Gold Sequins

A Little Yoga, A Little Fiesta and a Whole Lot of FABULOUS Wedding!

Bridey, imagine going to a destination wedding at a venue that is a spiritual yoga retreat center... OMG! Right? Well, meet the B+G, Rosie and Greg... They hosted their closest friends and family at Buckhorn Springs just outside Ashland, Oregon. All of their guests stayed at this FAB yoga retreat from lunchtime on Friday until brunch on Sunday morning. Not only did they get to witness and enjoy R+G's FAB, fiesta wedding, but they were able to revel in nature walks, bonfires, and excellent food throughout the weekend. I mean... Talk about taking care of your guests!! Sounds amazing!!

Rosie and Greg's wedding rocked some seriously intense colors and a super relaxed vibe (considering the location, I would certainly hope that would be the case!!). I am completely dying over Rosie's GOLD, SEQUINED wedding dress, the super sweet altar and basically everything about this lovely wedding. So, go, bridey... Go on and get yourself some serious inspiration! Enjoy! 

Love this wedding invitation! 

These necklaces are for Rosie's two children... They were given to each along with their family vows during the ceremony. Sniff... Sniff.

Holy shit with the gold sequined wedding dress! 

Seriously, could they get any cuter? Actually, the can. Look down!

Right? SO cute, and as a side note, I LOVE Rosie's nail polish!

So sweet and lovely... I cannot get over the altar décor! So simple and colorful!

Don't you just want to be there? Like, I can totally tell that this was an incredible wedding based on this pic alone.

Yes to all of the above!

Rosie, you're glowing and beautiful.

Don't mind if I do!

Thank you for sharing your FAB fiesta wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Amanda Photographic
Venue: Buckhorn Springs

Super Stylish Sunday ~ All That Glitters Should be Gold!

I love everything about this shoot. What can I say? I guess I'm in a gold place right now. Seriously, I've been sporting my grandmother's gold antique wedding band, and rockin' a ton of gold accessories these days. So, it's no surprise that when this submission came in, I (Wow!! OMG! I almost just used a really dirty phrase to describe how I felt)... AHEM... I got really excited. I think it's pretty obvious why... Because these photographs are fucking awesome! I really love the black and gold. Like REALLY love it. I'm also a big fan of the print on the linen. And not just the print, but the texture! Yeah, bridey, the black print is actually velvet. Right??? (I'm totally refraining from any velvet jokes right now.)

Anyway, the other day, my mom asked me why I share styled shoots on BB. Totally valid question (for somebody outside of the industry), so I told her that wedding inspiration is half the battle. Once a bride finds her path; her inspiration... then her wedding journey comes to life and starts to fall into place. For instance, you, bridey, may browse these photographs and suddenly decide that you are as excited as I am about gold and black, and BAM! A fucking light bulb goes off, and now you can see your wedding. Know what I mean? Well, now mama BB gets it too... So, hopefully this will be your light bulb... Enjoy!

Picture this absolutely incredible table at your wedding reception. Just add some gold flatware, and BOOM! You're done... Amazing!