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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Sparkly Beach Wedding

I love this couple. I mean, of course I do considering that I won’t post anything to BB that I don’t love, but Emily and Justin? Well, they sparkle together! No, really, they even call themselves “The Sparkles”! And a couple that sparkles together? Well… they stay together! I mean, that’s what I always say! Right? Anyway… what I love most about this wedding is that they seem to have it all. Not only do they have a lovely beach ceremony, amazingly beautiful and creative décor, but the best part…? It’s clear that everybody is having a ton of fun! Just look at the DJ… Seriously, in my opinion, you can usually tell by the DJ if the music is going to suck or not. And he had me with his kickass, green sunglasses! Definitely NOT going to suck!

Brideys, you know what’s really cool? Andrea Mabry, the photographer, submitted this wedding to BB because Emily is “totally a Bitchless Bride”. How fantastic is that? Although, if I’m honest? I could have told you that just by checking out the wedding album! I mean, c’mon! They exchanged hippie-inspired love beads during their ceremony, rocked out (hopefully not with their cocks out) to the FAB music and then ended the sparkly night with a dip in the ocean… fully clothed! To me? That’s a successful wedding!!!

How cute is Emily? Her hair is all done up, and she's calmly drinking a margarita!!I love this photograph.Justin is beaming! And THAT'S how you kiss on your wedding day!

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