Steampunk Wedding

A Truly Stunning Steampunk Wedding at The California State Railroad Museum


Dana + John's steampunk wedding oozes with sexy-awesome-fantastic. Bridey, I just had to use a combination of three adjectives because I was way too indecisive to stick with one word. I mean, just look at that pic! Right? Not only is Dana's whole ensemble is truly A MAZ ING (OMG... Are you as completely in love with her hair as I am?!!), but, she and John are so damn steamy! Like hot for teacher steamy! Right?? Not exactly sure who she's calling in this photo, but it's probably super important! 

Anyway, bridey, the décor + the venue are a perfect match here. The California State Railroad Museum combined with the steampunk aesthetic is totally spectacular! Seriously, just wait until you see the red velvet skeleton heads! Yup! You read that right! RED VELVET SKELTON HEADS! Oh my! Even if steampunk isn't your thing, there are so many inspirational details captured in this cool and kickass wedding that I'd be surprised if you didn't walk away with at least ten things you want to incorporate into your wedding day! So go scroll, and get inspired!


OMFG. Check out that black lace and jewel encrusted bouquet! Simply amazing! And those boots? WHOA!!!

Harriman + Vickers.002.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.003.jpeg

Dana you are so fucking gorgeous + sexy!

Harriman + Vickers.004.jpeg

Hello handsome John! You look quite dapper in that hat!

Harriman + Vickers.005.jpeg

WOW! Best first look pic!!!

Harriman + Vickers.006.jpeg

Can we just talk about how A MAZ ING Dana's wedding dress is? And that fucking fantastic red velvet jacket?

Harriman + Vickers.007.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.008.jpeg

So sexy.

Harriman + Vickers.010.jpeg

This venue is absolutely tremendous! It has nineteen steam locomotives and the guests had the opportunity to wander freely throughout the evening.


Totally obsessed with the velvet skeleton heads! 

Harriman + Vickers.012.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.011.jpeg

Décor. Décor. Décor. It's all in the décor ladies and gentlemen! 

Harriman + Vickers.013.jpeg


Harriman + Vickers.014.jpeg

Thank you Dana + John for sharing your cool and unique wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerXSIGHT Productions
Ceremony Location: The California State Railroad Museum
Hair + Makeup: I Make Beautiful
Getting Ready: The Citizen Hotel 
Event Planner: Fearon May Events


Real Wedding Wednesday ~ What Do Steampunk, Japan and Jazz Have in Common? Julia and Ben!

Probably the best part of my job is learning how the bride and groom met. Take Julia and Ben for instance. They are both from the US and yet they met overseas while studying Japan! I mean... How cool is that? I guess that sometimes all you have to do is travel five thousand miles away from home to meet your soul mate! Right? And since the day they met, Julia and Ben have been joint at the hip, so it was no surprise when they began planning their wedding in Julia's home town in Minnesota.

When it came to the wedding plans, they chose Steampunk inspired elements and Victorian costumes from the Guthrie Theatre (1920’s attire to celebrate Julia's family Jazz history). Apparently, her grandfather opened the first integrated jazz club in Roseville, MN which played host to Percy Hughes and Prince Rogers (um, Prince’s Father)!! I'm sorry, but that that's like the coolest thing I have ever heard! I love how Julia and Ben were able to build everything that was important to them into one day; certainly a day they will never forget!

I must admit, the last thing I wanted to do is post anything winter related due to the ridiculously horrid we suffered on the East coast, but this wedding was too good to pass up!!! I mean, just look at those gold Uggs!I love Julia's spunk! Her sense of humor and grace show in every picture!Gorgeous. Just fucking fantastic! Talk about bold and beautiful?!!!!Fucking top hat. LOVE IT!!!!I almost didn't want to show this you this, bridey. Because I am so sick of the snow, but it's too cute to keep it a secret!They rode to the church (and the venue) with a bus driver Ben has worked with for years at the YMCA (Ben's a youth director there).I can't... Julia, I'm no softie, but I totally teared up when I saw this pic!