Same Sex Wedding

A Rainbow Connection Brought to You by Cupid Himself + a Super Smart Maid of Honor


Happy Valentine's Day, brideys (and grooms too)! If you know me at all, Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday, but my personal issues aside, I am a HUGE fan of #redbottomshoes, and in this case, ALL of the people wearing them in this post! I decided to post this particular wedding today, Valentine's Day, because even though I think this holiday is the most contrived holiday ever, I do believe in love, and equality, and this post encompasses both. Ben and Michael have a kickass love story, brought to you by destiny and some smart and encouraging friends. PLUS, there is a lot of red (for Valentine's Day, of course!) because of the GORGEOUS Christian Louboutin shoes!

In a minute, I am going to suggest that you start scrolling for some serious inspiration, but before I do, I want to say that the grooms will be telling you their FABULOUS story because they are much more articulate than I am when it comes to their love... Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day! Okay, start scrolling!!


I mean... Can I get a "HOLY SHIT"?!!! I want a pair of both!

Guerra Ortiz.001.jpeg

Our Love Story's Playlist ~ Some people believe everything happens for a reason. We take this mantra and another, to seek the good things in life, to heart. This is how our love story played out through a five song playlist: 1. Lady Gaga, The Fame. "LoveGame" ~ Cupid played a game that would take five years in the making. After two years, Cupid decided to shot an arrow at a concert in Houston, Texas, featuring Lady Gaga. We had just began talking via OkCupid and our now Maid-Of-Honor pushed us into trading numbers which lead to our first date.


Seriously, one of each for me...

Guerra Ortiz.002.jpeg

2. Lady Gaga, Born This Way. "Yoü and I". Like most first dates, we both were a little awkward. It wasn't until we both expressed our mutual love for music and how it brings a smile to your face even when having a bad day. Our dates continued, ranging from picnics on the floor of a college dorm room, to the floor of our first apartment together, and eventually to the picnic where the proposal occurred.


I am OB SES SED with these bridesmaids dresses! OB FUCKING SES SED!!


3. Glee Cast, Glee: The Music, Vol.1. "Don't Stop Believing". On June 27, 2015, The United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. What we once thought would never be, suddenly became a reality. It was a birthday present for both of us as we celebrated at a Houston Pride.


Ben + Michael, I LOVE you two together! 



Look at all of those #redbottom shoes!!!!!


4. Taylor Swift, 1989. "Welcome To New York". With the debut of The Great Gatsby,  the concept of elegance and love was an eye opening idea of exactly how we wanted to plan our wedding.

Guerra Ortiz 2.001.jpeg

5. Kesha, Rainbow, "Rainbow". Six years after Cupid played his game, we came together with family, friends, and loved ones at Kendall Plantation. Just as God places rainbows in the sky so we may see the beauty of all colors after a storm, we were granted our own rainbow. Now we look to the sky without any limit, and seek the good things in life. 

Some serious fun happening!!! LOVE IT!


I'm crying over these shoes...


Thank you Ben + Michael for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Shelly Beck Photography 
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Nordstrom
Bakery: 2 Tarts Bakery
Floral Designer: Botankia
Hair Stylist: Shag The Salon
Caterer: Absolutely Delicious Catering
Venue: Kendall Plantation

Liverpool England, Two Fabulous Ladies, A Vintage VW Van, Some Laughter, Some Tears and Some Serious Color!!


Seriously, how could I begin this post with any other photograph? Right? I mean... Shelly is officially my favorite person in the whole wide world! Just LOOK at how she's reacting to the beautiful Katy in her stunning wedding dress after walking down the aisle. A MAZ ING! Simply.fucking.amazing. After all, this is their wedding day! And this is totally the appropriate response to all of the emotions swirling through their minds. Some laughter, some tears... Some more laughter! 

Bridey, after all of the wedding planning and all of the anticipation leading up to your wedding day, it's super important to give yourself permission to feel everything. I mean it, don't hold back. FEEL EVERYTHING. Let it go. The people celebrating with you love you, and don't give a shit if you're crying with snot running down your face. Okay... ***Stepping off of my soapbox.*** But, you know what I mean. Your wedding day goes by in a flash, so don't waste time missing it! In the meantime, go get inspired by Katy + Shelly's fabulous, colorful and spectacular wedding!


Both of these pics are 100% truth.


I mean, it really doesn't get much cuter, right?

Larsen  McHugh.001.jpeg

Totally gonna need this MAC lip liner and 'stick!! 

Larsen  McHugh.002.jpeg

I.can't.even. I LOVE you Shelly! 


Sign away ladies!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Woot! Woot!

Larsen  McHugh.003.jpeg

The flower girls had a fantastic time running up and down the steps at St. Georges Hall!


After the ceremony, the B+B cheered their way outside to be greeted by the guests.

Larsen  McHugh.004.jpeg

Um, totally dying over the VW camper!! 


OMFG. I am OB SES SED with everything in this photograph!!! Totally love Constellations Liverpool as an event space! (Side note? Katy + Shelly's wedding was only the fourth wedding at this FAB spot!!!)

Larsen  McHugh.005.jpeg

Um, hi cheesecake cupcakes! GIMME!!


Amazing wedding! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Shane Webber Photography
Photo Booth Equipment: Pineapple Photo Booths
Apparel: WED2B
Makeup Artist: Beauty By Grace Mills
Band: Joel Valentine 
Reception VenueConstellations Liverpool
Film: Imagine Wedding Film

A Vintagey Romantic, Super FAB, Opera House Wedding

So, I might be a little bit obsessed with Liz + Kristen. I know I've said something like that before (I def say that about all of my Bitchless Brides!), but L+K? Well, their chemistry is apparent, and their wedding is totally beautiful. Plus, when I heard that they were super laid back, and that all of their décor was DIY by family and friends, I liked them even more. Because, as you know, I am the least DIY person in the world, so I am always impressed when others are DIY peeps, and when it's done so beautifully.

Aside from the aesthetics and the A MAZ ING venue, The Howell Opera House, the pure emotion encapsulated in this wedding is exactly what I have been preaching for all of these years. AHEM... Just love each other deeply and plan your wedding simply. Ditch the drama, ditch the bullshit, and embrace the meaning  behind the day. Anyway... You know that I could go on and on, so, I will leave you here to scroll the awesomeness that is Liz + Kristen's wedding.

Beautiful invitation...

OMG! Is the dog smiling? Seriously!!

So so so sweet!

Such a special spot for a first look!

STFU with that adorable dog! First the smile, and now the roll? TOO CUTE!

Right? See what I mean with the chemistry? 

Sniff... Sniff...

Ready to party? Let's go!

That cake! I'm LOVING the piped roses, and my mouth totally just watered!

How cute is that?

Thank you Liz + Kristen for sharing your lovely, heart-felt and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Green Holly Photography
Reception Venue: Howell Opera House
Caterer: C.C. Catering
Cake Designer: Crafty Custom Cakes by Christina Zamenski
Dress Store: David's Bridal
Floral Designer: Jennifer Karres
Officiant: Mike McMillan
Design & Décor: The Urban Upcyclers

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rocky Mountain, Rustically Beautiful, Tented Colorado Wedding

When I heard the story of how Gloria and Maggie met, I immediately pictured them in a movie. Why? Well, outside of their cinema looks, their story is pretty awesome. You see, they originally met in 2006, stayed in touch, but didn't really get together until 2013! Seven years later! I know, right? It's like they knew that if they were to get together any sooner, then perhaps it wouldn't have resulted with this STUN NING Colorado wedding! Seriously, I know that if I met my hus any sooner, we definitely wouldn't have dated! See what I mean? Total movie material!

Anyway... Gloria and Maggie's wedding is truly spectacular. Aside from the mountain views, the thoughtful décor and the sheer joy and excitement, the deets have me in wedding planning glory. I love everything about the tablescape and the food!! So go... Get inspired, and enjoy this wedding as much as I did!

Love the sunflowers!!

Dying over the socks and boots under the wedding dress!

Meanwhile, down the road... Another bride gets dressed in her wedding gown.

I love the raw emotion captured in this photograph.

Let's go get married!

Love the ceremony program! And, I love how it doubles as a fan!

Holy shit! Look at the backdrop! It almost looks fake!

Oh yeah!!!

Such a FAB pick!

Bring it!!

I love how each napkin is a different pattern!

Simple and elegant.


Fuck yeah!!!!!!

Thank you Gloria and Maggie for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Katie Keighin Photography

DJ: Another Brother Production

Equipment Rentals: Colorado Event Rentals

Hair Stylist: Comb Goddess

Specialty Foods: Divino

Second Shooter: Erika Overholt Photography

Event Venue: Midnight Ranch

Caterer: Rex's Catering

Fantasy Friday ~ A Super Glitzy, Super Fabulous, Same Sex Wedding

I can't! The top hats are too much! Right? Fucking love them!! And Francisco's veil? OMotherFuckingG! Amazing! But, it's the tuxedos that has me completely in awe... Francisco is wearing a silver Versace tux and Chris is wearing a sequined tux from Billionaire Italian Couture! I mean... WOW! And, just wait until you see their matching shoes! Truly FAB!!! Like, so fab, that I think I may need to own them immediately!

So, after crossing paths for years, these two finally decided that they needed to go on a date. And thank goodness they did or else I wouldn't have this truly glitzy, truly glamorous mansion wedding to share with you today. Oh! And, that life wouldn't be the same for them without each other! Bridey, there is so much inspiration for you to savor that I can't wait for you to scroll! So, enjoy!
I mean.... OMG! WOW!
Amazing bouquet!!!
Lovin' all of the bling!!
It really doesn't get much cuter!!
The glass? Their invitation! Deets are inscribed on the plate and finished with a silver bow!
Sniff. Sniff.
I love the hands on the face kiss!!
Gorgeous cake!!
Thank you Chris and Francisco for sharing your gorgeous wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Casey Hendrickson Photography
Floral Designer: Garden of Eva
Caterers: Mintahoe Catering & Events & Scott McKenzie Catering
Cake Designer: Queen of Cakes
Personal Stylist: Sunrise Styling LLC
Event Venue: Van Dusen Mansion

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ From the Peace Corps All the Way to Brooklyn

This is an absolutely incredible wedding filled with such amazing energy and love, so if tears of joy aren't streaming down your face by the end of this post, then something is wrong with you! Just kidding. I was trying to be super dramatic (must be the cold medicine), and it's just not me. Anyway, Ericka and Emily met while serving in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. I mean, shit... I met my hus in a bar (and was pretty proud of how strong we're still going), and these two meet in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia? Whoa. Talk about meant to be...

Anyway... From the Peace Corps all the way to Brooklyn. That's where E&E are currently residing. And on beautiful fall day, they exchanged vows by the lake in Prospect Park. Take a look...

I think I would look really cute in suspenders. Seriously. I think I need some.
I'm sorry, but these peeps are cool! 
OMG. That headpiece!
Wait for it... Okay! Look down!!! 
It really doesn't get much cuter!
The brides and their party took in the colorful murals in the neighborhood.
Such a fun bridal party!
Simply in LOVE with the bouquets!!
Joy. That's adulterated joy.

Fantasy Friday ~ Leaf Peeping Ladies Tie the Knot in Vermont

It's okay... I really didn't know what a leaf peeper was either... But, I loved the idea of it because of the way it sounds! Right? You know you do too!! Anything with the word "peeper" in the phrase, certainly has my full attention. Here's the definition of leaf peeping. Pretty cool, huh? And, that's how Ann and Penny met in 1990. They were leaf peeping in Vermont (there's that phrase again!!), and it was love at first sight.

So, to honor their leaf peeping anniversary, Ann and Penny got married 22 years later where it all started, in Vermont. Their fall foliage-inspired wedding included a colorful, fall, leaf-decorated cake, and took place during the heart of Vermont's leaf peeping season to commemorate those fall leaves that brought them together. Awww... 

OMG! Look at that face! That is some serious flower-girl 'tude!This is how fast it goes, brideys. In a flash! Pretty much all of my couples tell me that their wedding day goes by in super fast, and when they do, this is what I picture...I can't... It's just so sweet. LOL!!! The kids in this wedding are absolutely adorable!!