Outdoor Ceremony

A Kickass and Awesomely Low Key Wedding Under a Willow Tree...

I mean… THAT’S a fucking KISS! And, I LOVE it! Right? (OMG!! I even write the word RIGHT! I’m supposed to work on saying that word less according to the Bitchless Bride podcast!) Anyway, meet Stacy + David, the B+G, who lost everything they owned in a house fire a year before they said “I do”. Bridey, imagine losing your home, your belongings, and having to completely rebuild while planning your nuptials. YIKES! Such a sad and difficult time… So, it’s not surprising to me that one evening, as they sat on the porch, watching as the sun disappeared behind the horizon, they decided it would be a beautiful experience to get married at sunset. Fast forward to a Tuesday in August, S+D were married an intimate ceremony on the family property. The only guests in attendance were close family and friends, seated in white chairs next to a pond, and below a weeping willow tree. 

Bridey, you know that I tend to go on and on about perspective on Bitchless Bride because it’s incredibly important for you recognize that you’re not only planning a wedding, but an ever after too. Right? And, just think about what this B+G had to endure before getting married, and think about how they persevered unscathed, together (literally + figuratively)… You’ll hear from Stacy throughout this post, and she’s a fucking rockstar. So, listen + learn + enjoy!


Stacy: My bouquet was stunning!! We went to the local florist (A.H.Christiansons), and asked if they could do succulents because I knew for sure I wanted those. I'm pretty laid back and wanted to go with the flow about almost everything. They did such an amazing job taking the multiple different photo ideas I took to them, and made my unique bouquet. All the different flowers they used really matched our rustic and outdoor wedding so well. They also made the boutonniere have a little succulent and rose to match my bouquet.


Stacy! You’re SO super cute! I love your tattoos and your tank!

Stacy: Even though we did a super small simple wedding, I knew I still wanted the traditional wedding dress. I knew I needed a strapless dress to show off my tattoos! The dress I got was strapless, had a sweetheart neckline, and was multilayered. It had a champagne colored under layer with a layer of ivory lace and a layer of simple beading. It had a long train, but not too long. As for the groom, he is tall and skinny so we decided to get a custom tailored suit. He went with a nice grey suit and got to customize the liner and everything!

Stacy’s dad drove her to the ceremony in his restored Jeep…

Felger .002.jpeg

WOW! Look at that stunning willow tree!!


Stacy: I could not wait to finally get married! My house is actually right next to my grandparents where we got married. My dad drove me over in his old, blue jeep to then walk me down the isle. The best part of the day, was getting to marry my best friend with our closest family there.

These two? Phenomenal kissers!! Like, I can’t even…

Felger .004.jpeg

OMFG with the hand on the face… Stacy + David, I LOVE you guys!!!

Felger .006.jpeg

OB FUCK ING SES SED with those boots!!!!


Stacy: My best advise for brides to be, is bigger isn’t always better. Don't stress over the details; everything will work out. We didn’t set up our actual ceremony space until 30 minutes before the wedding due to rain. Our small intimate backyard wedding was the best thing we could have done. Not only was it mostly stress free, but it didn’t take a lot of planning or decorating. So don't stress and enjoy it! AMEN to that, Stacy!!!


Thank you Stacy + David for sharing your BEAUTIFUL wedding with Bitchless Bride. I love your story!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Lindsay Dawn Photography
Bakery: Giant Eagle Bakery
Floral Designer: A. H. Christiansons
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Boho Meets the Beach Wedding Filled with Amazing Surprises, a Few Setbacks and a Brilliant Comeback!

See Kristen + Ben just walking along like it’s no big thing? Like they don’t have a care in the whole wide world? Kristen is just stunningly strolling in that fucking GORGEOUS wedding dress, avoiding pelican poop, while holding the hand of her handsome husband… No big deal. Right? Wrong. Amazingly enough, the story of this B+G is much deeper than this beautiful photograph. Kristen + Ben endured a ton of drama which could have turned their wedding planning experience into a living hell, but instead, was something they got through together… Well, together, and with their wedding planner. What “hell” am I referring to? Read it from the bride herself, and then go be inspired!!

From the bride: The best advice I could give a future bride would be to hire a wedding planner (especially if you are trying to plan a destination wedding). We had some major setbacks throughout the wedding planning process- Hurricane Irma- and along with that came two changes of venue, date changes, vendor changes, guest list changes and multiple invitations. Even though you may think you don't want to spend the money, it was well worth it for my sanity. Nicole from Simply You weddings was a rock star!

Stoyka Bishop.001.jpeg

Kristen! You’re incredible!! I love everything about you!!!

Bridey, are you dying over Kristen’s kickass wedding dress? I am!

Stoyka Bishop.002.jpeg
Stoyka Bishop.003.jpeg

OMFG. That bouquet of flowers! I’m losing my mind! WHOA!


From the bride: The most anticipated moment for me was seeing Ben, my fiancé's face, when we had the first look. It is just such a special moment to know that your about to commit to that person for life and I'm so glad Mike was able to capture that so well.


From the bride: The first time I tried on wedding dresses at Olivia Bowen bridal boutique, I knew right away that I did not want to have a traditional wedding day style. I went with the Australian based designer, Made with Love, for my gown who I feel made the ultimate dress by incorporating a natural color pattern into the dress but still the traditional feel with an all lace gown. 

Stoyka 2.001.jpeg

Bridey, remember how this is plan B??? THIS is PLAN FUCKING B!! Just look how breathtaking this ceremony is!


Sniff, sniff… I can’t get past this moment…


Cheers!!! Two for me, please!


The lighting, the venue, the wedding… OH MY!


Kristen, I LOVE your facial expression here!

From the bride: I personalized the wedding with a gourmet donut bar including fresh fried donuts and just about any topping imaginable. The self serve bar included custom"to-go" bags that read "Glazed and delicious from the new Mr and Mrs". (PS- See the date on the bags? Different than the actual wedding day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they still used the bags with the original wedding date!)


Thank you K+B for sharing your A MAZ ING wedding (part two). It’s clear that you persevered through the cray and had an incredible wedding day!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Freas Photography
Event Planner: Simply You
Transportation: Old Town Trolley
Cake Designer: Key West Cakes
DJ: DJ Buggy
Equipment Rentals: Keys Audio Productions, LLC
Floral Designer: Marathon Florist
Ceremony + Reception Location: Southernmost House
Hair Stylist: Bella Luxe Hair & Makeup

A Rustically Colorful, Smashingly Romantic and "Foxy", Winter Wedding


I'd like to introduce you to Rose + Eric, otherwise known as Ms. Rabbit + Mr. Fox. I'm not going to lie, I truly love it when couples have pet names for each other (my hus and I have a few names for each other, but definitely not is cool (or nice for that matter)!). And, in this case, I mean "pet" in the literal sense of the word! It all started because, one day, as these two were enjoying a lovely day in town, they spotted a red fox (um, holy shit!), something extremely rare in such an urban setting. Considering that Rose grew up in the woods, she took this "fox spotting" as a spiritual sign that it was time to tell Eric she loved him. So, she did. And, that is how it all began... From then on, Eric was the fox and she was the rabbit.

Anyway, bridey, I dare you to take this opportunity to be inspired! Don't be afraid to incorporate amazing attributes from other cultures into your wedding. R+E's wedding is exceptionally electrifying; inspired by Indian saree's and African colors. A MAZ ING, right?? And why not? There are no rules, just two people planning a day that symbolizes who they are together, and what they will be in the future. (Wow! That was deep!) Plus, there were several DIY aspects included throughout the wedding making it that much more personal and meaningful. Take a peek at Rose's shawl + the groom's tie. They were crafted by the Rose's mom. But, what I love the most (aside from the exquisite color, delicately beautiful wedding dress, DIY elements and every bit of décor)? Rose + Eric are clearly passionate for one another, and didn't go for broke to express that love and adoration. Enjoy!!!

Smiley Ross.001.jpeg

That's definitely the greatest look ever...


STFU with those dimples, Eric! So dashing!

Smiley Ross.002.jpeg

Rose, there is something entirely angelic about you. You are incredibly stunning!


Are you DY ING over the all of the color? I totally am!!


Hot damn, that bouquet is absolutely splendid!


Totally love that Rose is barefoot!

Smiley Ross.005.jpeg

Such a FAB shot!!! 

Smiley Ross.006.jpeg

Let's go do this!!!


There is so much emotion captured in this shot. Seriously, look at each of their faces... Plus, I LOVE the amazing colors!

Smiley Ross.007.jpeg

Sexy. Passionate.

Smiley Ross.008.jpeg

Love the décor! Take a closer look at the mug.

Smiley Ross.009.jpeg

Love love love the mural!!


Thank you Ms. Rabbit + Mr. Fox for sharing your exuberant wedding with Bitchless Bride! I love everything about it!!! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: XSIGHT Productions
Location: Winters Community Center
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

It All Started Because of a "Sarcastic, Tattooed Lady Who Loves Cheesy Horror Movies"


Bridey, I truly hope you met your sig other because you were honest about who you are (and because you're a kind person, and super attracted to each other, obvi!). That's how Randall and Michelle met; because Michelle described herself as a "sarcastic, tattooed lady who loves cheesy horror movies..." on her dating profile, and was a "match" for Randall. And the rest? Well, you're about to scroll pics from their wedding day, so clearly it worked out well! I mean, you can 100% feel the emotion and devotion enveloped in this photograph, and frankly, I struggled to choose just ONE of these tender pics as the post opener...

Personally, I would have described myself as a "funny girl who exercises to support her cake-eating habit, and loves to dance (sometimes badly)". But, that's just me... Anyway, R+M wanted a very simple wedding that combined modern rustic with industrial, and that is exactly what they accomplished. Sooooo... they selected Highland Brewing Company because they loved the new event and rooftop spaces, and had a friend master the design and décor. Bridey, there is a ton of inspiration in this post, but my favorite tip from Randall? "Don't sweat the small stuff! Every couple will face a hiccup on their wedding day, but trust me, you'll laugh about it later." #TRUESTORY


Skeeters Palo.001.jpeg

See what I mean about there being several pics that would have opened this post SO well?  I LOVE this photo!

Skeeters Palo.002.jpeg

The brides look FAB, but can we just talk about all of the beer behind them?? I mean, I know it's a brewing company, but dear God!! YUM!


DY ING over the shoes. DYING.

Skeeters Palo.004.jpeg
Skeeters Palo.006.jpeg

Hell yeah! We did it!!!


Cheers, Michelle!!!

Skeeters Palo.008.jpeg

This is some serious dessert porn. Like SERIOUS. And, as a self-described cake (over)eater, OMFG! Throw in some donuts, and I'm going to need a moment alone...


Michelle changed out of her military uniform into a wedding dress for the reception. Can you believe that Randall's dress is borrowed from her cousin because she loved the style?!!!


I am obsessed with all of the fantastic shoe selections!!


When asked about the most anticipated or special moment of their wedding day, Randall said, "Our first dance. I think we both underestimated our ability to learn a choreographed dance, but it was a special moment when we felt like the only 2 people in the room. Despite our dresses getting stuck together, hindering our ability to pull off the "big dip" at the end of our dance, it was truly an unforgettable experience for the two of us."

And another pic I almost opened the post with...

Skeeters Palo.010.jpeg

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing a packed dance floor.... The entertainment can 100% make or break your wedding, and it's clear that R+M's DJ ROCKED!


Thank you so much Randall + Michelle for sharing your kick ass wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Joseph Dix Photography
Venue: Highland Brewing Company
Hair Stylist: Jeanne's Hair & Makeup Studio
Equipment Rentals: Classic Event Rental
Officiant: Rev Jacqueline Weiks
DJ: Spintastic Sounds
Bakery: Perfectly Pretty Sweets
Caterer: Dining Innovations

When New York Takes Austin, Wedding Style!!


I knew Tara + Dan were New Yorkers... I could 100% tell by the photograph. Couldn't you? Well, maybe I'm not telling the whole truth, because when I received the submission, it clearly stated that T+D were a "fun-loving couple from New York", but let's just say that I wasn't surprised. Because not only is Austin becoming the mecca for destination weddings, but if you're from the East Coast, going somewhere warm, fabulous and fun doesn't seem too far fetched. And, I love the idea of a whole bunch of New Yorkers taking over Austin.

Bridey, aside from my intense desire to head back to Austin on the first flight out tomorrow morning, this wedding is fucking fantastic! I love how much variety the venue offers as far as space for all things wedding-y and the killer décor. But, the best part? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibe of the B+G + their friends and family totally KILLING it on the dance floor. Entertainment can make or break your wedding, and clearly it MADE T+D's wedding. So, go... Enjoy and get inspired to rock your wedding like this B+G!


Wedding dress heaven...

Towery Moore.001.jpeg

OMG... Sniff sniff... Love these first look pics!!

Towery Moore.002.jpeg

There are a few things I want to discuss in this photograph. First of all, having a margarita before walking down the aisle is an EXCELLENT idea. Secondly, LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark nail choice... Finally, that fucking ring! No wonder you needed sunglasses! A MAZ ING!

Towery Moore.003.jpeg

100% obsessed with this venue! GORGEOUS ceremony space! 


Tara, I like your style, girl! Go get 'em!

Towery Moore.006.jpeg

Bridey, know what I love? This wedding is like three venues in one. Three different locations for three different parts of the evening, yet all in one FAB spot!


LOVE this!!

Towery Moore.005.jpeg

STUN NING décor! Like, totally gorgeous!


Oh my goodness with the fucking cupcakes! Mouth = watering. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm not eating sugar in like every post, and this photograph is torture!!! 

Towery Moore.007.jpeg



This guy... I love you.


Still love you, guy! 


Thank for T+D for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! Love it when the East Coast rocks Texas!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJake Holt Photography
Event Planner: 36th Street Events
Photo Booth Equipment: Oh Happy Day Booth 
Band: Blind Date
Musicians: Terra Vista Strings
Cake Designer: Sugar Mama's Bakeshop
Equipment Rentals: Whim Hospitality
Floral Designer: Stem Floral Design Austin 
Event Venue + Caterer: South Congress Hotel
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

An Intimately Awesome, Super Spiritual, Breckenridge Mountaintop Wedding


I think it goes without saying, that if you meet your sig other at a concert and connect because you both share the same love and passion for music, it's 100% meant to be. I mean, music makes everything better. Right?! I'm definitely one of those people that always has to have music playing wherever I am or whatever I'm doing; it dictates how I feel, my energy and my mood. Music is quite literally a soundtrack for particular moments; one that spills into whatever we are doing. And, our kickass B+G, Eleanor and Erik? Yeah, they met at a concert. And, I think that when you meet at magical place like a concert, it's like getting extra relationship credit. 

Eleanor and Erik exchanged their vows in front of 11 people. ELEVEN. On a fucking mountaintop (Breckenridge to be exact). How amazing is that, bridey? And their wedding reception? Gorgeously colorful, incredibly DIY and deliciously cool. And as usual, I am completely obsessed with the cake (And, I could totally use some sugar in my life right now, but that's another post for another day...). Anyway, go get scrolling and get inspired! Because you won't be able to NOT to be!


Um, OMG Eleanor... This headpiece is absolutely A MAZ ING!!! YOU'RE amazing!!


I love all of the smile-kisses in this post!


Hello handsome Erik! I have to admit, if I were there, I'd have a hard time resisting the desire to touch your beard! 


How FAB is this bouquet??


I mean you gotta pit stop at Erik’s glass blowing studio on the way to the reception. Right?? Look how fucking awesome this is! Okay, now, look down!


Lovin' this super cute sign!!




The cake! OMG with the cake! I want to stick my face in it!


Thank you Eleanor + Erik for sharing your fantabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! I wish I got to be one of the eleven peeps!! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerAshley Hamm Photography
Event Venue: Carter Park Pavilion

A Super Sexy, Super Splendid and Super Spectacular Seattle Wedding


Holy hell that's such a passionate kiss. Right? I know it sounds creepy, but I can't stop staring at this fantastic photograph. And it's not because I'm a perv or because I'm weird or because I have issues, but simply because it's so REAL and beautiful. Plus, any time there is a hand on a face during a kiss, I truly feel weak in my knees. I love that Toby is smiling as he is kissing Maika, and that we can clearly see their joy. But, the best part? Neither Toby or Maika were looking to get into a relationship when they met (kinda like me when I met my hus at a bar!). They said, "In a transitionary point in our lives, when we were both only looking for friendship and something light, our universes brought us together... We bonded over our love for being active, healthy food, our neighborhood, travel, music and each other's refreshing grateful view of life."

Bridey, know what's crazy? M+T planned their wedding in three months! I know, right?? And, when you scroll down and absorb the fabulousness of the pics, you will be shocked that they were able to pull it off in so little time. Please do me a favor... READ every.single.word of this post because it's chock full of awesome advice from the B+G. And, this B+G? Well, they pretty much stand for everything that Bitchless Bride is about! They get it, and I LOVE them for it! So read, learn and be inspired!!

Manring McAuliffe.001.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.002.jpeg

OMFG! Maika, this dress is A MAZ ING!!! Loving the backless sexiness! Plus the beads on the bodice are stunning!


WOW! Vibrant + luscious + bright, oh my! Gorgeous dahlias, roses, orchids, succulents, and eucalyptus!

Manring McAuliffe.003.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.004.jpeg

When asked to give advice to other brides-to-be, Maika said, "If you are debating about doing photos before or after, I highly recommend doing them before! The first look experience was amazing, that moment when you look into each others' eyes knowing this is the day, this is the person you are pledging forever to. Know that everything will come together and be perfect, and just as it's meant to be. All that matters is you have your person, your loved ones and your cupcakes ;) If you don't like being in the center of things, remember, all those people are there to support you two, but they are also there to just be reminded how beautiful love is, it took some of the pressure I was putting on myself off when a friend told me that." A FUCKING MEN!!!!

Manring McAuliffe.006.jpeg

The proposal: Toby announced to his kids that Maika has been doing so many sweet things for us this week, let's do something sweet for her. They each read a note, Keenan, Toby's 12-year old son's said, "If I had to pick one word to describe how amazing you are, I'd have to combine all the nice words in the world in all languages. I love you, Maika." Eden, Toby's 9-year old daughter said, "Love is beautiful and so are you. I love you. P.S. You're a unicorn." Then Toby unfolded a piece of paper, shaking a little and looking a little teary read, "Maika, It's a good thing I'm so good at inventing words, because I keep running out of ways to tell you how amazing you are. (he and Keenan didn't even compare their notes!) Maybe if I combined them all into one whole word? FANTASTAMAZDERFULISCIOUSPARKLADOCIOUS? Still doesn't quite capture how amazing you are and how much you mean to me. How will I ever convey to you just how important you are to me? What can I do but try every day? How is it possible to love someone so much, and still be able to love them even more the next day? How did I get so lucky? So many questions, yet it seems there is really only one question left to ask..." He reached across the table where his mom had a ring box, he dropped to the floor on one knee next to Maika and asked, "Will you marry me?" She lost it crying in shock, turned to Eden and bawled into her hair to the point where Toby had to ask again! Maika finally got her composure and reached for Toby and said, "Hell yes!"

Manring McAuliffe.007.jpeg

Such lovely family pics...


Toby's favorite moment was when all four of the family - Maika, Toby, Keenan and Eden were at the altar and they read their vows to the kids.

Manring McAuliffe.009.jpeg
Manring McAuliffe.011.jpeg

Such a FAB photo booth (Shutter Bus)!! Apparently it was a huge hit with kids and adults! So many fun props to play with!!

Manring McAuliffe.010.jpeg

Um... YES!!! Love this mini cupcake display! M+T selected six flavors... Coconut, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, salted caramel and funfetti! 


Thank you Maika + Toby for not only sharing your wedding with Bitchless Bride, but for "getting it" too! You guys are fucking fantastic!!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerLuma Weddings
Caterer: Rigoletto
Event Planner: Luma & Lavender
Photo Booth Equipment: Shutter Bus Co.
Hair Stylist: Swink 
Event Venue: Parson's Gardens

Bohemian, BBQ and Bodacious... A Deliciously Alternative British Columbian Wedding


Imagine a wedding that was all your own. A wedding in which you chose exactly what you wanted and then built the day around those very important details. Bridey, I'd like you to meet Alli + Mikk. This B+G are a complete inspiration to brides everywhere simply because that is exactly what they did. They chose what was important to them and then constructed their wedding day around those particulars. It's so simple, yet so difficult to achieve usually due to the noise and bullshit that surrounds your wedding planning. But, A+M? They rocked it! And, I'm seriously in love with them.

Not to mention that this is the first time I've shared a pic of the bride nibbling the groom's ear on Bitchless Bride! Seriously, how is that possible?! Right?! But, beyond the ear nibbles, I wholeheartedly enjoyed this wedding submission because I felt like I was there. I swear I could taste the BBQ, feel the texture of the kickass dress and play the games (and drink the booze during the two hour cocktail hour!!). Bridey, I hope that you take piles and piles of inspiration away with this post, but more than anything else, I hope you take away that it's okay to do your wedding your own way. 


This dress is EVERYTHING! I mean... The black mixed with the texture of the skirt... I'm officially in wedding dress heaven! Now, look down for a close up.

Walter Tammark.001.jpeg

Alli you are truly stunning! As you know, I'm completely obsessed with your wedding dress, but seeing you in it is absolutely breathtaking! Oh, and you look quite handsome too, Mikk!


Know what's amazing? Alli's friend put together this sensational bouquet! It's so bright and beautiful! 



Walter Tammark.003.jpeg

Fuck yeah! Bridey, you gotta love a smoker at your wedding! BBQ baby!

Walter Tammark.004.jpeg

OMFG. Look how grandiose this structure is! Side note? It was hand built by the community and it belongs to the Estonian society.


#functionalunit2017. Fucking love it!

Walter Tammark.005.jpeg

Can we talk about how amazing the décor is? And, bridey, look closely. It's mostly plastic and it's fucking fantastic!

Walter Tammark.006.jpeg

YES! Check out that delicious pig! Last time I was at an event rockin' a whole pig there were birthday candles sticking out of it!


LOVE this pic! Super romantic!

Walter Tammark.007.jpeg

Thank you Alli + Mikk for sharing your utterly delicious, super lovely and amazingly fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJelger & Tanja Photography
Shoes: Converse
Equipment Rentals: Lonsdale Events
Event Venue: Mäeotsa
Caterer: Smoque 'N Bones
Event Planner: Umbrella Events
DJ: Wailin Dalen Entertainment

A Nautically Perfect, Sensationally Sweet and Incredibly Relaxed Beachfront Wedding


Meet Shelby and Jake. This fun-filled B+G met on a boat! I mean, kinda makes me feel like a degenerate for meeting my hus in a bar! But, it's been thirteen years, so I guess we're doing something right! Anyway... Shelby was working as a camp counselor for Reef Relief and Jake happened to be working on the same boat. And, according to the adorably cute pic above, sparks were totally flying. They beat the odds and withstood the difficulty of a long distance relationship while Shelby earned her Masters in Marine Biology from the University of Miami. After graduation, Shelby moved to Key West and began her career researching corals, while Jake transitioned from working in the water sports industry to a teaching career. 

Bridey, THIS WEDDING IS EVERYTHING! It's so lovely and well designed, but at the same time, supremely relaxed and fun. And you know that I preach how important perspective is during wedding planning and on your wedding day, and this B+G fucking nailed it! The details are stunning AND they are clearly having the best.day.ever. So, scroll down and absorb the vibe and the take in the beauty of Shelby + Jake's kickass wedding!


Are you completely dying over these two pics? This incredible building is The Southernmost House, a historic beachfront Key West boutique hotel. Just wait until you see the backyard!


Lovin' the flowers with the beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the background.


I love this picture. It's entirely honest and beautiful.


Meanwhile as the girls are getting ready... I can't even! LOVE IT!


Jake, you look charming and handsome! He didn't want to wear a tie "because I feel like I am choking!" While I don't wear ties too often, I can appreciate feeling a bit claustrophobic with something wrapped around my neck!


Seriously? It really doesn't get much sweeter!


I love that as somebody who has never met Shelby + Jake, I can clearly see how much they love each other. I can also tell that they have a fucking fantastic time together too!


That is one hell of a swirl! Totally GORGEOUS!


Shelby said that, "The backdrop was simply baby's breath with the deep blue ocean behind it." 


I mean... These pics of the ceremony. Sniff, sniff...


Love the Florida Keys map the B+G are using as a guest book!


Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Freas Photography
Equipment Rentals: Prestige Party Rentals
Makeup Artist: Crystal Smith's Theatrical Makeup
Floral Designer: Petals & Twigs 
Event Planner: Soiree Key West, LLC
DJ: SoundWave Productions
Reception Venue: Southernmost House
Caterer: Three Fine Cooks
Officiant: Weddings Key West

A L'il Party, A L'il Sunshine and a Whole Lot of Fun!

Bridey, look at this picture. Why do you think I decided to open this phenomenal wedding with this particular photograph? I mean... as you will see upon scrolling, there are several beautiful photographs I could have selected that would have sucked you right in. But, I needed to open Olivia + Grant's wedding with this photograph because it completely encompasses who they are. Seriously, I could left this part blank, and you would have gotten the gist simply by seeing this pic. Right?

I mean, would it surprise you if I said that O+G's reception was intimate and filled with warmth and laughter? Or that Olivia's mom "footloosed" her way down the aisle? Probably not... Because when you see that pic above, you really don't need me to tell you anything else... So, go, enjoy this fun and fabulous wedding! 

HA! Love it!!

Every time I see these bridesmaids robes, I seriously consider ordering one for myself! I love them, especially in black!

Nice job with the gift, Grant! Such a beautiful bracelet!

Olivia! You look A MAZ ING in this Maggie Sottero dress! Completely lovin' the tulle sheath accented with the dainty lace appliqué on the bodice and the delicate Swarovski crystal waist.

Gorgeous bouquet!

So sweet!

With a stunning setting like this, you need very little décor...

It really doesn't get much cuter...


See what I mean? TOTALLY could have opened the post with this pic, right??


Thank you Olivia + Grant for sharing your truly FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Foto by Freas 
Event Planner: Blue Water Weddings
DJ: Event My Way
Hair Stylist: Make Up and Hair by Nancy
Floral Designer: Marathon Florist
Reception Venue: The Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle
Bakery: Unique D'Lites Custom Cakes

A Fabulous Yacht Entrance, a Spectacular Ceremony and a Super Cool Reception...

At the risk of sounding dramatic, and borderline insane, I really think this photograph spoke to me. I love the way one of the children is walking down the road, and the other has stopped to absorb the enormity of the moment. Seriously, look at him... He is simply gazing down at the sweet picture in his hands, and I image that he is overcome with joy and excitement. His father is getting married! Woot! Anyway, I felt that I needed to share this pic with you first to set the tone for this incredibly moving and super cool SF/San Rafael wedding.

The deets? Well, Brian, the groom, is a member of the Terrapin Family Band at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael (go read about it, bridey!!). This place is completely fabulous! The ceremony was at the pocket park beside the venue which totally rocked a "backyard" wedding feel (where Karen, the bride, arrived via boat) and some serious sunshine. I love how this wedding feels like it took place in several different venues, and yet, it was all part of the very cool Terrapin Crossroads.  So without further ado... Go enjoy! It's really awesome!

Such a FAB shot! I have such a soft spot for San Francisco... After college, I went to culinary school in this great city!

Karen, you're totally beautiful! I love your dress! 

Brian got ready with his two sons at Cavallo Point in Sausalito.

I love this pic...

OMG... See the bow tie? Brian's boys are adorable!

Let's go to the ceremony! 

Talk about a fucking entrance! WOW!

I mean...

That is a great group shot!!!

Via Terrapin Crossroads site: The Grateful Dead are known primarily as a San Francisco band, owing to their very short but very important time living in The City, and being the true embodiment and co-creators of “The San Francisco Sound.” But by 1970, the band had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, with San Rafael becoming the hub of all Grateful Dead activity from 1970 to 1995. So to be accurate, the Grateful Dead was essentially a San Rafael band.

See what I mean? Think about the ceremony + cocktail hour... This is a stark difference, and I LOVE it! I love the deep red lighting!

Passionate kissers...

Thank you Karen + Brian for sharing your super cool wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Two Irises
Floral Designer: April Flowers
Hair Stylist: The Style Bar 
Pre-Ceremony Location: Cavallo Point
Ceremony Location + Venue: Terrapin Crossroads Restaurant