day, BB is going to become a redhead!Sam, you and the boys are quite dapper! LOVE the blue bow ties!Ring box with a side of jelly beans!WOW! Such a lovely venue and an amazing day!I can't... The flower headpiece and the one shoulder dress... She's just too adorable!The ceremony was set under a magnificent old fig tree, with lanterns filled with pink and peach roses swinging from the branches.So romantic! Sometimes I wonder if my hus can still lift me! OMG! You two wreak of love! Brianna, I'm loving the cuff!