Geek Wedding

An Out of This World, Geektastic, Beautifully Unique, Outdoor Wedding

I think it's obvious, bridey, based on the ceremony program alone, that you're going to like Lindsay and Nathanael. I love that they know exactly who they are, and can completely make fun of themselves. Plus, I love how they are taking care of their guests by providing chocolate right off the bat. Annnndddd.... I love the colors. With all of that awesomeness out of the way, but tons more to come (imagine the cake...), let me tell you a thing or two about the B+G, and their kickass wedding. Lindsay, the bride, did not wear white. She did not wear black. Girl wore a fantastic teal light-up dress. Yes. A light-up dress! OMFG!! I can't... And, Nathanael? Dude totally wore a clip-on blinking tie.

Aside from the bells and whistles (quite literally), L+N seriously rocked their wedding day. With a special kind of photo booth, an insanely awesome and creative wedding cake, super unique décor and a guest list that did not disappoint, this could be one of my fave weddings ever. I love how they stayed true to themselves while at the same time managed to break out of the wedding mold... Bridey, enjoy!!

OMG. I am completely obsessed with the jewels!

Yes! That's fucking awesome!

Lindsay... You're beautiful! Totally love the birdcage veil! And, your dress, your hair and your cleavage are absolutely amazing!

I can't... It's too FAB!

Love the bouquet!

You know... Just Luigi (as in Mario and Luigi), the ring bearer! Got to love a l'il cosplay at a wedding!

Such a stunning ceremony venue!


The colors are really incredible!

Hi. That's the wedding cake! It's a Minecraft wedding cake!

Def my first time seeing a grand entrance through a Stargate!

 First dance was to The Rainbow Connection...

Cheers to the B+G!!

Fuckin' chicken and waffles! OMG! YES! LOVE it!!

It's about to get even sexier... Look down! 

S'mores! And, s'mores with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?? STFU! Delish!

Awwww...  l love that they went back to where they said their vows... Thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Miksch Photography
Venue: DeLack Estate
DJ: Adam's DJ Service
Caterer: Blue Ribbon Cooking
Event Planner: Blush Celebrations
Apparel: Poppy Seed Roll Apparel
Photo Booth: Shutter Bus Co.
Rings: Paul Michael Design