Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

Fantasy Friday ~ Destination... Las Vegas! A Fun-Filled, Getting Down on the Dance Floor, Party Bus Riding, Las Vegas Wedding!

Bridey, if you know me at all, then you know I love Las Vegas. I got married there, I gamble there, and I do bad things there! Just kidding! Well... Anyway, it's not about me... It's about the B+G,  Kate & Jake. They said "I do" at the Las Vegas Country Club, and considering that neither the bride or groom are from Vegas, it was a destination wedding! The best part? In true Vegas fashion, all of the wedding guests were taken to the Las Vegas sign in a wild party bus ride for a final photo. OMG! Right?

The lowdown on Kate and Jake? Well, they met at a bar (just like my hus and me!). Jake had just gotten back from a tour in Spain, and needed a cocktail. Kate saw Jake from across the bar, and just had to say "hello", and the rest is history! Bridey, tons of inspiration in this FAB destination wedding! Enjoy!

Could ya bust? That's Carly's (the B+G's daughter) amazing dress!
OMG!!! SO cute! (And, I want to find me a pair!)
Damn girl. GORGE!
Wow. She's adorable! I love her transportation, too!
Easy peasy.
So beautiful!
Stunning cake, and looks tasty too!
Look how much fun everybody is having!!!
Such a cool shot!
Thank you for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Fabio and Adri Photography
Floral Designer: ACS Floral & Events
Dress Store: David's Bridal
DJ: Knight Sounds Entertainment
Hair Stylist: stevee danielle hair and makeup salon
Event Venue: The Las Vegas Country Club

Fantasy Friday ~ Destination Croatia! A Stunningly Beautiful Destination Wedding...

Seriously, why didn't any of my friends (or family) take me to Croatia for their wedding? In fact, why didn't any of my friends (or family) take me anywhere for a wedding? Well, because they aren't Kristen and James. You see, Kristen and James took fifty of their closest friends and family to join them in stunning Croatia to witness their nuptials. Not only that, but this lucky group of peeps got to go to the wedding (obviously), together with several other adventures while they were there. I mean... Hi... They went cliff jumping! OMG!! I would love to think that I could do that, but the truth is, this girl is afraid of heights! So, I would have had to sit that one out! Anyway, they swam in the ocean, did some fancy boating, ate great food and partied like rock stars at Kristen and James' wedding!

The views alone are worth their weight... and actually look like gold! This destination wedding is filled with bright colors, warm people and endless energy!

Simply amazing...OMG... Could I be more American? I can't help but notice how clean everything is! Well, ahem... compared to America!Amazing silhouette, but I have to admit, the cat trotting away is pretty adorable!Hell of a kiss! Bring it James!!!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Bitchin' Bitchless Bride & Her FAB Irish Wedding

About a month ago, I received a pretty kickass email from a bridey named Carol. Not only is she is "obsessed" with Bitchless Bride (duh, who wouldn't be?), but Carol happens to be a Bitchless Bride. And you know how I know? 'Cause she told me. I mean, she didn't come out and tell me tell me, but what she did say was enough proof that this girl "got it". That she understood that marrying somebody is more about the person than the event. You see, brideys, Carol couldn't wait to marry her "favourite person in the world", and while there wasn't a theme or sparklers, there was love... Well, love and some pretty cool details. 

A few words from the bride: "Over the past year I've been obsessed with your site especially, 'Vendor Rants'. As an Irish girl, I found it both bewildering and hilarious while planning our wedding, which happened on 16th November. Firstly, I just want to quickly introduce myself my name is Carol, and I finally married my favourite person in the world, Kevin.We are both from Derry (in Ireland) it's the best place ever if I don't say so myself lol. We are going out just over 13 years now (we can't remember a specific date but it was a Sunday... I remember the hangover in work the next day).

Clearly not the normal "getting ready" pics that we've all become accustomed to seeing!Love these bridesmaids dresses, and I am dying over the pockets!! Baby's breath bouquets! LOVE how gigantic they are!More from Carol: Our wedding didn't have any 'out of this world' themes, but we thought it was cool and we and everyone else enjoyed it. I've attached some photos from the day; I know they may not be blog worthy but we both know we don't take good photos (sad but true), but we think they show how laid back the day was for us, and I thought you might like to have a wee look maybe while some bridey is annoying the hell outta you my Kermit onesie will make you smile. Anyhoo I hope you like them."
What a fabulous seating plan! Super unique!I mean...I can't stop looking at the pink chandeliers!I like your style, Carol! (And your nails!) A bit of Guinness before putting on your sneakers and bustin' a move!I totally wish I could have been there!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Kevin Nash Photography