Glam Wedding

A Little Sparkle, A Little Glitz and A Lot of Amazing Details... A Winter Wedding That Will Actually Make You Wish it was Winter!

Yup! You read that right! Kathleen and Dan's wedding will 100% make you wish it was winter... Like, NOW. It IS possible that perhaps it's just me, and maybe I feel this way because it's been so fucking cold every morning on the East Coast that I'm getting a little taste of winter, but I saw this wedding in my inbox, and just had to share it with you. And, if you're a winter bride, there are several amazing elements you can borrow from this lovely Canadian wedding. Starting with the dress! OMG! Kathleen's dress is kickass! Paired with a warm stole for out outdoor pics, this dress totally had me wishing I could get married again.

Bridey, aside from the awesome wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses are rockin', and quite daring... And I love them so much! You'll see. Between the fabulous attire, and the creative aspects strewn throughout the day, you'll see why I couldn't wait to share this one with you, like NOW! Enjoy!

Um... See? Such a fantastic wedding dress!

Kathleen, you look amazing! Talk about utter happiness shining through!

I love this photograph. Just a bunch of dudes sitting at the bar, waiting to get their wedding on!

See? Totally daring! Just a shade or two off from the wedding dress. LOVE IT! And, I would totally wear this dress again...

Yeah... This happens all of the time. But, good news! Look down! He made it down the aisle (with a l'il help from dad)!

OMG... The dress has pockets! And Dan's thumb is in her pocket! 

One of my favorite pics... Ever.

Definitely an attractive group! 

That's one hell of an entrance! 

Gimme!!! Gimme!!!



Thank you Kathleen and Dan for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Avey Photography
Venue: Pearle Weddings & Events

5 Completely Unoriginal, Yet Completely Unique Wedding Ideas

As a wedding planner, coach and founder of Bitchless Bride, a common question I get asked by almost every bride I talk to is, “What have you seen or done at a wedding that’s totally different or out-of-the-box?” And, the funny thing is by simply asking me that question, the originality looses its meaning. I mean, if I tell you what’s original, then it’s no longer original, right? So, rather than tell these eager brides what I have seen that’s so different or so original, I tell them what was original about the couple, and how they incorporated that into their wedding day. The truth is, bridey, is that there is really nothing you can do at your wedding that hasn’t been done before, and probably like a million times (this year alone!). But… don’t fret! I’m sure that you and your sig other rock some pretty original and unique attributes that you can easily fuse into your wedding! And, more often than not? That’s the shit your guests will love! So, I’ll share my top five unoriginal, yet completely unique wedding ideas with you based on real couples and real weddings that have graced the pages of Bitchless Bride.

1. Goofball wedding. This bride and groom could hardly keep a straight face the whole day, and I love them for it! Connie and Tim are probably one of my favorite weddings ever… Aside from the awesome Star Wars and Futurama references and nods, this B+G are funny people who made funny faces throughout their entire wedding day, and ensured that their guests would have a fantastic time attending their wedding. They stayed true to who they are (complete goofballs), and when I published their wedding, I wrote that the bride and groom will, “absolutely look back on their wedding day and see themselves smiling back. Not some contrived, weddingy version of themselves.” See, that’s the thing, bridey. All of the “stuff” that makes a wedding “original” tends to be trendy bullshit that will come and go. But, dropping hints of your inner geek and showing your guests who you are as a couple? That is timeless!

2. Zombie wedding. Bridey, zombie weddings have totally been done before, usually on or around Halloween, but it’s the bride and groom’s vision that makes it unique. And Allison and James? Holy shit! I fell in love with Allison the minute I learned that she took a scissors to the bridesmaids dresses! Certainly no pressure to wear those dresses again! But, what I really loved was all of the detail and thought the B+G put into the plans. From the red uplighting which totally set the mood (both romantic and spooky) to the bride’s black and white wedding dress to the black linen to the creative guest costumes and insanely FAB makeup (um, definitely not your typical wedding makeup!), it was wonderfully unique, while at the same time still quite elegant.

3. Retro-Inspired wedding. Retro weddings are super fucking cool for a variety of reasons. First of all, the décor, if done well, can blow the wedding away! Secondly, the photographs are totally exquisite. Take Denise and Jeremy… They had such a sensational retro wedding in Arizona that I was completely distracted by all the eye candy as I tried to write up their wedding. The furniture, the lighting, and even the overall feel of the space was completely over the top! And, for two people who have a retro flare? Why not incorporate it into your wedding? The possibilities are endless when it comes to favors, décor, entertainment and even the cake!

4. Super Glam Wedding. If money is not a thing, bridey, and you and your sig other have an affinity for the finer things in life, then glam it up girl! Go crazy with the flowers and décor! Let the gold and Moët flow! Take Kristi and Steve… This fabulous Australian couple literally made my jaw drop when I saw the pictures of their STUNNING wedding. Everything from the five tiered, gold wedding cake (OMFG!), to the deep red and pink flowers to the black dance floor, and just the way the uplighting reflected off of their cake (Yup! You read that right!)… It was truly beautiful! And the B+G loved every second. If glamorous is your style, then go for it!

5. Rustic Wedding. Nothing new here, bridey, but putting your own unique spin on something that has become super trendy? Now, that’s pretty awesome! Personally? It all comes down to the venue and the details. A lovely barn with a tent, long tables with mismatched China or napkins, tons of DIY and usually a lot of booze make a rustic wedding so rustically fantastic. But, when you make it your own like Gloria and Maggie did, then it becomes completely unique, and about the two of you. A distinctive take on a familiar idea.

So, bridey, what’s your unoriginal wedding going to look like? How are you going to make it your own? What will you and your sig other bring to your wedding day that reflects more about who you are as a couple instead of the next BIG thing?

Image via Katie Hartig

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Fashion-Forward, Super Stylish, Super Glam NYC Wedding

I've had the privilege of working with Ed from Zorz Studios, and as you are about to see, his work is positively sensational. His shots are unique, his perspective eccentric and his demeanor, lovely; something that emanates out of each and every photograph. That coupled with a truly electrifying and cool couple is a recipe for a some spectacular images!

Bridey, I have said it over and over again... Lighting changes everything! And, Dana & John's wedding is no exception. Yes the décor is beautiful, but it is eye-popping with the lighting. Trust me, you won't want to miss anything as you scroll. So, get ready for some fantastic inspiration, some holyshitINEEDthose shoes, and a ton of fun as you take in Dana & John's wedding!
The invitation? A mockup of New York Weddings magazine designed and printed for this kickass couple!OMG. Fucking GORGEOUS pic! Dana, your legs look A MAZ ING, and those shoes? WOW!CLB for men... LOVE IT!Dying over the look on her face!OMG... Dana totally looks like a princess! Totally beautiful!The B+G grew up on the same block and have known each other their whole lives. I love that they stopped for a drink before the reception!Amazing shot of the World Trade Center...Gotta have a few shots in Brooklyn where they had their very first kiss!That champagne thing really works!!Stunning!I love everything about the venue, décor and vibe! And as you know, bridey, I am particularly obsessed with the lighting! Completely changes everything!