Rainbow Wedding

A Rainbow Connection Brought to You by Cupid Himself + a Super Smart Maid of Honor


Happy Valentine's Day, brideys (and grooms too)! If you know me at all, Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday, but my personal issues aside, I am a HUGE fan of #redbottomshoes, and in this case, ALL of the people wearing them in this post! I decided to post this particular wedding today, Valentine's Day, because even though I think this holiday is the most contrived holiday ever, I do believe in love, and equality, and this post encompasses both. Ben and Michael have a kickass love story, brought to you by destiny and some smart and encouraging friends. PLUS, there is a lot of red (for Valentine's Day, of course!) because of the GORGEOUS Christian Louboutin shoes!

In a minute, I am going to suggest that you start scrolling for some serious inspiration, but before I do, I want to say that the grooms will be telling you their FABULOUS story because they are much more articulate than I am when it comes to their love... Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day! Okay, start scrolling!!


I mean... Can I get a "HOLY SHIT"?!!! I want a pair of both!

Guerra Ortiz.001.jpeg

Our Love Story's Playlist ~ Some people believe everything happens for a reason. We take this mantra and another, to seek the good things in life, to heart. This is how our love story played out through a five song playlist: 1. Lady Gaga, The Fame. "LoveGame" ~ Cupid played a game that would take five years in the making. After two years, Cupid decided to shot an arrow at a concert in Houston, Texas, featuring Lady Gaga. We had just began talking via OkCupid and our now Maid-Of-Honor pushed us into trading numbers which lead to our first date.


Seriously, one of each for me...

Guerra Ortiz.002.jpeg

2. Lady Gaga, Born This Way. "Yoü and I". Like most first dates, we both were a little awkward. It wasn't until we both expressed our mutual love for music and how it brings a smile to your face even when having a bad day. Our dates continued, ranging from picnics on the floor of a college dorm room, to the floor of our first apartment together, and eventually to the picnic where the proposal occurred.


I am OB SES SED with these bridesmaids dresses! OB FUCKING SES SED!!


3. Glee Cast, Glee: The Music, Vol.1. "Don't Stop Believing". On June 27, 2015, The United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. What we once thought would never be, suddenly became a reality. It was a birthday present for both of us as we celebrated at a Houston Pride.


Ben + Michael, I LOVE you two together! 



Look at all of those #redbottom shoes!!!!!


4. Taylor Swift, 1989. "Welcome To New York". With the debut of The Great Gatsby,  the concept of elegance and love was an eye opening idea of exactly how we wanted to plan our wedding.

Guerra Ortiz 2.001.jpeg

5. Kesha, Rainbow, "Rainbow". Six years after Cupid played his game, we came together with family, friends, and loved ones at Kendall Plantation. Just as God places rainbows in the sky so we may see the beauty of all colors after a storm, we were granted our own rainbow. Now we look to the sky without any limit, and seek the good things in life. 

Some serious fun happening!!! LOVE IT!


I'm crying over these shoes...


Thank you Ben + Michael for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Shelly Beck Photography 
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Nordstrom
Bakery: 2 Tarts Bakery
Floral Designer: Botankia
Hair Stylist: Shag The Salon
Caterer: Absolutely Delicious Catering
Venue: Kendall Plantation

A Super Colorful, Super Fabulous, Amazing Rainbow Wedding, Rockin’ Some Serious Pride! YEAH!

OMG. Are you fucking falling over right now, bridey? Seriously, just look at this incredible ceremony setup. LOOK! Yes, I am totally yelling at you, but that's simply because I am 100% OBSESSED with Steven and Andrew's wedding. It's RAINBOW!!! And, I love rainbows... So much so, that in 2013, I put together a post called The Rainbow Connection. I thought was pretty fucking awesome, but now that I have had the privilege of sharing this with you, I realized that it hardly holds a candle to Steven and Andrew's kickass wedding! 

Aside from all of the colorful deets (quite literally), I love that these two groom's are waving the rainbow flag, HIGH (well, they're signing it instead of a guest book!)!!! I mean... Love is love... Marry whoever the fuck you want. Love whoever you want. And be whoever you want! Now, go love this wedding like I did! (If you want to see Steven and Andrew's engagement shoot, and learn more about their story, click here.)

Woot! Woot!

Andrew, you are so ADORABLE! Like... OMFG!

Awwwww..... So so so cute!!

Steven... Such a handsome pic!!

Like... OMG with the ceremony space!!

Doves. That's all.

The masks! WHOA!!! A teeny, tiny bit Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, but I love it!

Amazing! Check out the bow tie!



Fabulous wedding favors!




Andrew, Steven... Thank you for sharing this amazing rainbow wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Mak Rabbitt Photography LLC

Caterer: Cheers & Lakeside Chalet

Ceremony Location: Cheers Chalet

Cake Designer: Short North Piece of Cake

Bakery: Short North Piece of Cake

Dress Store: The Wedding Plantation

Reception Venue: Lakeside Chalet

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Up Up and Away... An "Up" Inspired Styled Shoot with a Real Couple

Guillaume + Michelle, Michelle + Guillaume, OMG, could ya' bust over this "Up" inspired styled shoot? I mean... It's exactly what I needed. So, today, I chose to show you something else besides a real wedding, because when I saw these pics, I instantly became happy. And honestly, even though you would never know it (because I'm fucking fantastically gifted at masking my melancholy with a smiley face), I'm kinda going through a bit of a rough time personally, and I was desperate for a smile. Needless to say, when I saw all of the rainbows, and eye candy, I couldn't resist. 

As you browse these spectacular photographs (side note... spectacular is my dad's favorite word; true story...) I think you will agree with me when I say that Michelle + Guillaume are adorable. Seriously, you'll see it in every.single.photograph. And, Michelle is totally my kind of girl. This chick can hardly stop laughing throughout the shoot, and even though I wasn't there, it's obvious that she is having the time of her life, and it's heartwarming (see, I'm totally mushy right now...). Anyway, before I start crying, I'll shut up. Enjoy!

LOVE the balloons and all of the color!!Michelle is so trying not to laugh, right?Amazing save the date. Amazing dress. Amazing jewels.All of the color and the cake are absolutely kickass!!Look at that kiss!! Michelle, I LOVE YOU!! You are too funny trying supress that laugh!Utter happiness... So quirky and cute!Um, gorgeous jewel toned flowers (dying over the butterflies!) and beautiful tea length dress!I can't even...Guillaume + Michelle, Michelle + Guillaume you are fabulous! Thank you for "up"lifting BB's spirit!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Samantha Marie Photography
Floral Designer: Flowers by Chelsea
Transportation: Gangster For Hire
Invitation Designer: Little Bee Impressions
Cake Designer: Nana and Mama's Sweet Tooth
Beauty: Oasis Salon
Dress Store: Pancsofar's Bridal Boutique
Etsy Designer: Sally Bateau
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Simply Sisters Boutique
Beauty: The Nail Artistry

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Listen Up, Bridey! Here are the Top 5 Trend Setting Wedding Themes for 2013

This is a sponsored post by Bridal Shoes (and so are all of these AWESOME shoes!)

Wedding themes are as fickle as love is, sometimes changing in the blink of an eye. What never goes out of style is when weddings are personalized to reflect the unique personalities of the happy couple. Any wedding theme trend is made more special by putting a personal stamp on it, in a non-traditional way.  Imagination can make any wedding truly memorable.

A Rainbow Wedding

One unique wedding trend is incorporating gorgeous colors of the rainbow into the entire wedding. This is done through beautiful touches like bright rainbow colored flowers on the cake, decorative floral arrangements in bright colors and accents for bridesmaid’s dresses. Featuring simple white dresses with rainbow colored shoes for bridesmaids is one way to create a rainbow theme, along with rainbow bow accents on the bride’s shoes. Satin ribbon around the bridesmaid’s waists or belts to match their brightly colored shoes also goes along well with a rainbow themed wedding. Pictures from these weddings are cheerful, bright and always amazing to look back on.

Birds of a Feather

Try a bird feather themed wedding for a fabulous, memorable day. Feathers like those from ostriches and peacocks work beautifully for this and they come in such an incredible array of fascinating colors. Colors range from blues to turquoise, to shades of green and gold. These color blends can be infused into all aspects of the wedding from food to decorations to feathers worn in bridesmaid’s hair, or incorporated into flower arrangements. Feathers create a sophisticated and always memorable ambiance and add unique flair to a wedding. Brides can wear a dress with feather or feather-like accents and feathery lace bridal shoes also follow the theme.

Hollywood Here We Come!

A Hollywood blockbuster movie provides a captivating theme for any wedding. Choose a favorite blockbuster movie or a newly released movie to base decorative elements on and let your imagination soar. The year 2013 saw the release of “The Great Gatsby”, bringing with it a trend towards 1920’s era, jazz era themed weddings.  Favorite decorative elements include rose petals, a bird cage veil for the bride and vintage inspired wedding dresses with lace and vintage jewelry like brooches. Vintage bridal shoes complete the look. Bridesmaids can wear sparkling headbands and hair pieces along with lace sleeves. Men can be dressed to the nines in 1920’s style straw hats and pocket kerchiefs. The roaring 20’s come back in a big way through creative wedding stylistic elements reminiscent of the era.

Rustic, Green Themes

Eco-friendly themes are a popular recent trend. Brides can wear beautiful lacy, vintage western styled dresses along with either flat or kitten heel bridal shoes. Outdoorsy embellishments, along with invitations printed on eco-friendly paper add a nice touch. Woodsy décor used in table decorations fits perfectly, featuring all natural elements like twigs and prairie type flora. Simply styled wedding cakes in plain white or featuring shades of brown, copper or gold complete the theme.

Romantic English Garden Style

With the recent headlines announcing the birth of the new prince, everything English has become a new trend in wedding style. Beautiful gowns by famous English designers like Jenny Packham are in high demand. Vintage inspired bridal shoes add an extra element of flair. The romantic English Garden wedding theme requires use of elements like classic vintage lace, gold candelabras and stunning floral arrangements with Victorian embellishments like dangling pearls.

The most important thing to remember when planning a wedding is to incorporate the personality of the couple into the wedding theme. Trends come and go. Love is there to stay. Guests will remember fondly and forever a wedding that is also a personal statement.  

Images via: Shoes ~ Bridal Shoes, Rainbow ~ Shaina Sheaff Photography, Cake ~ Let Them Eat Cake, Bouquet ~ Etsy, Hollywood/Gatsby ~ Dani Fine Photography, Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations ~ The Wedding Stationary Store, English Wedding ~ Charlene Morton Photograpy

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Rainbows, Rainbows and More Rainbows

I wear a lot of black. Like, a lot. Like, my closet is super depressing, but somehow it suits me. Seriously, outside of the hot pink wig, and some hot pink accessories, my wardrobe would be perfectly acceptable if my job were in a funeral parlor. So, when I saw Shaye and Anthony's wedding, I felt inspired. I felt happy. I felt giddy. But, most of all, I felt like I needed to share it with you, bridey. The pictures are entirely kick ass, and so are the details. I mean... I am absolutely OBSESSED with the rainbow bridesmaids dresses (and their fingernails) and adorable bridesmaids gifts! 

So much thought went into each aspect, and it shows. But, Shaye... Well, Shaye has a bit of an edge on some of you from a DIY standpoint. You see, Shaye is an art teacher, so the rainbow wedding theme, and all of the colorful tid bits came easily to her.

Shaye made the streamer backdrop at the altar, and the rainbow crane centerpieces on the tables. I know, right?!! The save the dates? They were designed by a friend (also self-printed), and Shaye designed the wedding invitations. And you know what? They're stunning! So, bridey, don't be afraid to get your DIY on... Just because I am, doesn't mean you have to be! Enjoy!

STUN NING! Just stunning!!!The save the dates and the wedding invitations... Oh, and the chicks holding them? Bridesmaids! Yup! Check out those fucking phenomenal dresses!Green fingernails. For the wedding. LOVE IT!

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Dreams Really Do Come True...

Look at this picture. I mean, REALLY look. Would you believe me if I told you that this is a rainbow themed, styled shoot at Morningside Manor in Arvada, Colorado? The reason I'm asking is because doesn't this couple look like a real soon-to-be or married couple? Seriously... I just can't believe that they are part of the shoot! Perhaps they are together in real life, or maybe after the shoot they got down and dirty... rainbow style. But, no matter what, the chemistry of the "models" mixed with the awesomeness of this styled shoot almost leaves me at a loss for words! ALMOST. 

Okay, moving past the obvious sexual tension, I really applaud all of the hard work that went into this photo session. Brideys, if you scroll down, you will see some profoundly creative tablescapes, a fabulously cool cake and a pretty dramatic altar. If you're looking for a creative theme with tons of DIY elements, then check this shit out! 

I have to admit, I'm not usually a fan of the bow on the chair thing, but because of the multicolor effect, I really love it! 

I am obsessed with the alternating napkins and beverages! What a good idea! I mean... just throw a little vodka in the glass, and it may even be perfect!

YUM. YUM. YUM. And you know what the best part is? It's a cake that can easily be made by a friend or relative, that will look cool and cost you nothing.

Fantasy Friday ~ The Rainbow Connection

I am in a mood... A whimsical mood... A happy mood... An almost childlike mood... No, really I am! I can't figure out if it's because I am working with some great brideys lately or because Spring is finally in the air, but BB has the fever! And when you have the fever, you just have to go with it. Right? So why not be happy? Like deliriously fucking happy? And you know what is a happy color? RAINBOW! Which of course got me thinking about two things... The Rainbow Connection, by Kermit (be sure to watch the video... you'll thank me later for that stupid grin of yours), and how cool it would be to plan an over-the-top rainbow wedding!

Soooo... welcome to Fantasy Friday!! I am drooling over these photographs, and feel so inspired to push the limit with any bride who will allow me to do so... So c'mon, bridey! Get into the rainbow mood with me and let's have some fucking fun! 

Gorgeous. Stunning. Ballsy. 

Yes, I think it's real fur, but please don't kill the messenger (she says quietly). I wanted to share it because I think it's fabulous, not because I am taking a stand one way or another regarding animal rights (however, you all know that I have two cats, so I too am hoping it's faux!) Anyway....

Um, walk down the aisle in your Jimmy Choo's and then change into some rainbow Vans? Sounds good to me!

Yeah... There are no words... Well, except that the spotlight just might be off of you, bridey, for a little while as your guests take in the cuteness of the flower girls!

No words... None. Other then FUCKING FANTASTIC!