Gold Wedding

A Super Glamorous, Super Glitzy and Utterly Fantastic Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding


I truly aspire to live more like all of the life I see emanating from this photograph... 
There's glitz, there's glam, there's glitz + glam, and there's a fantastic vintage typewriter worthy of obsession! Seriously, I love that Jaclyn + Matthew incorporated all of this fucking cool "glizam" into their wedding day. And, bridey, this pic is only the beginning! Just wait until you scroll down and see the bridesmaids dresses! OMFG. And, I write that with pure JOY not JUDGEMENT. They are incredible and sparkly, and totally glamorous! PLUS, all of the girls are wearing the most sensational headpieces! I swear I'm just waiting for them to start dancing like the Rockettets! 

But, beyond the butterfly-inducing details that make my wedding planner stomach go cray, this wedding is about two beautiful people (high school sweethearts!) celebrating the next step in their lives. And, it's clear to anybody viewing this post that these two are enjoying their wedding day to the fullest, and THAT, more than anything else, is worth aspiring to... Enjoy!


WOW! Captivating bouquet without being too flashy! 

Haskell Ferraro.001.jpeg
Haskell Ferraro.003.jpeg

I mean... It really doesn't get much cuter (and, is it wrong that I would TOTALLY rock the same dresses as those toddlers?!!)...


Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn... WOW! Just wow! You look stunning! That dress is EVERYTHING! And, I love how your dad is completely enamored by you.


YAAAAASSS!!! Matthew, you are rockin' that white tux!

Haskell Ferraro.004.jpeg

SHUT the fuck up with the dresses, right? I'm seriously waiting to see them kick their legs!

Haskell Ferraro.002.jpeg

This is a tough one... Dive into the champagne above or the delicious cake below? Decisions...

Haskell Ferraro.006.jpeg

Lovin' the font on the menu cards...

Haskell Ferraro.005.jpeg

Yes please! I want one of everything! Or maybe two! Or anything with sugar!


Sing it girl!!!


J+M, thank you for sharing your amazing wedding with Bitchless Bride! We are all better people because of it!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerRob Sigler Photography
Cinema + Video: Phenomenon Events & Production
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Kenneth Cole
Groomsman Attire: Calvin Klein
Floral Designer: Francesca's Floral Design
Reception Venue: The Hotel Lafayette

A Super Soulful, Super 70s Inspired and Super Romantic South Carolina Wedding


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we should multiply this one is 100! Right? I mean, I don't know about you, but it's pretty obvious that the B+G, Ashlee + Mike, are madly in love. Seriously, just look at this photograph! And while you're at it, scroll down and look at the rest of them! Bridey, there are so many incredible details that will feed your desire for inspiration that I promise you, you will keep coming back to A+M's wedding for enlightenment when you feel lost. I cannot get over how well these two managed to incorporate the soulful 70s into their wedding (without making it feel overdone or cheesy!).

The B+G met in kindergarten. Even at a young age, Mike already already had some serious game, and was casually dropping in on the Ashlee's Girl Scout meetings (led by his mom). The two remained friends throughout college and ultimately became romantically involved. And, we are so glad they did! Bridey, enjoy this wedding filled with love, soul and glam! 

Priester 2.002.jpeg

Ashlee, your makeup is phenomenal! OMG! Lovin' your lips!


You know exactly what she's saying even without uttering a word, right?


Mike, 100% loving everything about your look! Especially your amazing smile! 

Priester 2.004.jpeg

I mean... Talk about an entrance... This is absolutely exquisite! 

Priester 2.007.jpeg

It's so clear that these ladies are having a fantastic time celebrating and supporting their friend...

Priester 2.009.jpeg



OB SES SED with the décor! OMFG! You had me at gold...


First dance was to Bootsy Collins, 'I'd Rather Be With You.' LOVE IT!


How fucking cool is this? And how fabulous is this painting? Wow!

Priester 2.010.jpeg

It's official. I am seriously crushing on Ashlee + Mike.

Priester 2.011.jpeg

Thank you Ashlee + Mike for sharing your soulful, romantic and lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerLavish Moments Photography
Floral Designer: American Floral
Makeup Artist: Beats By Tae
Dress Store: New York Bride & Groom
Hair Stylist: Pure Glam Virgin Hair
Event Planner: Rich Occasions
Equipment Rentals: Something Borrowed Event Rentals
Reception Venue: 701 Whaley

Fantasy Friday ~ A Super Glam & Gorge, Masquerade Themed Styled Shoot

Know what I realized? I'm obsessed with a lot of shit! I was reading some of my past posts, and I tend to say that I am obsessed with pretty much everything I really love. And know what, bridey? Today is no different! This styled shoot is fucking amazing. Simply said? This shoot radiates gothic, glam and gorgeous. I mean... Look up. See the sensual black velvet table cloths, gold flatware, imported italian masks, and blood red roses? Yeah, see why I am obsessed with this one too? And, if you scroll down, you will see much, much more juicy eye candy for your to feast on. So, go on... Go get obsessed!  

O.M.G. What a beautiful wedding dress!Dying over the vintage threads, and groom's cool ass style.Wow.That's hot!SHUT the fuck up! I cannot get enough of the golden candelabras... Want more, bridey? Me too! The hanging chandeliers are FAB! Keep going!Ilovethiscake!!!!!Hanging chandeliers!!Yes! Totally OB SESS ED with this styled shoot! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Krystal Zaskey Photography
Cake Designer: Earth and Sugar
Dress Store: Bacio Bacio Bridal
Event Planner: Unbridled Wedding & Event Planning
Reception Venue: Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
Floral Designer: Orange Blossoms Florals and Event Styling

Fantasy Friday ~ A Beautiful Sight... We're Happy Tonight...

I'm SO over the snow. Like SO. OVER. THE. FUCKING. SNOW. If you are on the East Coast, Midwest or bascially anywhere from the Midwest and eastward, then I am sure you are over the snow too. But, there is one thing I happen to love about the snow. A winter wedding. I am the biggest mushball when it comes to a glistening white backdrop, amber hues, snowflakes and a beautiful wedding dress.

Just take a few doctors, Lauren and Frank, some sparkle and a FABU reception, and there you have it. A smashing wedding! Seriously, just wait until you see the details on this one. As somebody who has been in the industry for practially my whole life, specifically luxury hotels, I definitely have a softspot for a well done hotel wedding. And this wedding, well, it's just beautiful. Gorgeous actually. My goes of to the Double Tree by Hilton Tudor Arms Hotel. Bridey, if you're a hotel wedding kind of girl, then I highly suggest that you take in and digest all of these gorgeous photographs!

Lauren, that look is priceless! Far cry from the scrubs, huh?Such a lovely wedding dress. Awwwwwww.... Group hug!Frank, that is the look that every girl wants to see when they are walking down the aisle.See what I mean? Such a FAB backdrop (and it's free)!!