Red Wedding cake

An Amazing Westminster Wedding That's Super Cool, Super Energetic and Super Cray!

Seriously bridey, I don't even know where to begin with Sarah and Will's FAB wedding... Like, there are so many cool details and incredible energy that it's kinda hard to put what I am feeling into words. It all starts with a beautiful tea ceremony, and ends with a fucking kickass party and a RuPaul inspired walk off... I mean, how could I possibly that into words? 

I will say that I am completely obsessed with Sarah's lipstick. I have a total love affair with lipstick, and the fact that Sarah's rocking dark lips (and dark, pointy nails), is awesome! Really, I just love everything about this wedding! The lighting, the cake (holy shit with the cake, and the "creatures" on top) and the insane dancing make me so happy! I love when a B+G truly make their wedding day about their favorite people and what make them, them. Enjoy!

Could they get any cuter?

Love Sarah's reaction here...

This is a great shot!


Check out that bouquet!! LOVE IT!

Damn girl. You're 100% owning this bride thing...

Sounds so cheesy, but I love all of the hand holding.

Such a great group shot!

Taxidermy creatures... Now, look down! STFU with this AMAZING cake!!!

I mean, you gotta cut the cake with a sword!

Not quite sure what is happening here, but I fucking love it!

Hacking Brian.003.jpeg

Thank you Sarah and Will for sharing your cool, fun and fucking fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!! I love everything about it!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: York Place Studios
Venue: The Institute of Civil Engineering, One Great George Street

Fantasy Friday ~ Dark, Moody and Fabulous... A Victorian-esk, Gothic Inspired Shoot

Bridey, I think we've all seen quite a few black, red and white weddings, right? Be it in real life, blog posts, magazines, etc. And, while I love that color scheme, I love it even more when that same color scheme gets messy. Yeah, I love it when a little darkness gets thrown into this pretty palette. And today? Well, it's super messy... Actually, more like super awesome. I mean, just look at that dessert spread! Seriously, these talented vendors were able to convey their kickass vision through a dessert table! Now, that's pretty fucking cool if you ask me!

If you're looking to come to the dark side (sorry, couldn't help it!), then take a walk with me. Come... Let's breathe in the incredible metallic details, touch the gorgeous flowers and dig into that dessert display. Thinking about not wearing white? Then check out the stunning purple wedding dress. Bridey, this one is too good not to take in...
Loving the invitations and menu!Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.STFU! A MAZ ING! Something super cool? The flowers on the cake are made of wafer paper and painted with chocolate. WOW!!One of my favorite desserts in the whole world is a black forest verrine! I'd be in food heaven with both of those delicious treats!Yeah... Handmade faux flowers. I know, right? I had no idea either!!The contrast between the gold charger plate and the table are FAB!Care for a candy apple? And, btw... Can we just talk about how stunning her makeup is? I need this dress. I want this dress. This black wedding gown (by Camille La Vie) has a beaded bodice with a tulle skirt and purple underlay. Holy FABULOUS!Thank you for sharing this kickass styled shoot with Bitchless Bride. Tons of cool inspriation to play with!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jade Elora Photography
Bakery: Baked Goods Unlimited
Location: Brookside Park
Dress Store: Camille La Vie | Group USA
Invitation Designer: Details by Oksana
Model: Diana Skitova
Beauty: Erika Morales
Makeup Artist: Sofia Briana

Fantasy Friday ~ Code Red!

I'm using you today, bridey. I mean, I'm hoping you get some inspiration from this post because it fucking rocks, but today, it's all about me. Yup! Today I needed Bitchless Bride to help me brainstorm an idea that has been swirling around in my cray cray little head for the last two weeks, and finally feels ready to put on "paper". So, there won't be a real wedding or a styled shoot today. Nope! This one is strictly for moi. (BTW... are you totally dying over that red headpiece? RIGHT??)

The fantasy? The dream wedding? Code red! Yup! You read that right! Code fucking red y'all!! Yeah...This bride wants an all red wedding.... Like super fucking red. Like, red is going to explode from event red... And, you know what? I intend on giving it to her. But, it's got to be classy. It's got to be flashy and most of all, it can't be cheesy. 

So, the "boards" encapsulated in this post? Well, they will give you a little insight as to how my crazy mind works (or at the very least, how it's digesting the specifications around  this particular wedding). And honestly, I have no rhyme or reason to what I mashed together, but I like how it looks. Reminds me of organized chaos. The best part? "Diablo",  that's what I call bride behind her back (yes, we all have nick names for you, brideys), she's going to fucking love it, and I hope you do too...
Like I said... there is no particular rhyme to my reason today... All I know is that I need a few options for a signature drink, and I NEED a drink, so here are my thoughts... Champagne with strawberry puree or some strawberry with some freakin' moonshine (although I don't think it's red enough), or maybe the strawberry shortcake martini... Think that may be the winner!