Pink Hair

A Unicorn Disguised as a Bride, Some Superhero Puddle Jumping, and a Whole Lot of Weddingy Awesomeness!!

Bridey, I don't care what people say about luck + rain on your wedding day, because you know what? It sucks. It sucks logistically, it sucks organizationally, and it sucks frizzily (I'm pretty sure I made that word up)... But, people feel like they have to say that to make the B+G feel better about a sucky situation. Right? And as a wedding planner, I'm the one dealing with the logistics, the reorganization and rockin' some seriously big hair. Anyway... I have to say, Marianna + Kyle are total rebels, and used it to their advantage. I mean... Just look at that gorgeous pic!! These two crazy cats were jumping around in the puddles and loving every second! And, obvi, I'm completely obsessed with her FABULOUS pink hair!!! 

Know what I love? I love that Marianna will tell you she's really a unicorn. I will tell you she's really a badass. But, actually, I think she's really a unicorn disguised as a bride and I find her magical... Marianna said that, "People used to tell me I would never get married with pink hair and a nose ring, but now I am married to my best friend." WTF?? Why do people say that shit? And, more importantly, why do we believe it? We shouldn't! And, thankfully, Marianna didn't believe that shit, and married a cool guy who clearly (based on the amazing pics below), gets her. Bridey, you are who you are, you'll marry who you marry, and your wedding will be amazing. PERIOD. Now, go... Get inspired!!! Two words: DONUT CAKE.


Guuuuuurrrrlllll.... I LOVE your pink locks and your nose ring! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Kyle gave his groomsmen engraved pocket watches... 

Gamez Walker.004.jpeg
Gamez Walker.002.jpeg

I love how Kyle is admiring Marianna in this pic!

Gamez Walker.003.jpeg




Gorgeous. Completely gorgeous and magical...

Gamez Walker.005.jpeg

I might be in love this man...

Gamez Walker.007.jpeg

Oh my fucking goodness... How DELICIOUS does this "cake" look???


This pic could easily be my mom and me... Sniff... Sniff...


Thank you M+K for sharing your amazing wedding with Bitchless Bride! Together, you two are the best unicorn, superhero, puddle jumping duo I've ever seen!!!

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Photographer: Le Image Photo
Reception Venue: Deity
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Fantasy Friday ~ Tattoo Engagement Session

Tara + Kirk. Yeah... They got matching tattoos and photographed it. How cool is that? And would you look at Tara's amazing HOT PINK hair? Clearly, I love it. While my hair might be a wig, I can still appreciate how awesome hot pink hair is, right? Anyway... Apparently, Tara is super sweet and funny and Kirk thought so too...

From what I gather, Tara posted a photograph on Instagram and Kirk couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. They started a conversation, one thing led to another and next thing you know they are getting matching tattoos and being photographed! I mean, the dude even moved from Ohio to Chicago to be with her! LOVE IT! Could you bust!!!??

That's Jessica. She seems super happy to be a part of this documenting history what have you...LOOK at Tara's hair! If I had the balls, I would totally have hot pink hair. But, I don't, so on occasion, I wear a wig and film myself.I love this shot.... (and I love her hot pink lips too!)Awwwwww.....I love them! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights  ~ PhotographerF/stop Poetry