LGBT Wedding

A Rainbow Connection Brought to You by Cupid Himself + a Super Smart Maid of Honor


Happy Valentine's Day, brideys (and grooms too)! If you know me at all, Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday, but my personal issues aside, I am a HUGE fan of #redbottomshoes, and in this case, ALL of the people wearing them in this post! I decided to post this particular wedding today, Valentine's Day, because even though I think this holiday is the most contrived holiday ever, I do believe in love, and equality, and this post encompasses both. Ben and Michael have a kickass love story, brought to you by destiny and some smart and encouraging friends. PLUS, there is a lot of red (for Valentine's Day, of course!) because of the GORGEOUS Christian Louboutin shoes!

In a minute, I am going to suggest that you start scrolling for some serious inspiration, but before I do, I want to say that the grooms will be telling you their FABULOUS story because they are much more articulate than I am when it comes to their love... Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day! Okay, start scrolling!!


I mean... Can I get a "HOLY SHIT"?!!! I want a pair of both!

Guerra Ortiz.001.jpeg

Our Love Story's Playlist ~ Some people believe everything happens for a reason. We take this mantra and another, to seek the good things in life, to heart. This is how our love story played out through a five song playlist: 1. Lady Gaga, The Fame. "LoveGame" ~ Cupid played a game that would take five years in the making. After two years, Cupid decided to shot an arrow at a concert in Houston, Texas, featuring Lady Gaga. We had just began talking via OkCupid and our now Maid-Of-Honor pushed us into trading numbers which lead to our first date.


Seriously, one of each for me...

Guerra Ortiz.002.jpeg

2. Lady Gaga, Born This Way. "Yoü and I". Like most first dates, we both were a little awkward. It wasn't until we both expressed our mutual love for music and how it brings a smile to your face even when having a bad day. Our dates continued, ranging from picnics on the floor of a college dorm room, to the floor of our first apartment together, and eventually to the picnic where the proposal occurred.


I am OB SES SED with these bridesmaids dresses! OB FUCKING SES SED!!


3. Glee Cast, Glee: The Music, Vol.1. "Don't Stop Believing". On June 27, 2015, The United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. What we once thought would never be, suddenly became a reality. It was a birthday present for both of us as we celebrated at a Houston Pride.


Ben + Michael, I LOVE you two together! 



Look at all of those #redbottom shoes!!!!!


4. Taylor Swift, 1989. "Welcome To New York". With the debut of The Great Gatsby,  the concept of elegance and love was an eye opening idea of exactly how we wanted to plan our wedding.

Guerra Ortiz 2.001.jpeg

5. Kesha, Rainbow, "Rainbow". Six years after Cupid played his game, we came together with family, friends, and loved ones at Kendall Plantation. Just as God places rainbows in the sky so we may see the beauty of all colors after a storm, we were granted our own rainbow. Now we look to the sky without any limit, and seek the good things in life. 

Some serious fun happening!!! LOVE IT!


I'm crying over these shoes...


Thank you Ben + Michael for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Shelly Beck Photography 
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Nordstrom
Bakery: 2 Tarts Bakery
Floral Designer: Botankia
Hair Stylist: Shag The Salon
Caterer: Absolutely Delicious Catering
Venue: Kendall Plantation

An Insanely Colorful, Beautifully Unique Celestial Wedding


It's not often that you get a confetti shot that's this good. No really, we all hope for the best when we pull the trigger on a confetti cannon, but usually they're touch and go at best. But, for Billy + Tony? Absolutely perfect! I mean... Even the photog said the guests were surprised at how well they worked! But, seriously, just look at that pic! That one picture completely encompasses pure joy (and surprise). Although the depth of their love is no surprise at all... B+T? Well, they tied the knot after thirteen years together!

What I love most about this wedding? Well, aside from the awesome celestial theme strewn throughout? My favorite part is that it's clear that every.single.person in the room is absolutely thrilled to be present. They are celebrating the union of two people who have loved each other for thirteen years, and who are clearly meant to be. And that is totally worth celebrating! Enjoy this celestially awesome wedding! I totally did!

Billy and Tony gave their grooms-girls Alex & Ani bracelets with charms of their astrological sign, and the men got cuff links with their astrological sign. I mean... SO FAB!!

Yeah... That's their constellation seating chart! LOVE IT!

Holy fucking confetti! I would absolutely love to have a confetti party!

I seriously love this cake. So simple, and so cool....

Look at how Billy and Tony are looking at each other! I'm such a sucker for "the look"!

Gotta love the cake battle!

A giant thank you to Billy and Tony for sharing their celestially awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Mak Rabbitt Photography
Floral Designer: Dannette's Floral Boutique
Dress Store: David's Bridal
Groomsman Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant: Run to an Elopement
Reception Venue: The Bluestone
Cake Designer: The Suisse Shop

A Wedding with a Ton of Pride, a Fabulous Parade and a Lot of Spunk!!

As a wedding planner + writer, blogger, etc. I feel like I've seen and been exposed to all kinds of amazing weddings and events. But, Steven + Tim's wedding? Well, it's a first for me. Why? Because I've never seen or planned a wedding that took place at a parade. And Steven + Tim? They got married at the Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade. Right?  Isn't that amazingly wonderful!? I mean... Holy fuck! Talk about incomparable wedding day experience! And the best part ? When their photographer, Mak Rabbit Photography, asked what they were looking forward to most on their wedding day, Tim said, "Having our relationship legally recognized and standing up in front of our family and expressing our love and commitment to each other." Hell yeah!

Sooooo.... Friends and family met at a little corner of the park, and John (the friend who introduced S+T) officiated their ceremony. Followed by some candids in and around the park, complete with a wardrobe change, Steven and Tim truly rocked the hell out of the pride parade and their kickass wedding! Enjoy!

I can't even with this shirt. It's just too awesome!

Sniff sniff... Everything is in this moment! Totally moving...

A beautiful embrace, and some seriously FAB pants!

So sweet! I'm a l'il obsessed with the beard...

Time for a quick change! I love that they kept the same color scheme going!! 


Thank you Steven + Tim for sharing your AWESOME day with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Mak Rabbitt Photography
Other Location: Goodale Park
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Vintagey Romantic, Super FAB, Opera House Wedding

So, I might be a little bit obsessed with Liz + Kristen. I know I've said something like that before (I def say that about all of my Bitchless Brides!), but L+K? Well, their chemistry is apparent, and their wedding is totally beautiful. Plus, when I heard that they were super laid back, and that all of their décor was DIY by family and friends, I liked them even more. Because, as you know, I am the least DIY person in the world, so I am always impressed when others are DIY peeps, and when it's done so beautifully.

Aside from the aesthetics and the A MAZ ING venue, The Howell Opera House, the pure emotion encapsulated in this wedding is exactly what I have been preaching for all of these years. AHEM... Just love each other deeply and plan your wedding simply. Ditch the drama, ditch the bullshit, and embrace the meaning  behind the day. Anyway... You know that I could go on and on, so, I will leave you here to scroll the awesomeness that is Liz + Kristen's wedding.

Beautiful invitation...

OMG! Is the dog smiling? Seriously!!

So so so sweet!

Such a special spot for a first look!

STFU with that adorable dog! First the smile, and now the roll? TOO CUTE!

Right? See what I mean with the chemistry? 

Sniff... Sniff...

Ready to party? Let's go!

That cake! I'm LOVING the piped roses, and my mouth totally just watered!

How cute is that?

Thank you Liz + Kristen for sharing your lovely, heart-felt and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Green Holly Photography
Reception Venue: Howell Opera House
Caterer: C.C. Catering
Cake Designer: Crafty Custom Cakes by Christina Zamenski
Dress Store: David's Bridal
Floral Designer: Jennifer Karres
Officiant: Mike McMillan
Design & Décor: The Urban Upcyclers

A Super Colorful, Super Fabulous, Amazing Rainbow Wedding, Rockin’ Some Serious Pride! YEAH!

OMG. Are you fucking falling over right now, bridey? Seriously, just look at this incredible ceremony setup. LOOK! Yes, I am totally yelling at you, but that's simply because I am 100% OBSESSED with Steven and Andrew's wedding. It's RAINBOW!!! And, I love rainbows... So much so, that in 2013, I put together a post called The Rainbow Connection. I thought was pretty fucking awesome, but now that I have had the privilege of sharing this with you, I realized that it hardly holds a candle to Steven and Andrew's kickass wedding! 

Aside from all of the colorful deets (quite literally), I love that these two groom's are waving the rainbow flag, HIGH (well, they're signing it instead of a guest book!)!!! I mean... Love is love... Marry whoever the fuck you want. Love whoever you want. And be whoever you want! Now, go love this wedding like I did! (If you want to see Steven and Andrew's engagement shoot, and learn more about their story, click here.)

Woot! Woot!

Andrew, you are so ADORABLE! Like... OMFG!

Awwwww..... So so so cute!!

Steven... Such a handsome pic!!

Like... OMG with the ceremony space!!

Doves. That's all.

The masks! WHOA!!! A teeny, tiny bit Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, but I love it!

Amazing! Check out the bow tie!



Fabulous wedding favors!




Andrew, Steven... Thank you for sharing this amazing rainbow wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Mak Rabbitt Photography LLC

Caterer: Cheers & Lakeside Chalet

Ceremony Location: Cheers Chalet

Cake Designer: Short North Piece of Cake

Bakery: Short North Piece of Cake

Dress Store: The Wedding Plantation

Reception Venue: Lakeside Chalet

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Fabulously Gorgeous, Waikiki Hawaii Wedding

I love a good story about sig others meeting when there's booze involved. Perhaps it's because I met my sig other in a bar (def a lot of booze involved), and we are still going strong! And the cool thing about Lancer (TOTALLY love that name!!) and Eddie? Yes, they met during a booze-filled celebration walking down St. Ann Street in New Orleans (in front of the Bourbon Pub), but, they kinda knew each other. Well, they had heard of each other over the years through their friends, but hadn't met in person. And, when they finally did meet, sparks flew! How fucking FAB is that? Lancer (still dying over how awes that name is!) says it best, so I'll let him tell you the story in his own words. 

From the Groom: So all of my friends already knew Eddie. He was managing the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas and all of my friends would go to Vegas and he would hook them up. I was supposed to go once, but something else came up, so I never met him and only heard of this Vegas Eddie. So, in March of 2010 I went to New Orleans for my friend's Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. We arrived on Friday, March 19th and started drinking early. We were walking down Bourbon Street and turned the corner at St. Ann when Eddie came around the corner. Everyone I was with knew Eddie and saw him and yelled "Eddie!!". So, I met Eddie for the first time in front of the Bourbon Pub. I just thought he was so handsome. I have a thing for gray hair. 

We met and hit it off right away. Later that night...ok, within 5 minutes... I was coming onto him. Our friend pulled out his phone and started recording me hit on Eddie. We have our first kiss recorded and our friend in the background said "wouldn't it be wild if they ended up together". Eddie was just stopping for the night in New Orleans on his way back to Atlanta, but ended up staying the whole weekend and came with us to all the weekend party events.He was living in Atlanta at the time and we ended up taking a few trips to get to know each other. We met in Vegas for a weekend and Boston for a weekend. Eddie then got a job in Trinidad, in the Caribbean. He was planning to go for a year, but the job was not what he wanted, so he moved back to Houston, where I was. He was planning to move in with his sister, her husband, 2 kids and their mom until he figured out his next move. I was excited to see him again and suggested that he move in with me since I was living alone in a 4-bedroom house. He didn't want to be a bother or move too fast, but I insisted.Everything was great after that. So, the proposal was not that exciting. No random flash mobs or hot balloons involved. We already bought matching rings.\In December 2012, we went on a cruise. While sitting at The Red Frog Pub on the Carnival Magic, we were talking about names. I said that boyfriend seems too juvenile, partner seems too professional, and husband is not accurate until we get married. Eddie took off my ring and said, let's get married, and put it back on my finger. I said yes, so now we can be called finances. We didn't pick a date or start planning until earlier this year.One of my FAVE pics ever!!