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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Medieval, Roman Church, A Gorgeous Italian Countryside and a Stunning Wedding

I know... Right? Is this B+G not the sexiest couple you've ever seen? Seriously, check out Gaziella's wedding gown. Absolutely STUN NING! Gaziella and Paolo got married on a beautiful countryside just outside of Rome, Italy. The bride had always dreamed about her wedding day being on the countryside of Nepi (near Rome), and that is exactly what she and Paolo did! Bridey, this wedding is so magnificent that writing about it will hardly do justice to the beauty enclosed in this post.

If you are interested in an outdoor wedding with soft, yet beautiful colors, simple yet stunning décor and plenty of amore to go around, then scroll through these photographs and absorb some truly incredible inspiration! You don't have to get married in Italy to mimic this amazingness!! Although, why the hell not?!! Enjoy!
That wedding gown is damn sexy!Isn't he adorbs?!! That's Valerio, Gaziella & Paolo's son. Paolo: “With the birth of our son, I realized how much I loved her, and how much I wanted her to become my wife."Lovin' this action shot!! And that car? A MAZ ING!Gaziella: “Since I was a little girl I always dreamed about my wedding day in the countryside of Nepi, near Rome, the best place during the summertime!”These very special flower arrangements are made with moss, white naomi roses, alchemilla, green hydrangea and hazel brunch for the Medieval church “Castel Sant’Elia”. Paolo has sparkling eyes...WOW! What an incredible church! Flower petals and rice throwing! LOVE IT!You two really are a gorgeous couple!I mean... Could it get any more beautiful or romantic?

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox

Kate and John Fox had their wedding at a local private high school. Seriously, they're probably the only people I know who would voluntarily go back to high school, right? But, how fabulously unique is that? I mean... Apparently, this was the first wedding held in the school, and I absolutely love that they chose to think out of the box! Anyway, the ceremony was in a chapel inside of the school and the reception was outside despite the rain! People always say that rain is good luck your wedding day, but as a wedding planner (and if you're a bride reading this), honestly, it's a pain in the ass! 

Luckily, it only rained during their formal photographs, and a few volunteers held umbrellas over the cake. So ultimately, they had good luck (phew!), and the pics to prove it!! And with a name like "Fox", they just  HAD to incorporate their name into their wedding day! After all, how many people could say that their wedding is truly the day of the fox...?

I really, really love these jewel toned bouquets!Look at Kate's father. His eyes are welling up...Fantastic kiss!Loving the green color palette!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ If You're Happy and You Know it...

I'm a little in love with Carey and Alex. I say that a lot, I know, but, these days, when you see a fantastic couple, and a totally Bitchless Bride, my emotions get the best of me, and I fall in love. What can I say? I guess that I am somewhat of a softie after all. And this wedding? Well, let's just say that I cannot get enough of Carey, the bride. Seriously? TOTAL GIRL CRUSH. And you know why, brideys? Because she is BEAMING from start to finish. BEAMING. The way a bride should be on her wedding day. Right? I mean, there is something about Carey that simply exudes pure and utter happiness. 

Okay... moving on from my girl crush... The other reason why I love this wedding so much is because of all of the details. You all know that I am whore for cake, and this cake is so simple, and so lovely that I just... can't... I can't... So, I encourage you, bridey, to scroll, to take it all in. The details, the beauty, but most of all the joy. Because, Carey? Well, Carey is an example of how every single bride (and groom) should walk through her wedding day. 

Couldn't you just squeeze her?!!!I am lovin' the DIY aspects of the wedding. Beautiful and simple.Honestly? At first I thought her mom was patting her ass (in a loving way of course). But, then I realized that she's holding up the train. Still totally love the photo, but...Again... LOOK at Carey! BEAMING! STUNNING!!! AMAZING!!!

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Intimate & Uniquely Etsy Wedding

Before you gorge yourself this Thanksgiving (like I am planning to do), I thought that as a special treat, I'd allow you to have a little candy first. Well, eye candy that is! And it won't add to the piles and piles of calories, but it will add to the piles of ideas for your wedding. Because this wedding? Well, this wedding is full of incredible details and extremely pleasing on the eyes.

Seriously, I'm dying over the long tables, I'm dying over all of the green and the adorable cake, but most of all, I'm dying over the love that is overflowing from the Maggie & Cliff! So, bridey, be thankful for this one. Be thankful for Maggie's brilliance, and be thankful that she wanted to let the world in to share all of these wonderful details with you! I mean really... If you were a fan of BB last year at this time, I can assure you that I am certainly whistling a different tune. (Um, here's my post from last year at this time... Is There Really Always Something to be Greatful for?!).

Loving the green... And those flowers? A MAZ ING!Soooooo.... cute!I love this photograph! The bridal party welcoming the bride and groom into the reception? Priceless. (Well, at least that is what I picture is happening...)OMG. To drink or eat first? That is the question.

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Goin' Green

I have to be honest. I'm not a big fan of green. I mean, we all have our favorite colors, and green was just never on my radar. Until now. Right fucking now. Seriously... How fucking tremendously FAB is this photograph? The shoes? Totally RAD! And you know what else? Totally memorable (not to mention they're also quite comfy too!). 

Bridey, I hear it all the time... "I just want my wedding to be different. Ya' know what I mean, BB?" Duh... Of COURSE I know what you mean! Who do you think comes up with all of the cool and "different" ideas for your sorry ass? Yeah, that'd be me. Moi. I do. But, not this time. This time, Tiffani and Colin came up with cool and different all by themselves, and were kind enough to share with you (well, me and I am nice enough to share it with you... but, who's keeping score?). 

Who are Tiffani and Colin? Well, Tiffani and Colin are just two lovely people who met at school and wanted nothing more then a small and unique wedding. So, they got married under their favorite tree, danced the night away and wore some super non-fancy shoes. Check it out!

Yup! It's a beautifully short wedding dress! LOVE IT! And the shoes? Fuck yeah!!

Oh mama... Did you notice the green tie?

Errbody wearing the green shoes...

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Fantasy Friday ~ Great Gatsby Inspired Styled Shoot

I am freaking out over this shoot. Like completely freaking the fuck out! Seriously, these photographs are absolutely stunning. The amazingly bright green tables, the perfect red rose, the gold... All mixed with this cool ass couple? Rockin'... I mean... Can you imagine if there was sound to go with this shoot? I can hear it, can you? 

Brideys, if you are looking for a themed, beautiful and amazingly colorful wedding, then scroll down and breath in these GORGEOUS photographs. Please notice the attention to detail, the perfectly coordinated pallet and the kick ass cake (of course)!

I always love seeing the gold flatware, but honestly, I'm totally distracted by how magnetic this couple is! It's just not fair to be that perfect, right? I mean, c'mon! Not too mention that fantastically exquisite headpiece she's wearing so magnificently.

Look at this table! It's dazzling! Isn't that menu lovely? 

I just died and went to heaven. Totally breathtaking.

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