Groom's Cake

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Cowboy Boots, Carrots, and a Pistol (Yes! A Pistol)! Just a FAB Texan Wedding!

I really don't know where to begin with Rachael and Kirk's wedding. All I can tell you, bridey, is that everything about it screams awesome. From the vibrant colors to the stunning ceremony décor (and setting) to the cakes (yes, both of them) and the party, this wedding stole my heart!

I mean... Just look up at that photograph of Rachael and Kirk. Could I have enticed you with a pic of the bride's cool bouquet which rocked flowers and carrots? I could have... Or perhaps the record player groom's cake? Sure... But, as I practically preach on Bitchless Bride, all of that stuff is fucking great, but it's what's seen in that picture that makes it all worthwhile.

I've never owned (or even worn) a pair of cowboy boots... But, I must say, those look FAB!Rachael, you look adorable and beautiful all at the same time!Such a beautiful ceremony!Um, are those carrots? Yup! And they look awesome, don't they!!?Look at Kirk's eyes.According to Debra Gulbas, the photographer, "Rachael and Kirk wrote their vows with a compilation of music lines, and there wasn't a dry eye in the area. Their vows were heartfelt, emotional, and beautiful."Oh yeah! We did it!!Probably one of my favorite wedding pics ever!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Rainbows, Rainbows and More Rainbows

I wear a lot of black. Like, a lot. Like, my closet is super depressing, but somehow it suits me. Seriously, outside of the hot pink wig, and some hot pink accessories, my wardrobe would be perfectly acceptable if my job were in a funeral parlor. So, when I saw Shaye and Anthony's wedding, I felt inspired. I felt happy. I felt giddy. But, most of all, I felt like I needed to share it with you, bridey. The pictures are entirely kick ass, and so are the details. I mean... I am absolutely OBSESSED with the rainbow bridesmaids dresses (and their fingernails) and adorable bridesmaids gifts! 

So much thought went into each aspect, and it shows. But, Shaye... Well, Shaye has a bit of an edge on some of you from a DIY standpoint. You see, Shaye is an art teacher, so the rainbow wedding theme, and all of the colorful tid bits came easily to her.

Shaye made the streamer backdrop at the altar, and the rainbow crane centerpieces on the tables. I know, right?!! The save the dates? They were designed by a friend (also self-printed), and Shaye designed the wedding invitations. And you know what? They're stunning! So, bridey, don't be afraid to get your DIY on... Just because I am, doesn't mean you have to be! Enjoy!

STUN NING! Just stunning!!!The save the dates and the wedding invitations... Oh, and the chicks holding them? Bridesmaids! Yup! Check out those fucking phenomenal dresses!Green fingernails. For the wedding. LOVE IT!