Museum Wedding

A Hauntingly Romantic, Beautifully Mysterious, Gothic Halloween Wedding...

This is a FABULOUS Halloween wedding. And, you know what, bridey? 'Cause I felt like it... And because I call the shots on BB, I said, "Fuck it, I'm running with this awesome wedding even though it's the middle of February!" Yes, Halloween was like four months ago, but, I couldn't wait eight months until next Halloween to show it to you. So, here we are. Welcome to Courtney + Humphrey's fucking cool Halloween wedding. 

OMG, bridey, there is so much to see in the photographs that follow my l'il blurb, that your eyes could quite possibly pop out of your head. Seriously, the B+G nailed it! Everything from a stunning and romantic ceremony (in a cave), to the themed hotel rooms, to a skull wedding cake (and holy FUCK is it incredible), and so so so much more... You're definitely going to walk away from C+H's wedding with an eyeful of awesome. So, go... Enjoy! 

OMG! I love a black wedding dress!! And, with the red? A MAZ ING!!

Um. How fucking cool is that? This fabulousness is part of The Alois Hotel (attached to Bube's Brewery, the reception site) which has themed rooms, and is just plain awesome.

STFU with the shoes!! LOVE THEM!

Courtney's bouquet + Humphrey's boutonniere are simply vibrant! I love the bright colors!

Bridey, can you imagine walking down the stairs to the ceremony... In the catacombs (click on the link to see the definition... I totally needed a refresher!)??? Look down!

Like... WOW! That is just so fucking extraordinary!

Let's go party!!

Hi. Such a masterly made wedding cake! So so so mind-blowing!

That cake topper is so funny!

Thank you Courtney + Humphrey for sharing your super romantic and just plain cool wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Chadwick Photography  
Reception Venue: Bube's Brewery
Floral Designer: Floral Designs of Mount Joy
Photo Booth: FX Photo Booths LLC
Makeup Artist: Heather Holbrook
Cake Designer: Rosie's Creative Cakes
Officiant: Sarah Dieterichs
Hair Stylist: West London Salon

A Super Fun, Super Amped and Super Laid Back Courthouse, Museum Wedding

OMFG, that's one hell of a dip! Right? Go Charles! Seriously, Jessica is pretty much parallel to the ground! Nice work!! And, if you look closely, you can see that Charles is 100% smiling through the dipping and the kissing. Talk about multitasking! WOW! But, what is really cool, is that J+C were extremely relaxed and truly had a good time planning their wedding and on their wedding day. And you know what? It's contagious! The bridal party was fun and full of energy because the B+G were fun and full of energy... As it should be, bridey.

And, I would have given them permission to throw a little fit because the location of their ceremony changed at the last minute, which can definitely add stress to a wedding day! But, they handled it well, rolled with it, and amazingly, still got married! Bridey, enjoy all of the little deets that J+C's wedding rocks (odds are, everything that you love was made by the B+G!). And, please take note of all the fun everybody is having as they celebrate Jessica and Charles! 

OMG. Look at that detail! Amazing!

Jessica, you are stunning!

How cute are you, Charles? I love how hard you're trying not to laugh!

Checking out his bride's butt! LOVE IT!

How cool is this bridal party!?

Sniff... Sniff...

Fabulous shot.

I don't know why, but I find myself drawn to wedding pics of the B+G's feet! 

Gorgeous! Love the uplighting!!

Beautiful tables...

Gandy Hunt.006.jpeg

Holy shit. Yes, please!!! Best wedding food ever!

S'more's cups! Seriously? I'd probably would have eaten like 10!

Thank you Jessica and Charles for sharing your beautiful and fun wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Moreland Photography
Venue: DeKalb History Center
Hair & Makeup: BLEND Beauty
Dress: Brides by Demetrios
Caterer: Zest Atlanta Catering
Music: Amp'd Entertainmant

Fantasy Friday ~ I Love You More Than Biscuits and Gravy

Trust me. If Candace and Rob love each other more than biscuits and gravy, then it's absolutely true love! Just wait until you see the biscuits they served at "biscuit hour". Yup! Biscuit hour! Not cocktail hour, biscuit hour! Totally wish I could have sunk my teeth into one (or twelve) of those!! Anyway... I love this wedding! I love it because Candace and Rob were clearly able to incorporate everything that they love about each other into their wedding. It really doesn't get much better than that... I'll let Candace tell you more about them. 

"Rob and I met in upstate New York at a songwriting event almost 2 years ago, and after a first date where we swapped songs for 8 hours, we were both sold haha. I talked about my dream of owning a therapeutic riding farm with lots of animals and nature trails, and he talked about his dream of converting an old barn into a recording studio."

Isn't this bouquet fantastic? The paper flowers were made from the song Rob composed for Candace. The song? Well, it's called, "I'll Be Your Biscuit".Rob, you look quite handsome!So cute!I'll be honest. Where I live, I don't hear the word "hootenanny" very often. I kinda like it!I am obsessed with both of these lovely ceremony pics!Biscuit hour!! And... They had a dude singing songs about biscuits during biscuit hour! STFU!!! I mean...

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ From Microeconomics Class to an Amazing, Intimate, San Francisco Wedding

It all started in freshmen microeconomics class at Ohio University... And five years later? Dongli and Chengyuan are married in fabulous San Francisco! Their relationship took them across the country beginning in Ohio, then New York, and finally landing in California. 

Dongli's parents were visiting from China, and so that they could attend the wedding ceremony, she moved up the date. Because that's not stressful... OMG! Next year there will be a big reception in Napa Valley, although this reception seemed pretty fucking awesome to me! Bridey, just wait until you see the beautiful outdoor ceremony, stunning long supper table and incredible venue! I can only imagine what the larger reception will be like in Napa! Enjoy!!

Hell of a view of San Francisco!Um... Can we talk about how gorgeous this bouquet is? Holy shit!Looks like a fun group of maids and men!Love this pic...Stunning outdoor ceremony space! Awwwwww.....I am completely in awe of this stunning table! I LOVE the ghost chairs, the amazing flowers and lovely charger plates!