Hot Pink Wedding

An Insanely Romantic, Super Glam, City Chic, Styled Shoot

I seriously don't know what to look at first... The incredibly lush florals around the gold chiavari chairs or the black, sequined linen or the luscious amber locks hanging from the shoulders of the beautiful woman wearing the beautiful dress or the faux hawk the male model is rockin', OR OR OR!!! Right? Bridey, this styled shoot is so fucking awesome that I can hardly contain myself. I want them to redo it so that I can be the girl model and completely immerse myself in the details. And, I haven't even mentioned the glitter donuts. Did you hear me? I said, "GLITTER DONUTS"!! Actually, they're PINK GLITTER DONUTS!! OMG... STFU!!

Bridey, there is so much juiciness encapsulated in this shoot that I am almost at a loss for words. ALMOST... With every scroll or roll of your thumb, it just keeps getting better and better. So, allow me, to allow you, to start scrolling... Enjoy!

Imagine if this was your place setting? WOW!

Hold please... See her dress? Whoa... The side flower? So fucking cool!


Oh my gawd!!!!!

That dress... WOW!

Such a great shot!

No, I don't know where they are or what they're laying on, but I don't care. It's too good...

Drink up!

WPIC Inc..009.jpeg

Me too! I'm in love! In love with this fantastic styled shoot! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Phat Dog Visuals Studios
Cake: Bite Me Bakery
Floral Designer: First Comes Love Weddings & Floral Design
Event Planner: The Wedding Planners
Equipment Rentals: Chairman Mills
Linens: Linen Closet
Models: Emily Allanah & Ncube
Makeup: Black-Blush Makeup Artistry
Invitations: Polka Dot Paper Shop
Dress: Sharleez Bridal
Tux: Andrew's Formals

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Hot Pink Wearin', Summer Dreamin' Kind of Wedding

I'm dreaming in pink these days. Actually, I'm dreaming in summer these days... I was going to hold off on posting this FAB wedding because it's December, and this is from August, but then I got to thinking that we all could use a little bit of sun, some green grass, and some hot fucking pink! Right? Plus, I'm sure that many of you brideys trolling BB are getting married over the summer, and this wedding has some fantastic inspiration for you. 

Emily and Kurt have some serious spunk, and it's pretty clear in the photographs. Brideys, as you scroll down, you will see the hot pink bridesmaids dresses, and the kick ass hot pink vests that the groomsmen are rockin'! I mean, they say that only real men can wear pink, and DAMN, these guys are wearing it well!

But, there's more to why I love this wedding so much (outside of dreaming of a lovely summer day), there is a ton of DIY aspects, and as you know, BB is not a DIYer, so whenever I see weddings that are DIY, I feel the need to honor them somehow... Does that even make sense? Fuck, the cold is getting to me. I seriously feel dumber with every degree the temperature drops... So enough out of me! Just scroll, brideys!!

I am such a sucker for glitter and pearls... Um, could you bust? Awwww... Kurt.... What a lovely message to get before walking down the aisle!Ahem... DIY!!! LOVE IT!Look at all of the hot pink! And it's such a nice summer day too.... Love the bubbles!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Maryland Mansion Wedding

Look at this photograph. What do you see? I see an absolutely stunning bride, Ophelia. Seriously, isn't she amazingly STUN NING? I love her dress. I love her hair. I love her jewels. I love her hot pink shoes (scroll down, you'll see them). Yup! I love everything about Ophelia (including her name). But, the thing I love most? I love that this post is about TWO brides instead of just one! Ophelia and Anastacia. And as a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage truly being about two people who love each other, no matter of their sexuality, race, or whatever, it's wedding submissions like this one (or the one last Friday) that thrill me! 

Clearly, both women come from two incredibly warm families, as each was escorted by her parents down the aisle. Jessica, from Eastport Photography had this to say about Ana's father, "The self-proclaimed bad public speaker had no shortage of wonderful things to say about his daughter, who he referred to as “the bride in the pants” and his best friend. And he also had equally wonderful things to say about Ophelia." And about Ophelia’s father, "...delivered the blessing of the food and thanked all the guests for being there and for being such an important support system for the couple." I mean... I love it!!!

Now, enough of the mushy stuff! Go enjoy the BEAUTIFUL details of Ophelia & Anastacia's wedding!!

You look gorgeous, Ophelia!I'm obsessed with this photograph. OBSESSED! Mouth wide open; exuding completely happiness!Um... yeah... Three words... HOT PINK SHOES!As Ana's father put it, "the bride in the pants"... Also incredibly show stopping!

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Feelin' Hot Hot Hot...

I asked for it... I put the word out there that I wanted to see a hot pink wedding, and I got my wish! Just LOOK at these fucking amazing bridesmaids dresses? Right? So vibrant, so rich, and so fantastic! And, I really love how laid back the groom and his men are. I mean, definitely dressed for the occasion, but not seeing black tuxedos is a nice change from the "norm".

I think at this point I have DRILLED into your little bridey heads how important it is to have fun at your wedding, and how important it is for your guests to have fun too... Well, this is how it's done.... These photographs speak for themselves. Seriously. At some point during the night, the groom did a handstand! Oh yeah! LOVE IT!

I mean... You gotta love that the bride is wearing Toms under her stunning wedding dress. 

That is one proud mama. And why shouldn't she be? Her daughter is stunning!!

I HAD to include this photograph in the post. It's like the gentleman doing the makeup was written into the script... He's wearing hot pink too!!

Gerber daisies are just so happy...