Indian Wedding

A Stunningly Gorgeous, Beautifully Flawless, Colorful Indian Wedding

The pale color of Asna's nails against her STUN NING henna, the lavish saree, and all of glimmering jewels, makes me feel as though Asna just stepped out of Bollywood. Right? Seriously, she is just so glam that I can hardly take it! I mean... We can't even see all of her lovely face, and yet we just know that she is an exquisite woman. 

Anyway, I believe this shot was taken the day before she and Syed tied the knot. I love that they carved out some time to have together before the beautiful chaos of their wedding celebration began. I'll show you a few shots of them the day before, and then we'll move on to their FAB Indian wedding. Enjoy!

Lovin' the black sherwani!

I'm not going to lie... I definitely love me some gold, and the jewels above? SO SO SO awesome!

There really are no words for how glamorous Asna is... WOW! 

OMG. Those are some seriously beautiful feet. The henna, the nails, the glam! Oh my!

Great shot of the mojari shoes!

Syed! You look so handsome!

I always love seeing the B+G check each other out after the initial first look...

Amazing bouquet! I love how it's so beautifully clear against Asna's saree.

Wow! Check out all of those flowers! 

Syed, you look so incredibly happy! 

The décor is so beautiful and elegant!

I love the cascading flowers down the side of the wedding cake!

Thank you for sharing your super glamorous, and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Olli Studio

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Phillipa & Anurag's Hindu Wedding... Day 2

Here we go again, bridey! I am absolutely thrilled to share Day 2 of Phillipa & Anurag's wedding with you! In February, I shared their Western wedding with you, and today, it's time for you to drool over the stunning photographs, taken by the amazing Hilary Cam, of their Hindu wedding celebration. Seriously, you will be drooling, because it's filled with piles and piles of dynamic colors and energy, and truly incredible details!

OMG! Just wait until you see Phillipa and her 'maids in their super colorful lengha and saris. They are so absolutely stunning that you're gonna freak out! And, don't forget to check out their jewels and henna! I mean... Holy shit with the jewelry! Anyway... I'll let you get to it! Enjoy!!!
Amazing henna. Just gorgeous!Phillipa, you look beautiful.Nice sharanis boys!! You look great!!Wow! Check them out! Woot! Woot!Apparently, they tried to sneak up on Anurag for the first look, but the jingling bells and bracelets gave her away! Anurag still looked shocked and surprised when he saw Phillipa in traditional Indian outfit. Uh... Nice Rolls! Bring on the Baraat!!Yeah, look up! The girls are rockin' Gangnam style! Look down! The boys are giving it right back! An impromptu dance off in the street between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen started when Gangnam Style started playing! Oh YEAH!!Then everybody started dancing! Super fun!!Love. Love. Love.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Beautiful Indian Christian Blend

Talk about a memorable wedding venue! How about getting married where the Obamas tied the knot in October of 1992? Right? Well, that's what Laura and Anuj did!! They got married at the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago. And, I mean... Such an amazing venue! OMG! I think Lisa with Spark + Tumble Photography said it best when she said, "The gorgeous architecture and the foliage echoed the vibrance of their nuptials, which artfully intertwined traditions from each of their cultures." 

Bridey, here is a couple who stay true to both of their traditions (Indian and Christian), and threw an amazing party! Not only is everybody is having a fantastic time (scroll down to see the amazing "action" pics!), but the clothing and decor are absolutely sensational! So, enjoy, and feel free to take a few pointers from Laura and Anuj!

Amazing henna and a stunning sari!Love the bangles!LOVE LOVE LOVE the sherwanis the groom and his men are wearing!!Using a bicycle for the baraat? Priceless!!! (Traditionally, the groom arrives for the ceremony or the wedding venue on an elephant or a horse.)Gorge garlands for the ceremony!I can't... This pic is just too beautiful.Clearly, everybody is having a fantastic time!Time for Anuj to change his clothes too.Gotta love a shoulder kiss! OMG! I can't get enough of Laura & Anuj's wedding!!! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Spark + Tumble Photography
DJ: Cage and Aquarium Productions
Reception Venue: South Shore Cultural Center

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Allow Me to Show You a Sand Ceremony, Henna and Tons of Purple!

I love all of the colorful details encapsulated in Jennifer and Shelia's wedding. Not only was it a beautiful day to get married, but their story is quite beautiful too! You see, both their ceremony and reception took place at the Coronado Community Center which happens to be just down the street from where Sheila had popped the question. I mean, how cool is it that their wedding essentially allowed them to share their engagement with their friends and family too? Right? LOVE IT! 

But, seriously, bridey... Check out the amazing ceremony! I do love a sand ceremony and what it represents, and I especially love the kick ass colors they choose to blend! Click on the link to see what it all means... It's pretty fucking cool.

A little note from the photographer, Jennifer Corbin: Their wedding day was an incredible day full of joy, love and emotion. The toast from Sheila’s brother was filled with laughs and tears and lots of love for his sister. One of my favorite parts was when Sheila’s cousins did a traditional dance for the newlyweds. In all honestly the day went by so quickly, and before I knew it I was saying goodbye to the sweet couple. Thank you Jennifer and Shelia for allowing me to be a part of your big day, I know I will think back on it fondly for years to come.

Beautiful henna... Simply stunning... Lovin' the purple shoes too!! 
Awwwww.... I love the first look. I really, really do!!
Incredible! I totally dig their nails too... I see a party nail!! Oh yeah!YEAH!!!!!!

A MAZ ING!!!!! Such beautifully passionate colors!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Modern Twist in a Traditional Indian Wedding

I am completely blown away by this beautifully stunning real wedding! The amazing mandap, the gorgeous garlands, and the lovely bridal party... Oh my! I seriously couldn't wait to share this with you! 

A few words from the photographer: Lindsey and Arpan were married in an absolutely breathtaking traditional Indian ceremony at Kapok Special Events Center. Their guests were welcomed into a stunning and magically designed ceremony site from Tammy of Special Moments complete with a mandap from Dean of Arc Divine.

Lindsey and Arpan's priest was kind enough to talk their guests through the steps of the Indian wedding ceremony so that every guest of every culture could appreciate its beauty. After the ceremony, Lindsey and Arpan changed from their saris into a wedding gown and tuxedo while their guests enjoyed cocktail hour. They then did a first look between the two of them before entering their elegant ball room style reception. Every detail of their wedding seamlessly highlighted and complimented their family and cultures.

I cannot even begin to convey how utterly incredible this aisle is... Just look for yourselves... Right? Totally magnificent!

Such lovely garlands (these get exchanged during the ceremony)...

The significance of the garland exchange is the same as exchanging wedding rings... 

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Indian Wedding Fashion, Décor, Tradition and Education

What's shakin' brideys? It's Super Stylish Sunday, and I could not be more excited to share today's post! In my wedding planning experience, I have had the pleasure of planning several Indian weddings. And it's truly an incredible experience for everybody involved. I mean, look at the picture above! Um, that's an elephant! Right? AMAZING! And that elephant (sometimes a horse) is used ceremonially to bring the groom, accompanied by his family, to the bride... A Northern Indian tradition.


I love all of the color typically often associated with an Indian wedding. From the beautiful wedding lenghas, saris, jewelry, and henna, to the mandap, wedding cakes and décor, there is just so much to look at and absorb. The cool thing, brideys? You can incorporate this into your wedding no matter what your background is! 
Seriously, the bride in blue? How absolutely stunning is she? I am totally in awe when I look at her. Or the beautiful bride in her red lenga and bangles? Just amazing.
The bangles are always incredible to me. I have received many as gifts, and not only do I feel super cool when I wear them, but it's nice knowing that they are authentic, as they were purchased in India, not at store nearby. 
The henna this bride is rockin' is probably some of the most beautiful henna I have ever seen. I love her pink nails, and the rock on her finger shining through. It takes time for henna to be applied to the body; think of it as an artist creating a masterpiece.