Luxury Wedding

A Stunning, Luxurious Hacienda Wedding on the Yucatán Peninsula

If you're planning on ditching the average run of the mill wedding, and heading South of the border, I applaud you. It's awesome to shake things up a bit, and your wedding is no exception! I'd advise you to take a note or two from Luz Maria and Ramon Alberto. They got married in a fairytale. Seriously. Okay, maybe I'm making that part up, but it certainly feels like a fairytale.  Just look up at that photograph! Or, look down! Total FAIRYTALE! And, the incredible pics just keep getting better and better. I mean... It's almost as if this stunning venue isn't real.

Bridey, there is so much fucking eye candy and inspiration encapsulated in Luz Maria and Ramon Alberto's wedding that I truly can't stop myself from looking at these photographs over and over again. I'm borderline obsessed. The sweet table? A MAZ ING! Oh, and just wait until you see the first dance! You're definitely going to want to mimic what this B+G did! In fact, you're probably going to want to mimic the entire event! Enjoy!!

That is an unbelievably gorgeous photograph! WOW!

Holy shit, that's brave! As long as they're kicking the water away, then it's cool...

I like the way you think, FOB!

There really are no words for this one...

Luz Maria, you are absolutely beautiful. Like, show-stopping!

I'm lovin' all of the bright, vivacious colors!

Such a cool angle.

Holy hacienda...


Totally fit for a king and queen.

A dip + sparklers  = Best.First.Dance.Ever.

FAB shot with the girls!

Apparently, there was a surprise flash mob to bring the families together. How cool is that?

Thank you for sharing your super cool and gorgeous wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Juan Euan
DJ: Amadeus
Floral Designers: Floreria Yahabibi & Floreria Lokuai
Wedding Planner: A Big Day Events
Dress: Madeline Gardner New York
Hair & Makeup: Mimi Maquillaje Profesional
Baker: Tiffany Zablah
Caterer: Veca Banquetes

Fantasy Friday ~ A Glamorous, Sexy, James Bond Inspired Shoot!

Well, hello there handsome. Seriously, doesn't it look like he's about to take a Dunhill (cigarette) out of his breast pocket and light it up? I know! Super Bondy... If he lit up, this pic would take on a whole other feel with its amazingly smoky atmosphere, right? Okay, clearly, I am wishing that I too could take a Dunhill out of my pocket, but that's not gonna happen (well, unless I am presented with a delicious shaken martini). 

Anyway, this kickass styled shoot took place at Vehicle Vault, a vintage car museum in Parker, Colorado. How cool is that?!! Just wait until you see the car they used! Holy shit! It's fucking awesome! Bridey, there's a ton of super cool treats in this styled shoot! I mean, there are Bond girls!! And, these Bond girls are rockin' gold body paint! Can you imagine if your bridesmaids were Bond girls with gold body paint?!! Yeah, kickass!! So, enjoy!!!!

I love a round menu card! So fab! And, I'm completely obsessed with the super fance font!Bond girl! Body paint! LOVE IT! Brideys, seriously, I think you should make your bridesmaids Bond girls!Yum.... I'll take anything shaken these days!Um, the cake and the car. Holy shit! Yeah, that's a 1954 Mercedes Gullwing. WOW! Yeah, these awesome vendors centered the vignette around this kickass car!I'm loving the shimmery red and gold décor!Damn, it's like all of my favorite things... Cocktails, gambling and dessert. I see no problem with that. Do you?

Fantasy Friday ~ A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. And, I never really thought about what that really means, until now; until this very moment. Because I suspect that that when they came up with the phrase, they were talking about this picture. Meet Rachael and Eric, the B+G photographed above. Bridey, if I told you nothing else about them or their wedding, wouldn't you say that you kinda "get" them. That just by simply taking in the enormity of this photograph, you can get a feel for who they are and how they are together? 

When Tony Gambino of Tony Gambino Photography submitted this wedding, he said, "They have the most tender and genuine love for one another - the kind that makes you want to be a better person, the kind that reminds you to tell the people you love how much you care about them." I mean... Holy shit, that's deep. And true. Bridey, there are gorgeous details captured in this wedding (just check out this insanely moving video), but I want you to walk away after viewing it, and strive to have a photograph which encapsulates you and your sig other just like this one does of Rachael & Eric. 

Rachael, you're unbelievably stunning!Love this shot!Mama....Don't you just want to eat this kid??Sniff... Sniff...I love how Rachael's veil is blowing in the wind.