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When New York Takes Austin, Wedding Style!!


I knew Tara + Dan were New Yorkers... I could 100% tell by the photograph. Couldn't you? Well, maybe I'm not telling the whole truth, because when I received the submission, it clearly stated that T+D were a "fun-loving couple from New York", but let's just say that I wasn't surprised. Because not only is Austin becoming the mecca for destination weddings, but if you're from the East Coast, going somewhere warm, fabulous and fun doesn't seem too far fetched. And, I love the idea of a whole bunch of New Yorkers taking over Austin.

Bridey, aside from my intense desire to head back to Austin on the first flight out tomorrow morning, this wedding is fucking fantastic! I love how much variety the venue offers as far as space for all things wedding-y and the killer décor. But, the best part? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibe of the B+G + their friends and family totally KILLING it on the dance floor. Entertainment can make or break your wedding, and clearly it MADE T+D's wedding. So, go... Enjoy and get inspired to rock your wedding like this B+G!


Wedding dress heaven...

Towery Moore.001.jpeg

OMG... Sniff sniff... Love these first look pics!!

Towery Moore.002.jpeg

There are a few things I want to discuss in this photograph. First of all, having a margarita before walking down the aisle is an EXCELLENT idea. Secondly, LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark nail choice... Finally, that fucking ring! No wonder you needed sunglasses! A MAZ ING!

Towery Moore.003.jpeg

100% obsessed with this venue! GORGEOUS ceremony space! 


Tara, I like your style, girl! Go get 'em!

Towery Moore.006.jpeg

Bridey, know what I love? This wedding is like three venues in one. Three different locations for three different parts of the evening, yet all in one FAB spot!


LOVE this!!

Towery Moore.005.jpeg

STUN NING décor! Like, totally gorgeous!


Oh my goodness with the fucking cupcakes! Mouth = watering. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm not eating sugar in like every post, and this photograph is torture!!! 

Towery Moore.007.jpeg



This guy... I love you.


Still love you, guy! 


Thank for T+D for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! Love it when the East Coast rocks Texas!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJake Holt Photography
Event Planner: 36th Street Events
Photo Booth Equipment: Oh Happy Day Booth 
Band: Blind Date
Musicians: Terra Vista Strings
Cake Designer: Sugar Mama's Bakeshop
Equipment Rentals: Whim Hospitality
Floral Designer: Stem Floral Design Austin 
Event Venue + Caterer: South Congress Hotel
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Fabulously Whimsical, Gorgeously Bohemian Wedding with a Side of Cake Porn!

I am OB SES SED with Lauren + Danny's cake topper! Like OBSESSED! I love how they took pictures from the wedding, and placed then on top of the cake! It's just so clever! And to make it even better, the pics are being held up high with clothespins! So cute! Well, I guess I'd expect nothing less from two teachers! Right? Cleverness definitely comes with the territory. And L+D? Well, their story is so awesome, just like the topper!

Two words... Workplace romance. Fucking love it!!! So, lauren's a high school music teacher, and Danny came in as the new tennis coach. Do I really need to say more?? Apparently, it all happened whirlwindy fast, which of course led to a spontaneous engagement (duh...), followed by a lovely bohemian wedding. Bridey, I love romantic stories like that! Don't you? Totally feels like the movies!! Anyway, this fun crew danced (in the grass) and dined from the B+G's favorite local food truck before enjoying the spectacular cake-porny wedding cake! Have fun with this one... I LOVE it!!

Such a simple yet beautiful bouquet!

This will make sense in a little bit... HA!

You know what they always say, "Groomsmen and their axes..." Just kidding! But, how super fun??

Lauren, you look beautiful and happy!!!

Ritch Hallihan.004.jpeg

That's a killer head piece!


I'm lovin' the rustic altar...

Such a sweet bridal party!!

OMG! I would LOVE to see my husband use an axe!! 

GREAT idea!! 

Um, one of each please!

Total cake porn...  And, it's naked too! Sorry, couldn't help myself!!


Thank you Lauren and Danny for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Danielle Defayette Photography
Venue: Laughing Waters Retreat

Fantasy Friday ~ An Outdoor Ceremony, A Glamorous Wedding Gown & A Good Old Fashioned Cake-Face Smash!

I'm not gonna lie... I get excited by a good old fashion cake-face-smash. I know I shouldn't, but I really do! In fact, I have a WHOLE conversation with each of my B+Gs about how they are going to handle feeding each other wedding cake, because it's an absolutely important conversation to have! Sooooo... when I get to see pics of one, I get excited. I get excited because most of my clients choose not to "smash". They end up playing it safe (and when there is a wedding dress involved, it's understandable!), but not Joy and Ron! Just wait! When you scroll down, you will see how brilliant Joy is! She made it out of the cake cutting unscathed! Seriously, she's my new hero!

Anyway... Joy & Ron were married at the University Place Hilton in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ceremony was stunning; overlooking a beautiful water fountain and a boardwalk. The reception followed with food, drinks, and a ton of dancing! 

WOW! Holy hell! This is a GORGEOUS wedding dress!So cute. I love those little dresses!YES!!So lovely...I can't even handle how awesome Ron is! Oh yeah!!!The bride's two young sons... Can you say adorable?

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox

Kate and John Fox had their wedding at a local private high school. Seriously, they're probably the only people I know who would voluntarily go back to high school, right? But, how fabulously unique is that? I mean... Apparently, this was the first wedding held in the school, and I absolutely love that they chose to think out of the box! Anyway, the ceremony was in a chapel inside of the school and the reception was outside despite the rain! People always say that rain is good luck your wedding day, but as a wedding planner (and if you're a bride reading this), honestly, it's a pain in the ass! 

Luckily, it only rained during their formal photographs, and a few volunteers held umbrellas over the cake. So ultimately, they had good luck (phew!), and the pics to prove it!! And with a name like "Fox", they just  HAD to incorporate their name into their wedding day! After all, how many people could say that their wedding is truly the day of the fox...?

I really, really love these jewel toned bouquets!Look at Kate's father. His eyes are welling up...Fantastic kiss!Loving the green color palette!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Barefoot and Beautiful Bride, A Dog Named Lunchbox, and a Laid Back Groom

I love how chill Maggie and Matt's wedding was. Like super chill. I mean... Maggie was barefoot for most of the day!! I know, right? How awesome is that? And when she needed to slip on some shoes? She just put on her lace Toms... No biggie. LOVE IT! And Matt? The dude had on khaki pants and suspenders! Now, how FAB is that? Even their dog, Lunchbox, wore a handmade bow-tie! Not only that, but these two really made their day all about their love for each other, and the love for their family and friends.

Bridey, if you scroll down you will see all of the lovely details from Maggie and Matt's amazing wedding. They rocked organic flower arrangements, set a vintage mismatched table, drank from mason jar drinking glasses, and served Southern vegetarian food. Basically? They incorporated everything they loved into one day.... And frankly, I can't think of a better day to just that! Enjoy!

I love that the dog's name is Lunchbox!Funny story? Apparently, the guys had no idea how to tie a bow tie.Handmade, vintage inspired bridesmaids dresses found on Etsy.Awwwwwwwww.......Hip! Hip! Hooray!!See? Maggie is barefoot! LOVE IT!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Intimate & Uniquely Etsy Wedding

Before you gorge yourself this Thanksgiving (like I am planning to do), I thought that as a special treat, I'd allow you to have a little candy first. Well, eye candy that is! And it won't add to the piles and piles of calories, but it will add to the piles of ideas for your wedding. Because this wedding? Well, this wedding is full of incredible details and extremely pleasing on the eyes.

Seriously, I'm dying over the long tables, I'm dying over all of the green and the adorable cake, but most of all, I'm dying over the love that is overflowing from the Maggie & Cliff! So, bridey, be thankful for this one. Be thankful for Maggie's brilliance, and be thankful that she wanted to let the world in to share all of these wonderful details with you! I mean really... If you were a fan of BB last year at this time, I can assure you that I am certainly whistling a different tune. (Um, here's my post from last year at this time... Is There Really Always Something to be Greatful for?!).

Loving the green... And those flowers? A MAZ ING!Soooooo.... cute!I love this photograph! The bridal party welcoming the bride and groom into the reception? Priceless. (Well, at least that is what I picture is happening...)OMG. To drink or eat first? That is the question.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Bluest Spot in the Sierras... A Stunning Lake Tahoe Wedding

I fell in love with my husband in Lake Tahoe. So, when Loni and Kevin's wedding landed in my inbox, I couldn't pass it up! It certainly helped that the photographs were breathtaking, and that I loved everything about this wedding. But, Tahoe. Well, Tahoe always have a special place in my heart... Plus, I love it when furry friends take part in such a special occasion! Check out the B+G's golden retriever, Sierra! Sierra took a trip down the aisle wearing a big blue bow to match Loni's... I mean... Awwwww....

Did I mention that this wedding is mostly DIY? You know that BB ain't much a DIY kind of girl, so when I see it done, and done well, I get this overwhelming urge to share it with the world! The burlap on the tables, the "love notes", candy bar, etc. are all DIY. I know! And it's done so fucking well too!!!

So, bridey. Enjoy the eye candy. Enjoy the DIY. But, most of all? Enjoy the vibe of this beautiful Lake Tahoe wedding. I sure did!

OMG! This Lian Carlo dress is absolutely incredible!! And the shoes? I NEED them!!FAB picture. Just gorgeous.Let't check in with the groom, shall we?WOW! I'm SO pinning this one!! I could see this photograph in a wedding glossy. Right?