Mansion Wedding

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Maryland Mansion Wedding

Look at this photograph. What do you see? I see an absolutely stunning bride, Ophelia. Seriously, isn't she amazingly STUN NING? I love her dress. I love her hair. I love her jewels. I love her hot pink shoes (scroll down, you'll see them). Yup! I love everything about Ophelia (including her name). But, the thing I love most? I love that this post is about TWO brides instead of just one! Ophelia and Anastacia. And as a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage truly being about two people who love each other, no matter of their sexuality, race, or whatever, it's wedding submissions like this one (or the one last Friday) that thrill me! 

Clearly, both women come from two incredibly warm families, as each was escorted by her parents down the aisle. Jessica, from Eastport Photography had this to say about Ana's father, "The self-proclaimed bad public speaker had no shortage of wonderful things to say about his daughter, who he referred to as “the bride in the pants” and his best friend. And he also had equally wonderful things to say about Ophelia." And about Ophelia’s father, "...delivered the blessing of the food and thanked all the guests for being there and for being such an important support system for the couple." I mean... I love it!!!

Now, enough of the mushy stuff! Go enjoy the BEAUTIFUL details of Ophelia & Anastacia's wedding!!

You look gorgeous, Ophelia!I'm obsessed with this photograph. OBSESSED! Mouth wide open; exuding completely happiness!Um... yeah... Three words... HOT PINK SHOES!As Ana's father put it, "the bride in the pants"... Also incredibly show stopping!