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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Beautifully Modern, Fabulously Elegant Canadian Wedding

I'm beginning to think that a G&T might be necessary considering that I chose this pic to introduce this FAB wedding. What do you think? I mean, not that this photograph isn't lovely with the crisp, white florals or bronze frame, and that a signature drink is always a good idea, but... If you scroll down, you will see several beautiful photographs that could have easily opened up this post! Anyway, bridey, see what a small little sign can do? It literally just made my mouth water for some gin, but it's also a great way of suggesting that your guests partake in some of your favorite booze. 

All of that being said, with the help of some awesome vendors, Ashely and Phil put together a really beautiful wedding. I love the silver and white color palette combined with several DIY aspects (wait until you see the candy bar!) which together, makes for some serious inspiration. Bridey, if you're thinking about going in this direction, I suggest you bookmark Ashley and Phil's wedding!
I love these getting ready shots of Phil! Those socks are awesome!!I wish that all brides and her maids would be this laid back on the wedding day! Want to play a hand?So cute! It's only Ashley and her MOH which makes this pic extra special.Totally LOVE how they went to the florist to get their bouquets!See what I mean? TOTALLY could have opened with this pic!!! It's KICKASS!!Beautiful girls, beautiful flowers and beautiful dresses!I cannot put into words how much I love this look...