Offbeat Wedding

A Beautiful Art Gallery Wedding with Some Serious Cake Porn

Bridey, imagine having your wedding at an art gallery with finger food, fun and a cake so fabulous, that you actually feel badly cutting it (I mean, I wouldn't feel bad cutting it, but... you know my love for cake!)? Welcome to Emily and Jason's wedding! This B+G really wanted a low key celebration in a cool venue; one with a modern elegance... One that would encourage guests to appreciate their surroundings, and have fun! To say that they they pretty much nailed it by selecting The Art Gallery of Alberta would be an understatement! Right? How cool would it be to explore an art gallery while celebrating a marriage all with a drink in your hand?!! 

Plus, I couldn't help it, bridey, I put several pics of the wedding cake in this post because it's just so fucking cool. Seriously, I've seen similar cakes, but this one is so rockin', and so spot on that I just had to show you every angle! So, enjoy this modernly FAB wedding with some serious cake porn! I know I did!! 

LOVE your dress, Emily! Looks amazing on you!

OMG! Look how cool this venue is!

I love how the B+G are together!


Love those paper flowers...

Such a FAB idea!! How cool is that??

Yummy!!! Looks delish, right? RIGHT! Now... Look down!!! 

It's fucking cake porn... C'mon! WOW!

Thank you Emily and Jason for sharing your cool wedding and amazing wedding cake with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Daphne Chen Photography
Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta
Tuxedos: Derks Tuxedo and Men's Attire
Dress: Melissa Sweet
DJ: Marc-Julien Objois

An Out of This World, Geektastic, Beautifully Unique, Outdoor Wedding

I think it's obvious, bridey, based on the ceremony program alone, that you're going to like Lindsay and Nathanael. I love that they know exactly who they are, and can completely make fun of themselves. Plus, I love how they are taking care of their guests by providing chocolate right off the bat. Annnndddd.... I love the colors. With all of that awesomeness out of the way, but tons more to come (imagine the cake...), let me tell you a thing or two about the B+G, and their kickass wedding. Lindsay, the bride, did not wear white. She did not wear black. Girl wore a fantastic teal light-up dress. Yes. A light-up dress! OMFG!! I can't... And, Nathanael? Dude totally wore a clip-on blinking tie.

Aside from the bells and whistles (quite literally), L+N seriously rocked their wedding day. With a special kind of photo booth, an insanely awesome and creative wedding cake, super unique décor and a guest list that did not disappoint, this could be one of my fave weddings ever. I love how they stayed true to themselves while at the same time managed to break out of the wedding mold... Bridey, enjoy!!

OMG. I am completely obsessed with the jewels!

Yes! That's fucking awesome!

Lindsay... You're beautiful! Totally love the birdcage veil! And, your dress, your hair and your cleavage are absolutely amazing!

I can't... It's too FAB!

Love the bouquet!

You know... Just Luigi (as in Mario and Luigi), the ring bearer! Got to love a l'il cosplay at a wedding!

Such a stunning ceremony venue!


The colors are really incredible!

Hi. That's the wedding cake! It's a Minecraft wedding cake!

Def my first time seeing a grand entrance through a Stargate!

 First dance was to The Rainbow Connection...

Cheers to the B+G!!

Fuckin' chicken and waffles! OMG! YES! LOVE it!!

It's about to get even sexier... Look down! 

S'mores! And, s'mores with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?? STFU! Delish!

Awwww...  l love that they went back to where they said their vows... Thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Miksch Photography
Venue: DeLack Estate
DJ: Adam's DJ Service
Caterer: Blue Ribbon Cooking
Event Planner: Blush Celebrations
Apparel: Poppy Seed Roll Apparel
Photo Booth: Shutter Bus Co.
Rings: Paul Michael Design

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Kristin & Erin... A Bit Little Country & A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll

Kristin and Erin are madly in love. OMG, I seriously LOVE writing that! Because that's how it should be, bridey! I mean... If you're not madly in love, then what's the point of all of this? Melissa, their talented photographer, mentioned that these two were totally and completely in love with each other, and it showed in the photographs. And you know what, bridey? You will not be disappointed. It's apparent that they are crazy about each other, and the photos really do prove it (and there is a ton of amazing DIY elements, and straight coolness too!!)!

They got married on a ranch outside of Loveland, Colorado. And, holy shit, just wait until you see the incredible view of the mountains, and the breathtaking rolling hills and countryside. Kristin and Erin love to camp, fish and ride horses together, so their venue is perfect. But, what I love the most? The mashup of both of their styles captured in their wedding. Don't let me spoil it... See for yourself! 
Um, totally lovin' the black accents to go with Kristin's Sottero and Midgley gown.
Here I am!!! Totally something I would do!
Melissa: While walking each of them out to the first look separately they both told me in the exact same words, "I think I'm going to throw up." They were so anxious being away from each other. The feeling clearly disappeared the second they saw each other, and their first look was one of the most emotional and beautiful I've ever captured.
Kristin's mom did all of the bouquets and Kristin added paper flowers made from pages of her favorite book, Harry Potter.
I love that all of the bridesmaids dresses are different.
That stunning entrance (to the ceremony) was made by Erin's grandmother. AND... Erin made the arch at the altar! Talented dude!
Erin... The look on your face. OMFG.
Vows!!!!!! Love it!
Such a beautiful shot with the mountains in the background.
If you know me at all, then you know that I am a HUGE fan of stripes. So, when I saw the striped linen? I immediately fell in love! (BTW, their table numbers were album covers from their favorite bands.)
FAB Adventure Time cake topper!
Kristin & Erin, thank you for sharing your lovely wedding wtih Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Sue Photography
Bakery: B Sweet Cupcakes
Hair Stylist: fixx hair studio
Event Venue: McC Ranch

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A City Chic Wedding Rockin' Food from the Farmer's Market & Food Trucks!

Everybody bride wants her wedding to be different and unique. Every single one! But, when it comes down to it, what makes each wedding different and unique is incorporating what's important to you and your sig other into the wedding itself. In this case, Leigh and Art rocked it! They chose somewhat of an off beat wedding hosted at the local Farmers Market. Sorry, but as far as different and unique, that's pretty FAB! That, and they had their favorite food truck vendors cater the event. SHUT UP! Pretty incredible, right? They both share a love for local products so it seemed only natural they serve local fair.

A wedding at the Farmer's Market with food trucks is pretty fucking fantastic, but that coupled with the royal blue and lime green decor? Simply unbelievable! There are so many awe-inspiring details in this one, bridey, so get ready for some serious inspiration!

I'm thinking I need a new wedding band, and this girl is going sapphire!! Love your ring, Leigh!The first look and now these colorful pics? AWESOME!Pretty cool, peeps.Um. Yeah. Succulents, roses, and bling? Now you're talking!