Rustic Wedding

A Beautiful, 1960s Themed, at Home Wedding in the United Kingdom


Bridey, I can't EVEN with this wedding. Like. NOT.EVEN.A.LITTLE.BIT. The story of Laura + Richard is so unbelievably lovely. And even lovelier? Is the way they decided to get married... On their terms, on a limited (yet determined) budget, and all while celebrating their love for the past, present and future. L+R met very young, and knew they were going to be together forever. One of the first things Richard said to Laura was that he was going to marry her! And he was right! They got tied the knot on their 10th anniversary of being together. But, my favorite part? They got married at home. Somewhere that's not just another venue, but in a place that means something to them. 

Laura said that, "For me this was just as much a celebration of the adventures we’d already had together as well as the promise to keep on sharing our lives. Budget was a big factor in our planning, we only had whatever money we could save up and for us borrowing money, or spending a huge amount on one day wouldn’t have felt right when we were still in a rented flat and hoping to buy our own home at some point. After looking at a few venues, mainly barns, I realised that everything we liked was completely out of our price range. Then it dawned on me, why pay for a venue at all. We weren’t planning on inviting a huge number of guests as neither of us like to be in the spotlight, so why not just have the reception at home. My mum agreed to host in her little garden...'' How amazing is Laura's mom!?? Right? I love the idea of being home! And, bridey, you will too after you see the details! Enjoy!


OMFG! The headpiece, the dress, the bouquet. OH MY!!!


The sheer excitement captured in these photographs has my eyes welling up with big, puffy (almost ugly crying) tears!


Absolutely OB SES SED with the 'maids and everything they are rockin'. 


Laura said, "... I was inspired to have the wedding as homemade as possible, we would save money but it would also make the day unique and special. We have lots of creative friends who got involved and helped us in all sorts of ways.''




I mean... If that's not a beautiful couple... LOVE L+R!!


Two things here... First of all, the bouquet. Totally gorgeous! Right? And the other thing? See Laura's' orange nails? I LOVE that she's wearing orange polish on her wedding day!!


Richard, your a fantastic looking groom (and dude in general)! #Justsaying

Bernie P.001.jpeg

If you're taking your wedding home, then it's super important to incorporate elements of home in your décor. This B+G did a fantastic job with the details...


Um, yes please!!! Looks delish!


I don't know who you are, but I love you!!! Is one of those for me?


I really don't know which pic is cuter... Look up. Okay, now look down. Right? 


Bridey, THIS is utter happiness. Take it all in...


Laura, you are stunningly beautiful, and your excitement and love is encapsulated in every.single.picture.

L+R, thank you for sharing your "homemade" wedding with Bitchless Bride!! Your wedding was truly incredible! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Berni Palumbo Photography
Venue: Private Residence

An Incredibly Romantic, Extraordinarily Beautiful, Rustic German Wedding

I love this photograph. It's so simple and sweet while at the same time, utterly romantic and  full of passion. This photograph was taken in the midst of AnneMarie + Charles' wedding vows, and to me, it completely encompasses everything you could possibly want on your wedding day. All of that aside (I'm getting way to mushy!), can we talk about how cool A+C's wedding was? The B+G (and their guests) began the day with a hike through the German countryside, strolling down dirt roads, walking past corn fields and taking in the beauty of their surroundings until they reached a lovely little hilltop. That hilltop was the backdrop for their ceremony. I mean... WOW!! Super stripped down, super casual and super intimate.

Following the ceremony,  guests enjoyed a "picnic" cocktail hour and were spoiled with locally sourced cured meats & cheeses, some delicious champagne and horseshoes. Once everybody was brimming with charcuterie, the celebration continued at AnneMarie + Charles' home in the city center. The photographs are really incredible (and the food and the cake look A MAZ ING!), I could go on and on, but, I won't. So, go, enjoy!!

Hilltop ceremony anybody?

So gorgeous...

STFU with the dog!! He so sweet...

Seriously, I really may have to get a dog after these last few wedding posts...

I can't. It's too good.

Holy charcuterie batman! That.looks.amazing.

Now, that is an unbelievable table!

Damn, AnneMarie! Your back looks beautiful in that dress!

That cake! OMG! Simple and completely stunning!

Thank you A+C for sharing your lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Roya Ann Miller Photography

A Rock 'N Roll, Rustic and Gorgeous DIY Colorado Wedding

Brionne could totally be my best friend. Seriously, any bride who says that she wants her wedding to be, "rustic, but not played-out or cheesy, and it has to have a rock-n-roll vibe to it..." is my fucking hero! Right?? Anyway, she and her hus, Michael, met while country dancing, and wanted to express that though the venue. Brionne said that, "seeing how ‘rustic elegance’ is so hot in country weddings today, it was important to me to bring some rock 'n roll to this twangy nightmare that was on instant replay in everyone’s’ bridal portfolio." Damn girl. So so so true. It's time to spice it up!

Another reason why I want Brionne to be my bestie? Well, she's super cool, and is like a DIY goddess! Seriously! Brionne painted each centerpiece vase, chargers, hand stamped the burlap, and collected items for the arrangements, including dried and live flowers, feathers, and metallic accents. Talk about an overachiever! And, just wait until you see her wedding dress! She kinda made it... Well, she made it the way she wanted it! I really could go on and one... So, just go scroll and read more about B+M's day! Enjoy!

There is just so much to love about this picture... Right?

Brionne bought her dress from David’s Bridal only to shred to pieces and transform into her vision. She said that, “I didn’t have time with everything else to build a corset from the ground up, so I found that using a basic design, I could spend the time I needed on the cosmetic changes instead of a full build”. Her inspiration?  A $40,000.00 design   she admired in Grace Ormond Magazine. I mean... WOW! She said that, “I like the unconventional textures and a vintage/worn appearance, there is beauty in art that holds history and certain elegance in textiles that have imperfections”.

OMG. The nails. The rings. The tattoos! LOVE IT!

This moment will probably be one of her favorite memories from the day!

Brionne made the invitations in Photoshop, and then uploaded the complete design to Vistaprint. 

I love everything about this sign. And, you know what? That goes for us too. We've been unplugged. I don't have ceremony pics to share with you...

Oh Michael, I love how your imitating Brionne with your foot!

Remember, pretty much everything you see is DIY.

See that paper flower? Well, according to Brionne, “the best paper flowers were made by Michael. He totally shocked me with his paper flower skills. I mean, the guy is a Marine and sculpts a bad ass paper rose!"

Like... SO gorgeous!!! And delicious!

Hey! No peeking!! Thank you for sharing your truly unique, truly fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer:  Photography by Jewels
Dress: David's Bridal
DJ: Elite DJ Entertainment
Reception Venue: The Barn at Raccoon Creek 

5 Completely Unoriginal, Yet Completely Unique Wedding Ideas

As a wedding planner, coach and founder of Bitchless Bride, a common question I get asked by almost every bride I talk to is, “What have you seen or done at a wedding that’s totally different or out-of-the-box?” And, the funny thing is by simply asking me that question, the originality looses its meaning. I mean, if I tell you what’s original, then it’s no longer original, right? So, rather than tell these eager brides what I have seen that’s so different or so original, I tell them what was original about the couple, and how they incorporated that into their wedding day. The truth is, bridey, is that there is really nothing you can do at your wedding that hasn’t been done before, and probably like a million times (this year alone!). But… don’t fret! I’m sure that you and your sig other rock some pretty original and unique attributes that you can easily fuse into your wedding! And, more often than not? That’s the shit your guests will love! So, I’ll share my top five unoriginal, yet completely unique wedding ideas with you based on real couples and real weddings that have graced the pages of Bitchless Bride.

1. Goofball wedding. This bride and groom could hardly keep a straight face the whole day, and I love them for it! Connie and Tim are probably one of my favorite weddings ever… Aside from the awesome Star Wars and Futurama references and nods, this B+G are funny people who made funny faces throughout their entire wedding day, and ensured that their guests would have a fantastic time attending their wedding. They stayed true to who they are (complete goofballs), and when I published their wedding, I wrote that the bride and groom will, “absolutely look back on their wedding day and see themselves smiling back. Not some contrived, weddingy version of themselves.” See, that’s the thing, bridey. All of the “stuff” that makes a wedding “original” tends to be trendy bullshit that will come and go. But, dropping hints of your inner geek and showing your guests who you are as a couple? That is timeless!

2. Zombie wedding. Bridey, zombie weddings have totally been done before, usually on or around Halloween, but it’s the bride and groom’s vision that makes it unique. And Allison and James? Holy shit! I fell in love with Allison the minute I learned that she took a scissors to the bridesmaids dresses! Certainly no pressure to wear those dresses again! But, what I really loved was all of the detail and thought the B+G put into the plans. From the red uplighting which totally set the mood (both romantic and spooky) to the bride’s black and white wedding dress to the black linen to the creative guest costumes and insanely FAB makeup (um, definitely not your typical wedding makeup!), it was wonderfully unique, while at the same time still quite elegant.

3. Retro-Inspired wedding. Retro weddings are super fucking cool for a variety of reasons. First of all, the décor, if done well, can blow the wedding away! Secondly, the photographs are totally exquisite. Take Denise and Jeremy… They had such a sensational retro wedding in Arizona that I was completely distracted by all the eye candy as I tried to write up their wedding. The furniture, the lighting, and even the overall feel of the space was completely over the top! And, for two people who have a retro flare? Why not incorporate it into your wedding? The possibilities are endless when it comes to favors, décor, entertainment and even the cake!

4. Super Glam Wedding. If money is not a thing, bridey, and you and your sig other have an affinity for the finer things in life, then glam it up girl! Go crazy with the flowers and décor! Let the gold and Moët flow! Take Kristi and Steve… This fabulous Australian couple literally made my jaw drop when I saw the pictures of their STUNNING wedding. Everything from the five tiered, gold wedding cake (OMFG!), to the deep red and pink flowers to the black dance floor, and just the way the uplighting reflected off of their cake (Yup! You read that right!)… It was truly beautiful! And the B+G loved every second. If glamorous is your style, then go for it!

5. Rustic Wedding. Nothing new here, bridey, but putting your own unique spin on something that has become super trendy? Now, that’s pretty awesome! Personally? It all comes down to the venue and the details. A lovely barn with a tent, long tables with mismatched China or napkins, tons of DIY and usually a lot of booze make a rustic wedding so rustically fantastic. But, when you make it your own like Gloria and Maggie did, then it becomes completely unique, and about the two of you. A distinctive take on a familiar idea.

So, bridey, what’s your unoriginal wedding going to look like? How are you going to make it your own? What will you and your sig other bring to your wedding day that reflects more about who you are as a couple instead of the next BIG thing?

Image via Katie Hartig

A Central Oregon, Bohemian, Beautiful and Rustic Mountain Wedding

See that? That's not just smiling for the photographer. That's something much, much  deeper than that. That, bridey, is what it's all about. Seriously, look at Dave. He's smiling at Katy, and she doesn't even know it. And, Katy? She's just looking absolutely beautiful, rockin' the shit out of that flower crown, and smiling. The way a bride should be smiling on he wedding day. No stress. No anxiety. Just unadulterated joy. 

As you scroll through this FAB and fun, laid back wedding, you can't help but notice how the B+G interact with each other. I mean, I love the awesome DIY deets, the cake, the décor, Katy's kickass wedding dress (OMFG...), and basically everything about this wedding. But, what I love most of all is the heat from the B+G. Like, seriously intoxicating heat. Their warmth and excitement for each other are completely contagious, and it shows throughout the entire wedding. So, bridey, when you're pulling inspiration from this wedding, be sure you pull some heat too... Enjoy!

Doesn't that look super dramatic? And, I'm obsessed with Katy's wedding dress!

OB SES SED. Right??

Great boutonnière!! 

Probably one of my fave shots. Ever.

Notice how Katy's headpiece matches the invites?

Holy shit. Doves! Representing the B+G as they start their lives together...

Great kiss! Talk about heat!


Did you notice the arm cuff? OMG! Katy, you're amazing!

STFU! Love it!!

Such a lovely pic of Dave and Katy! 

Love a fire pit at a wedding! Thank you Katy + Dave for sharing your fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Tony Gambino Photography
Event Planner: Shine Events
Venue: Shepherdsfield Weddings and Events

A Lovely, Laid Back and Rainbow-Tastic Colorado Wedding

Since BB's inception, I've written quite a bit about what it means to be a good bride. I mean... Bitchless Bride has dedicated over four years to educating brides all over the world on basic (and sometimes extreme) bridal etiquette, how to behave as a bridey babe, and what it means to be a favorite amongst your wedding vendors, all while still achieving those bridal milestones. So, when I put it out there that I was looking for brides who were easy to work with, totally "bitchless", and a photographer FAVE, I received this fucking amazing, rustic chic wedding of Michelle and Patrick. 

As you scroll along, it won't take much for you to see why I love the M+P so much. For starters, I love that Michelle had her bridesmaids wear whatever the hell they wanted! I know that's not for every bride, but let's be honest, we all know what looks good on us, and what doesn't, so wearing a kickass dress that you feel good in certainly allows a true glow to shine through in photographs. That coupled with the low key yet totally rusticy, barn wedding (with an A MAZ ING wedding cake!) had me love them even more. Plus, we all know that when it rains on your wedding day, it's good luck. Luck or not, it still fucking sucks. But... It doesn't suck so much when you get two rainbows out of the deal! Right? Totally deserved by the B+G! Enjoy!

Seriously? Can we please talk about how fantastic these bridesmaids dresses are??

Damn, girl! You look great!


This is what boys do before they get married...

It really doesn't get better than this!

Totally love this badass shot!

Simple. Fabulous.

Whoa. Those clouds mean business! But! Look down!! DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

I can't...

Lovin' the escort cards and guest book!

Doesn't the space look exquisite? So simple, and yet so elegant... BTW... Those are bottles of hot sauce!

Um, hi. Holy hell with the ruffled cake! 


Thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with BB! Totally love you two!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Susannah Storch Photography
Venue: Raccoon Creek Golf Course

Fantasy Friday ~ Waterfalls, Ruins, and the Great Outdoors... It's Rustically Fantastic!!

Doesn't the background look like an abandoned castle that Tanner and Rebecca are "dipping" in? Or, is my Game of Thrones-like imagination is getting the best of me? Either way, it's fantastic! Right? And, there are many, many more photographs like this one that will inspire you captured within this rustically fantastic wedding. I mean... There are just SO many details that I adore, I hardly know where to begin!

For instance... The waterfall. It's incredible! And, it serves as a beautiful backdrop during the ceremony. Seriously... if we're honest, not many people can say that they were married with a waterfall glistening in behind the scenes, right?! Right! Well, Rebecca and Tanner can! Then there's Rebecca's heavenly wedding gown (OMG!), the first look, the delectable dessert table, the barn & décor, and the truly captivating photographs taken by Krisandra Evans Photography. Bride, go! Go scroll, and get inspired!

Totally picturing the FAB photog laying on the floor underneath this stunning dress to capture this shot!!

Nice bling!!

A 'lil whiskey to get things started? Yes, please!

I think it's fabulous how Rebecca is sneaking up the stairs for the first look!

OMG! Totlly LOVE you guys! 

WOW. Amazing dress. Amazing bouquet. Amazing shot.

There's that castle again!

The bridal party definitely has a good time together, that's for sure!!

Look closely at the "wedding" sign... Yeah, it's a bedpost! L.O.V.E.

So fun! Still with the castle! (Okay, okay! I'll get over it! But, I love it so much!)

Tanner, you happen to be a great "dipper". Again, the veil shot and this one are fucking FAB!

So, so, so AWES!


Sometimes I feel like cookies are totally underrated! They should grace many more dessert tables!

Cheers! Thank you for sharing your rustically fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Krisandra Evans
Event Venue: Hightower Falls

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic, Rustic and Super Colorful Castle Wedding

So, Kat and Jamy got married in a castle in Connecticut. I mean... Doesn't that just seem so luxurious? Right? Say it out loud with me... "Kat and Jamy got married in a castle." I love the way that sounds, and I wish you could hear the fancy way I say it! Anyway... I'll put the booze down. So, besides the whole castle thing, I heard that Kat and Jamy were a pretty awesome, laid back couple who had a wonderful wedding day. Bridey, that's what it's all about. No, not the castle, the being laid back and awesome part! Seriously, there is no reason to not enjoy your wedding day!

And, there is no reason why you aren't going to LOVE the shit out of this wedding. As you scroll down, there is a cool l'il surprise for you to appreciate. It's so FAB that I kinda got stuck on this one (big) detail. Don't ask, just see for yourself! Enjoy!
I mean.... Awwwww...
Kat, that is one hell of a diamond!
Can we just talk about fucking awesome that pic is?
These girls clearly have a great time together! And....They look damn good doing it! 
Hello handsome.
I couldn't do that. I could totally see myself reaching around that door, grabbing my hus and planting a big kiss on him!
I love everything about this shot. The lighting, the drama, the gigantic urn of flowers...
That's a FAB kiss!
Yeah... That's a sailboat. Isn't that crazy? The wedding is at castle, and there is a fucking abandoned sailboat behind the property!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic, Rustic, and DIY Mountain Wedding

That picture looks like two models posing for a styled shoot, right? I know! But, it's totally not. Bree and Chad are a real couple, and this is a real wedding; it just happens to be fabulous! Tony, their photographer, said that these two were friends for quite some time before the relationship took a romantic turn, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why. Chad is a talented musician and silversmith & Bree is an artist, hair stylist, and a curator of beautiful things. Clearly, this B+G are totally 'team awesome', and positively bring out the best in each other (seriously... just look at the pics below!).

Bridey, there is no doubt that you will love this the details and aesthetics in Bree & Chad's wedding. There are absolutely stunning DIY deets for you to drool over (like fucking awesome dried flowers, signs, etc.), and dare I say the vibe is simply intoxicating? Enjoy!

See Bree’s wedding dress? It was her grandmother’s... LOVE IT! Just wait until you see her in it!Stunning and unique! Love the dried flowers!Proud mama....Chad's just hanging out, trying to be all chill...It might be her grandmother's dress, but it certainly looks like it was made for Bree! Right?Can we please talk about how great Bree's nails are? The dark polish with the vintage wedding dress is FAB!Wait, wait, wait... Chad, is that velvet! For real? I love you even more now!! STFU!!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Modern Day 'Married with Children'...

Sara and James have four children. FOUR! And, they still like each other enough to get married! I mean... I have two kids and there are days that I want to tell my hus to "suck it" and slam the door in his face! As some of you may know, kids definitely bring out the best and the worst in a couple, and looking at Sara and James, it's clear to me that their kids bring out the best in them.

These two got married in the East Ayton Church before heading off to Betton Farm to celebrate with their friends and family. And when you see the pics, you will see that although their reception was quite beautiful, the wedding was nothing short of a kick ass party! Hand cuffs (yup!), booze and mood lighting certainly get the party going that's for sure! Enjoy the inspiration, both aesthetically and emotionally!

I am OB SES SED with Sara's dress! It's the perfect mix of princess and wedding...Um... Those are silk. Right? I would have never guessed!Sara! You're stunning!Such a dapper groom!Cut it out! Would you look at how happy Sara is to see James! This is what it's all about, bridey! Quick! Let's get away to snap some pics!I love how much they laugh together!!Stunning decor! Pretty cake!Again... Look at Sara's face! FUCKING LOVE IT!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Beautiful, Rustic Nevada Wedding

I love this B+G! I love their style, and I love how they integrated so much of who they are as a couple into their wedding. I preach it every week, bridey, and Bridget and Brian practiced what I preached! They stayed true to who they are had a fucking awesome wedding! The scenery, the adorable kiddo, the beautiful ceremony and the cool ass reception say it all! There is so much inspiration within this post that I am going to shut up and let you get to it! Enjoy!

I'm kinda obsessed with this wedding gown. That beading! OMG!!Bridget, this is a stunning shot! You look sensational!Um... Look at that cutie!!I mean... How cute is he??!! Love the bow tie!!I think somebody is stealing Bridget & Brian's show! Right?Amazing bouquet!LOVE LOVE LOVE the black bridesmaids dresses! Each a little different, and all totally FAB!Okay... Let's go get married!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Summer Solstice, Stunningly Hot, Desert Wedding at a Succulent Sanctuary

When you exchange vows at a succulent sanctuary (um, how cool is that?!!), it's only fitting that succulents line the dinner table, right? And, seriously, look how gorgeous they are!! OMG! I'm such a sucker for succulents! Anyway, bridey, I love everything about Emily and Rob's wedding. The succulents, the trip down the hacienda stairs to the aisle, the DIY elements and dinner at the FAB French restaurant, Le Valluris. I'm like a broken record when I say that your wedding day should completely encapsulate who you are as a couple, and obviously, that means different elements for each couple.

Emily and Rob certainly succeeded in capturing their nuptial spirit (Whoa... just go with it... No, I'm not high, just intoxicated by this lovely wedding...). Between the desert heat, the sanctuary and the La Vallauris, I'd say I have a pretty good feel of who they are as a couple even without ever having met them. So, bridey, go meet Emily and Rob and be inspired!

LOVE Emily's dress!! So FAB and delicious!I'm a 'lil bit obsessed with the bouquet... Fans were definitely necessary. The temperature topped out at 108 degrees!!! OMG!Yup! Emily is fabulous barefoot bride! Look down!LOVE how they are looking at each other!Gotta put some sneakers on to wander around the Palm Springs desert!Entirely breathtaking!Succulent place cards/favors... I mean... Awesome! Fantastic DIY aspects!FREEZE FRAME! Who else wants one? Fuck yeah!!I'll have one of those too!I want one of everything! Cuban cigar and some Crown Royal anybody? Thank you Emily and Rob for sharing your fantastically awesome HOT wedding day with BB!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Viera Photographics
Reception Venue: Le Vallauris
Ceremony Location: Moorten Botanical Garden

Submitted via Two Bright Lights