Food and Beverage Minimum

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ The Key to Understanding Your Food and Beverage Minimum

“I just feel like they weren’t honest with me from the get-go.” Said my very pissed off bride. To clarify, “they” are the venue where she is getting married, and she feels “lied to” because she is “light years” away from the agreed upon food and beverage minimum (determined before I came into the picture) in her contract. The reason I want to make it clear that I wasn’t there for the food and beverage minimum discussion is because had I been at the initial site appointment with the venue, I would have intervened and clearly stated that while the food and beverage minimum is $30,000 (for example), it’s quite likely that she will exceed said minimum. Not only do you have to consider an additional 25-30% for gratuity and tax, but let’s take a look at the word minimum [min-uh-muhm], shall we? According to, the word minimum is “the least quantity or amount possible, assignable, allowable, or the like.” As in… BRIDEY, YOU WILL SPEND MORE THAN THE MINIMUM.

Once she and I dissected the exact terms of the food and beverage minimum and then proceeded to trim her overall wedding budget, letting go of a few superfluous add-ons we had planned, she simmered down. But, then it dawned on me that perhaps she wasn’t the only bride who felt taken advantage of by the venue. And I understand it, bridey, I really do. Because I used to be the one selling the space!

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ You're Pissing Me Off, Bridey

Seriously bridey? Can you please wipe that stunned look off of your face? I mean, I can't.... I can't even get into this again with you. What is IT, you ask. Well, I am so fucking tired of talking in circles about something so simple, that I can hardly write about it. In a nutshell? READ, bridey, read! Read your contracts, read your Banquet Event Orders, read your emails... Seriously, I need you to read your brains out, bridey so that you aren't completely blindsided by the decisions you are making now. Yes, I know that reading can be somewhat of a tedious task, but it's critically important so that you're not shell shocked with the invoices start rolling in. 

Bridey, even if you're working with a highly intelligent wedding planner (ahem); somebody who will steer you in the right direction with each of your wedding decisions, it's still important that YOU understand what's included (and what's not included) with every vendor you hire, and with every item purchased. I can only help you manage your expectations to a certain degree before I pass the baton and expect you to take a little bit of responsibility for your actions.

For example... I am working with a bride who is a bit of a flighty mess (which is why she hired me), and as we are closing in on her wedding day, she told me that she is "super disappointed with how it all worked out with the venue."