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A Boho Meets the Beach Wedding Filled with Amazing Surprises, a Few Setbacks and a Brilliant Comeback!

See Kristen + Ben just walking along like it’s no big thing? Like they don’t have a care in the whole wide world? Kristen is just stunningly strolling in that fucking GORGEOUS wedding dress, avoiding pelican poop, while holding the hand of her handsome husband… No big deal. Right? Wrong. Amazingly enough, the story of this B+G is much deeper than this beautiful photograph. Kristen + Ben endured a ton of drama which could have turned their wedding planning experience into a living hell, but instead, was something they got through together… Well, together, and with their wedding planner. What “hell” am I referring to? Read it from the bride herself, and then go be inspired!!

From the bride: The best advice I could give a future bride would be to hire a wedding planner (especially if you are trying to plan a destination wedding). We had some major setbacks throughout the wedding planning process- Hurricane Irma- and along with that came two changes of venue, date changes, vendor changes, guest list changes and multiple invitations. Even though you may think you don't want to spend the money, it was well worth it for my sanity. Nicole from Simply You weddings was a rock star!

Stoyka Bishop.001.jpeg

Kristen! You’re incredible!! I love everything about you!!!

Bridey, are you dying over Kristen’s kickass wedding dress? I am!

Stoyka Bishop.002.jpeg
Stoyka Bishop.003.jpeg

OMFG. That bouquet of flowers! I’m losing my mind! WHOA!


From the bride: The most anticipated moment for me was seeing Ben, my fiancé's face, when we had the first look. It is just such a special moment to know that your about to commit to that person for life and I'm so glad Mike was able to capture that so well.


From the bride: The first time I tried on wedding dresses at Olivia Bowen bridal boutique, I knew right away that I did not want to have a traditional wedding day style. I went with the Australian based designer, Made with Love, for my gown who I feel made the ultimate dress by incorporating a natural color pattern into the dress but still the traditional feel with an all lace gown. 

Stoyka 2.001.jpeg

Bridey, remember how this is plan B??? THIS is PLAN FUCKING B!! Just look how breathtaking this ceremony is!


Sniff, sniff… I can’t get past this moment…


Cheers!!! Two for me, please!


The lighting, the venue, the wedding… OH MY!


Kristen, I LOVE your facial expression here!

From the bride: I personalized the wedding with a gourmet donut bar including fresh fried donuts and just about any topping imaginable. The self serve bar included custom"to-go" bags that read "Glazed and delicious from the new Mr and Mrs". (PS- See the date on the bags? Different than the actual wedding day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they still used the bags with the original wedding date!)


Thank you K+B for sharing your A MAZ ING wedding (part two). It’s clear that you persevered through the cray and had an incredible wedding day!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Freas Photography
Event Planner: Simply You
Transportation: Old Town Trolley
Cake Designer: Key West Cakes
DJ: DJ Buggy
Equipment Rentals: Keys Audio Productions, LLC
Floral Designer: Marathon Florist
Ceremony + Reception Location: Southernmost House
Hair Stylist: Bella Luxe Hair & Makeup

A Totally Awesome, Insanely Cool, Rockabilly Tennessee Wedding


Bridey, when I tell you that David's first look reaction is amongst the most incredible, emotional and straight out gut-wrenching reaction I've EVER seen in person and on Bitchless Bride, believe me. When I tell you that Holly + David are madly in love, and created a wedding entirely representative of that love, believe me. When I tell you that YOU too can create a wedding that is entirely about you and your sig other, believe me. Whatever you are doing that doesn't feel like it is about the two of you, stop. Remember that you can and deserve to have a wedding which represents who you are together. Just scroll down for proof of that sentiment.

Bridey, this wedding will absolutely blow your mind. I'm OB SES SED with this backyard throw down party filled with raw emotion, tons of delicious treats, WAFFLES and a l'il debauchery. H+D definitely know how to throw a party! But, beyond the party, it's apparent that these two belong with each other and put together a celebration symbolic of their love. You should try it.... I give you permission to have the wedding you want and to be has happy as Holly + David. Enjoy!

Jackson Walker.001.jpeg

I needed you to have a close u of this STUN NING dress. OMFG.


You're gonna love her by the end of this post...

Jackson Walker.003.jpeg

Damn girl, you are beautiful!


Are you ready for this? David is already wiping away tears and he hasn't even seen Holly yet!

Jackson Walker.004.jpeg

Right? Are you crying right now? Go get a tissue...



Jackson Walker.006.jpeg

Holly, that dress fits you like a glove! Your bod is smokin' hot!


<3 this...


Can you hear it? It seriously came to life for me when I saw this pic!

Jackson Walker.007.jpeg
Jackson Walker.008.jpeg
Jackson Walker.009.jpeg


Jackson Walker.010.jpeg

I want to be sandwiched in-between these two pictures! Candy, cupcakes and cake, oh my!!


Look how warm and inviting H+D's wedding is!


Fucking WAFFLES people!!! 

Jackson Walker.012.jpeg

He looks like somebody I'd like to have some whiskey with, right??


Right? Don't you LOVE her? And them together!! I wonder...


Thank you for sharing your incredibly emotional and fabulous day with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Wilde Company

An Amazing Greek Wedding So Good the B+G Forgot They Were Hosting!

“It was really a huge party, one of the best parties I've ever been to, so good I eventually forgot I was the host. By the end of the night we went crazy. I guess that's what a wedding is all about, isn't it??” said Nicoletta, the fucking awesome bride! I mean, holy shit, right? THIS is what Bitchless Bride has been preaching since inception! This feeling, this story, this wedding 100% embodies the truth behind your wedding and your marriage! Have fun and love your sig other. Plain and simple. Plain and fucking simple. Enjoy your wedding so much that you forget you’re the host. I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

Bridey, there are so many goodies in this wedding I hardly know where to begin. I seriously wanted to show you every.single.photograph, but somehow I was able to narrow it down. From the al fresco ceremony and kickass cocktail reception to the absolutely insanely GORGEOUS décor, this wedding not only stole my heart, but my soul too. Enjoy! And scroll on to learn more about how Nicoletta and Dimitris met!

WOW! Nicoletta, you are stunning!

Dimitris: If I was ever told that I would fall in love with my future bride at first sight, I would probably laugh hard because I always considered this scenario is only plausible in movies. It's a lovely night in Milan, but despite it's loveliness you don't wish to remove yourself from the couch, your mates insist, so you decide to go all Jim Carrey, be a "yes" man and join them ; there you see her, standing out of the crowd, she's your definition of heaven and you've suddenly grown all sweaty, you want to approach her but your feet can't seem to budge, the night goes by and this beautiful stranger is about to leave, so you come up with the lamest possible excuse to follow her to the door and ask if the lighter you've just grabbed from your best buddy actually belongs to her. Turns out this move is the cheesiest tiny but eventually huge step that will transform your entire life and take it to the right direction.

No need for decorations when you have this!!

Ohhhhhhh..... Kitty!!!

This might be one of my favorite pics ever! Like, EVER! Look at the B+G. Nothing but sheer excitement and joy!


OMG! That's some serious rice throwing! I mean, if you're standing on the roof, you mean business!

Is it weird to be in love with a couple? Just asking...for a friend.

Nicoletta: We arrived at our reception venue on a little fishing boat, and we instantly had a toast to our loved ones sipping some aperol spritzers, the night was still young and our party was about to begin.

I could seriously cry while looking at these photographs. The lighting, the décor the ambiance! Oh my!! Fucking spectacular!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink uplights!

Nicoletta: We wanted our wedding to be a true, heartfelt, endless party where all our loved ones would join us and have an unforgettable time.

Thank you Nicoletta + Dimitris for sharing your amazingly fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! I truly love everything about your day!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography
Cinema + Video: Jim Grillas Films
Reception Venue: Lazarou Beach
Bridesmaid Dresses: Maria Konidi
Event Planner: The12Events

An Online Wedding Dress "Shop" with Tons of Imagination, Tons of Spunk and No Bullshit

Soooo.... I must say, that I not only am OB SES SED with these stunning wedding dresses, but I am truly amazed at the idea behind the gown! Bridey, allow me to introduce you to Lyra Vega Bridal, an exquisite online wedding dress "shop" with non-exquisite prices. Lyra Vega allows you to try on your wedding dress in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the stress and illuminating everything you love about being a bride. Honestly? It's fucking genius. It's fucking smart. It's fucking awesome. Totally wish I thought of it... Here's a few words from the boss lady (and a pretty FAB coupon!!!):

Lyra Vega Makes Finding the Perfect Dress Oh-So-Simple!

Be honest: how many bridal stores have you been to and how many dresses have you tried on only to hate everything you put on your body? Oh and let's not forget the price tag! You're going to wear this dress for one day and yet pay a whole months' salary, where’s the rational in that? 

As modern day women, we work hard and play hard, we make smart choices, we break glass ceilings, and we do it all with style and grace – so when it comes to shopping for our wedding dress, why are we settling for painful visits to bridal stores and trying on a million dresses you don’t like, unrealistic pricing, or waiting in line to fight 50 other women at sample sales to score a deal? It is time that our wedding dress shopping experience reflected how far we’ve come.

Lyra Vega wants to change up the wedding conversation. By combining online shopping with the wedding dress search, they’re bringing convenience and transparency to the wedding dress shopping experience, while offering elegant, beautiful dresses with modern details.

Started by women who have gone through the every day grind, the Lyra Vega team understands how hard it can be to save up the cash to pay for a wedding, and they believe that every bride should feel as beautiful as they look on their special day, while preserving resources for more future chapters to come in life. 

Shipping is always free with Lyra Vega, and right now, Bitchless readers get to enjoy an exclusive discount ! Enter promo code “BITCHLESS” at check out for a 10% off your order!

Bridey, two words: You're Welcome!!!! 

Fantasy Friday ~ A Colorful, County Fair Themed, Intimate Wedding

This wedding is just so awesome! I mean… Joann and Dimitri had a county fair theme! WOW! It really doesn’t get much cooler than that, right? (Totally reminds me of the carnival post I did a little while ago...) Seriously, they were able to pull off a casual and intimate wedding day, all while rockin’ a FAB and exciting theme! And, I am obsessed! Bridey, there are so many titillating (that word always makes me chuckle) deets to absorb… For instance, Dimitri made the ceremony backdrop as a gift for Joann. Awww… But, can we talk about how he MADE it! And, it’s gorgeous! Look up! The backdrop coupled with the rich jewel-toned colors exploding from the photographs… I just love it!

And would you believe that all of this took place outside of Zion National Park? Talk about location! Between Dimitri’s homemade ceremony backdrop and the stunning aesthetics of the park, I am in love! Enjoy!

Hi. I am in love with you. Can I take you home? (Yeah, I've def said that a few times in my life.)Check out Dimitri's tie!! Confetti tie!!Can you smell them? Simply stunning.It's beautiful to see how in sync Joann and Dimitri are...Hi cutie!!Think hers are CLB too?That's FAB!! Hey daddy! Don't fuck it up!!Yup! Dimitri BUILT that! And, it's fantastic!Such whimsicle decor... LOVE IT!Time to change shoes and play!!!Such a lovely wedding!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Gideon Photography
Floral Designer: Bloomers flowers & decor
Event Venue: True North

Fantasy Friday ~ A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. And, I never really thought about what that really means, until now; until this very moment. Because I suspect that that when they came up with the phrase, they were talking about this picture. Meet Rachael and Eric, the B+G photographed above. Bridey, if I told you nothing else about them or their wedding, wouldn't you say that you kinda "get" them. That just by simply taking in the enormity of this photograph, you can get a feel for who they are and how they are together? 

When Tony Gambino of Tony Gambino Photography submitted this wedding, he said, "They have the most tender and genuine love for one another - the kind that makes you want to be a better person, the kind that reminds you to tell the people you love how much you care about them." I mean... Holy shit, that's deep. And true. Bridey, there are gorgeous details captured in this wedding (just check out this insanely moving video), but I want you to walk away after viewing it, and strive to have a photograph which encapsulates you and your sig other just like this one does of Rachael & Eric. 

Rachael, you're unbelievably stunning!Love this shot!Mama....Don't you just want to eat this kid??Sniff... Sniff...I love how Rachael's veil is blowing in the wind.