Nasogastric Tube

Here Comes the (800 Pound) Bride

Bridey’s… you and I have talked a great deal about losing weight before your wedding, which dress is best for you and your body, and extreme weight loss via the nasogastric tube, but this story is one that will shock the shit out of you… Yesterday on the Dr. Phill show, he interviewed a bride to be who was trying to GAIN weight. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Tube of Desperation: Nasogastric Tube

I’m really busy today, so this is going to be a quick one… But, I just couldn’t resist throwing in my two cents regarding the New York Times story about a bride using a nasogastric tube  to lose weight… All I have to say is “are you FUCKING kidding me”? Brides, are you so desperate to lose weight before your wedding that you are sticking a fucking tube down your throat? Really? REALLY?